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  1. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    Pennies harestanes cracker!
  2. Boxing Thread

    Another shot at a world title ?
  3. Boxing Thread

    Maybe against aj he was better but think that was aj's own doing tbh. Against chisora whyte was lucky to get the decision imo. And chisora is nothing but a stepping stone for the big boys as pulev showed when he absolutely schooled him. Defo not buying into that one. Brownes a step up and I think it's a step to far , time will tell.
  4. Boxing Thread

    After watching whyte and helenius surely Browne wins that match , and see it being fairly comfortable for the big man.
  5. Central Cup Final

    How was the game ? As comfortable as the scoreline suggests?
  6. Boxing Thread

    Matchroom hype machine in full force for Khan since he signed. 2 bums and brook that will be I imagine. Can't stand the wee p***k so hope brook sparks him out.
  7. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    Played against colville a few times when he's played for them , and although you can tell he's a very good player he's never took a game by the scruff of the neck like I would expect. Cusack from colville is up there but a bit injury prone.
  8. PCL (posteier cruicate ligament) injury

    The Worst injury I had was a complete tear of my medial ligament didn't kick a ball for 5 and a bit months. And even after returning anytime I tried to play a long pass I would get a jarring feeling for the first month or so after. gradually went away after a while. Torn pcl is usually worse than an acl so all the best in your recovery hope your back kicking a ball soon.
  9. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    Seen Southside in the Scottish round previous they didn't impress me at all. Too many chiefs not enough Indians.
  10. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    Did say they wouldn't be pushovers been a very good side last couple of years.
  11. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    What was the score ?
  12. Managerial change

    2 teams struggling a wee bit this year would imagine it being a decent game though. Where is it being played and what time ?
  13. Managerial change

    U still there shanta ? Will be interesting to see how many of the boys rab took to giffnock stick it out. Who have giffnock got this week ?
  14. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Big Gary showing his former club what their missing.
  15. Boxing Thread

    Not seen the fight yet but from what I've read online Saunders put on an absolute masterclass last night. What's the thoughts on him fighting ggg or canelo.