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  1. Pleasing result between the only two other teams imo that could put a run of results together .
  2. I'm assuming this must be the guy that JR was referring to , when he said that any midfielder coming in would have to be equipped to play at a higher level !
  3. I've heard we're trying to sign someone else from you , but there will be a fee involved. Any ideas ?
  4. There's going to be a good few coming in now that we're clearing the decks again , that's 8 out I think either loan or permanent.
  5. 1-1 will do , don't want either with the wind back in their sails !
  6. I love how no-one ever mentions Harry Davis , when he is the real reason that we're stretching our lead at the top. Big Baird is reaping the benefit of playing alongside the best defender in the league. The stats back up my argument too , 5 goals conceded in Davis' 9 games , 31 conceded in the 20 games that he hasn't started !
  7. You mean , like the two players , who missed 8 and 4 games , who couldn't possibly be punished for their obnoxious actions as it wasn't seen by the ref or officials , but were reported by an opposing club source after the match ? Your cub's in hot water here , probably due to the subject matter , no type of punishment is off the table !
  8. Who knows ? your club won't be getting away with it , that's for sure . So put away the prayer mat !
  9. It's about as rare as players being suspended for mocking a fellow player for having one eye !
  10. It's almost as ridiculous a suggestion as the prospect of a one eyed footballer having fake eyes thrown at him , isn't it ?
  11. Of course , the powers that be may feel it's a foolhardy punishment , when you're finishing 2nd bottom anyway. Heard Hartley's new boys looked the part yesterday !
  12. You hope ! You're club's playing staff has already been punished for the same reason , it wouldn't surprise me if the club was now taken to task for not getting the seriousness of the message over to the support. If the club are not in a position to play a sizeable fine , then a points deduction should be the answer !
  13. Dundee United 2017/2018

    .......... and in a thread about Fraser , Flood and Fyvie too !
  14. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Agreed , United have had "far bigger" defeats by St Mirren this season , than they've had by anyone else !