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  1. Looking to get back in the game.

    Found this funnier than I should have lol. Fair play db gave me a chuckle
  2. Ayrshire Sunday AFA

    What boys are playing with them. Can't imagine the 2 mullens are still playing the 2 days. Boy that played on the wing for bourteehill was very decent as well
  3. Ayrshire Sunday AFA

    Killie athletic seem to be hammering teams week in week out. Anybody know much about them ? Could maybe be the surprise package for the sunday trophy this year.
  4. Why so few games

    Keep this shite tae the senior forum ae !
  5. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Would be great to see them play an spfl team , well deserved !
  6. Player Available For Transfer

    Each to their own , I think he's a decent big player.
  7. Player Available For Transfer

    Shocked to see the big fella on the transfer list. Always leaves everything on the park and a born leader.
  8. Got to say I agree with ek on this subject. It's at the junior clubs discretion wether or not they deem it necessary to do so. Would be the courteous thing to do but it is by no means an obligation. How do you attract players to your club might I ask ? For every player who has played for your club have you contacted their teams to ask permission for them to train and sign for your club ? If so then fair play carry on with your rant but I don't think this will be the case.
  9. New signings

    Played with vale of Clyde yesterday and has reportedly signed.
  10. Betting Odds Sat 16th September

    Pollok , peasy , medda and the ants 7/4 , 23/20 , 20/23 and 2/1 risky but rewarding.
  11. Home draw away home away home home peasy and troon game the pick of this weeks games , followed closely by darvel meadow.
  12. Rossvale Ground - Suggestion.

    Facilities seem adequate for all the age groups that rossvale run apart from the junior side. If a Talbot , pollok or the likes are drawn there in the cup it will need to be looked at. Could barely accommodate a couple of hundred never mind several.
  13. Sunday Trophy

    How are yous looking this year mate ? Seen yous play a couple of times last season and always worked hard for each other. The boy with the blonde hair was a standout for yous. It's a weird set up the Sunday central have but means there's big games right from the off and should mean teams are challenged at their proper level each week as well.