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  1. Fair dos. Next time we play each other I'll be the first one to start a thread for our match between Inverness Caledonian Thistle and the United Arab Dundonians of Orange.
  2. This is far more acceptable.
  3. I hate it when people refer to the club which I support as 'Inverness Caley'.
  4. The Blue Nile

    I was listening to parts of Peace At Last again the other week and was thinking the record would be far higher regarded if it was an EP rather than a whole album. Imagine if it was just Happiness, Tomorrow Morning, Body and Soul and Family Life and that was it. As an album it has good tracks but quite a few very forgettable ones too.
  5. TNS v Elgin City

    She once found my lost glasses for me. True story!
  6. Polworth's always struck me as a bit of a knob to be honest.
  7. Deadful Covers

  8. TNS v Elgin City

    Elgin City are currently not just bringing shame on themselves and not just on the county of Moray but all of Scotland.
  9. Deadful Covers

  10. I think that Caley Thistle might lose this game of football. Caley Thistle are not very good at football. In fact, Caley Thistle are not very good at football at all.
  11. Tom Petty

    I guess he's going to leave this world for a while.
  12. Romania

    Giurgiu was absolutely grim. The countryside outside Bucharest heading south is as flat as a pancake and fields of sunflowers to the horizon. Again, Giurgiu was not nice and obviously hadn't changed since the communist days. I remember a big hotel (Hote Steaua) dominating the skyline. Looks like it's gone on fire since we were there which would be no surprise.
  13. Inverness v Queens

    Must admit, when I saw it at the time I thought it was a penalty instantly. I'd have to see it back but I thought his arm was up.
  14. Catalonia

    Talk of the game being postponed, probably not being helped by Las Palmas deciding to wear Spanish flags on their tops.
  15. Twin Peaks

    It appears so. Just thought it was strange there was no mention of him, especially given the Blue Book stuff.