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  1. 1) Hubert Selby Jr. 2) Jack Kerouac 3) Evelyn Waugh 4) Irvine Welsh 5) Alan Bissett
  2. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  3. Here we fuckin go chaps
  4. I'd fookin love to see us take on the mighty Dukla up that daft hill
  5. Paul Gascoigne is rumoured to be signing on a month to month basis. Can't help but think this is just another lazy Houston signing, another filthy Rangers has been!
  6. hahaha it probs will be bro lol
  7. Lorenzo Amoruso, Nacho Novo, Dado Prso, Kris Boyd (all massive c*nts) Shaun Maloney, Neil Lennon, John Hartson and James Forrest. None compare to Phil Roberts though.
  8. Can't believe you lot released wee Bilbo, gutted.
  9. Not if you start him.
  10. £140 for me in the south stand, can't argue with that.
  11. Not saying you are wrong as I've no idea but I'd be surprised to hear my source was misinformed. If he doesn't sign for two years he'd be sitting on his @rse for a season, surely enough reason to sign.
  12. With regards to Sibbald, guy I know in the media told me compensation was 450k? Also if he doesn't get another club what's to stop us offering him a two year deal so we get some money for him? As far as I understand it would basically be that or a season in amateurs for him?
  13. Would've taken both at Falkirk