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  1. Would've taken both at Falkirk
  2. No idea who he is but I'll guarantee he's better than wee John
  3. We paid for John Stewart, nobody is ever topping that.
  4. Clearly you were more interested in destroying a couple of substandard pies than seeing the main attraction. One man, one ball, one dream & 15 minutes.
  5. Kieran McAnespie & Ryan McStay were both quality at half time keepy ups if that's what you're getting at?
  6. Got to be our man Houstie, back to back 2nd place. We are in dreamland.
  7. 69 from me, missed Stokes and Latapy which is slightly embarrassing
  8. Why do you care? Your lot will be mid-table dross as per.
  9. 100% paying him on the sly.
  10. No its not. Can't remember too much from the story but I thought she was steaming and that was the problem? Can't say for certain she wasn't keen.
  11. Wouldn't bother me. I don't believe he's a rapist, bit of a c*nt on the night but not a rapist.
  12. good business
  13. Love the wee man, I really do. Just can't see him hacking it in the Championship.