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  1. I'm afraid it's not about what Thistle do , it's about what they don't do. If they don't handle the balls from everywhere on the park into their box, better than last night , then they'll lose again.
  2. Top Division League goals only , and not all comps ? McGarvey 50 McAvennie 49 Somner 45 McDougall 43
  3. Well done , great result, and physically United were no match , hopefully you can see it through on Friday 🤙
  4. If Livvy can hit the heights of that 4-1 demolition of us, they have what it takes physically to win promotion this season!
  5. Will this be Spartans year?

    No need mate the 'Shire have a decent history , certainly one that the likes of Spartans etc will never have. There are load of examples , but for me this is the one that rankles us Buds the most ! http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1974&GameID=197501040 Fergie had just moved from Firs Park to Love St but you turned us over ,Tom Donnelly , father of Simon , was a terrific midfielder playing way below his level !
  6. Hopefully , JR picking up this award , will send a message to the BBC that there's life outside the premiership , even when the "big clubs" have moved up !
  7. Dumbarton v Dundee United

    Dumbarton needed this result before the play-offs just to re-instil some confidence. I'm sure they'll stay up comfortably !
  8. Likewise , but who cares !
  9. Pars v Livi

    For why ?
  10. Pars v Livi

    Dunfermline , without doubt , are the best team we've played this season , they humped us early doors , and the other three games have been tight , this should be a great game !
  11. Pars v Livi

    You horsed us and you're unbeaten in 11 , how could things have "gone your way" a few weeks ago , that would have let you anywhere near us ? Asking for a friend !
  12. How Falkirk were even considering that they might get drawn into a battle at the bottom with Dumbarton is beyond me , great St Mirren performance tonight, 10-0 wouldn't have done it justice , but Dumbarton by some distance are the worst team we've played all season on that showing !
  13. He tried to throw the boot about late on and just missed Cammy Smith with what would have been a sore one , a point not lost on JR who had a wee confrontation with him after the final whistle !
  14. Actually amazed that he didn't start with the three St Mirren players on the right side , three guys who play together every week and recently all three have been at the top of their game ! Obviously the continued theme of Scotland managers being unable to think these things out is on going !
  15. I take it Josh Todd had a quiet game yesterday , no mentions and subbed ?