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  1. Have you ever found yourself in a pickle?

    Pickled gherkins , pickled onions , jalapenos , mussels and cockles. Just realised I'm quite the pickle person. Apart from the eggs they things are fuckin* rank.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Straight down the pipe lol.
  3. Boxing Thread

    Loma making linares look like a schoolboy not many could claim that tbh.
  4. Barbers

    On high street by any chance ?
  5. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Cheers. Busy time of year with 3 games a week so totally understandable.
  6. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Been waiting to see big Gary's free kicks. Usually the highlights man is on the ball as well.
  7. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Any highlights ?
  8. West of Scotland Cup Semi-finals

    Ub are a great young side with a few cracking players throughout. Won't be a walk over for colville but I expect them to win 3-1. Hope am wrong though.

    Is a ref then going to turn up and be paid another match fee for 3 minutes. Will a park need to be booked in advance and paid in full for 3 minutes ? The game will either be fully replayed or the points awarded to the team who had the advantage. Not a chance will 3 minutes be played imo

    Tremendous attitude sir if only there was more people like yourself in the game these days.
  11. Boxing Thread

    What channel is this on if any ?
  12. 82nd Masters Tournament

    Hoffman noren or schwartzel that's my 3 tips for this. Probs be miles away now !
  13. 82nd Masters Tournament

    You've spoke quite a lot of sense lately but this is something weel have to disagree on. Augusta is a beautiful course , any golfer in the world would cherish playing there. The masters is definitely up there as one of the best.

    Don't catch many games in the east if I'm honest but looking through this thread and had to comment. This ref has had an absolute nightmare if it had been 30 minutes could have been justified but for the sake of 3 minutes the decision to blow early is absolutely scandalous. Will probs be replayed now but imo the result should stand. What a farce.
  15. Boxing Thread

    A prime haye sat on the end of klitschkos jab all night long pretty much what Parker done last night. Haye was a top class boxer but don't agree he would have Joshua out in 6. Never know now though.