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  1. West Cup

    Will be anything but comfy I would put money on that. Will be a tough game for both sides.
  2. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Back to football. What the f**k was that pitch all about Tonight ? Worst football pitch I've seen embarrassing to see a qualifier played on something like that
  3. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Colonel gadaffi did what he wanted till.it.didnt suit anyone....... scum scum everywherev#puppet
  4. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Every player has his price I think. Especially when the c***s down south throw crazy money to get what their after. Will be a sad day when Tierney leaves but imo it is when and not if.
  5. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    KT will be down south sooner rather than later , 6 year deal or not.
  6. Scottish Cup 4th round draw

    Douglas the team Garry Kenneth was playing with ?
  7. Scottish Cup 4th round draw

    Ekym vs wishaw will be a good game as well.
  8. Something different

    Don't think the aafa have the same forward thinking guys in charge as the central league hampers progress in my opinion.
  9. Something different

    If a team are going away from home on a Saturday and the opposition play on astro there isn't much they can do about it is there ? I agree however there would be a shortage of parks to have a great number of games on a Friday night. For the minority who can get it sorted it's a smashing idea.
  10. MMA Thread

    Never would have predicted that fair play bradhorse well deserved ! Can't believe jj was 1/7 on as well ridiculous.
  11. All central and Caledonian results.

    Goldenhill at full strength will take a good side to beat them. But smart moneys on colville again pool of players to pick from will be vital.
  12. Refs

    Imo refereeing is possibly at it's lowest standards I've seen In a long time. Either too timid or over zealous with their cards. Here's hoping for a happy medium In the near future !
  13. Refs

    The only person who knows if it's deliberate or not is the boy who done it. Watched it a few times and nothing conclusive can be drawn from it. Will say there's no way the ref can decide in a split second if it is intentional or not so to try and blame him for it is ludicrous.
  14. Onthank v dirrans

    Cousins a very good player seen him a couple of times still young as well.
  15. Onthank v dirrans

    Does he have a brother currently playing with Clyde?