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  1. Baird is a hard worker but that’s it. Doesn’t score goals and isn’t very effective in other ways either. A very poor signing.
  2. Listening to whole albums

    Yes and later on, dances with a lamp.
  3. Listening to whole albums

    The live concert film is even better.
  4. Glaswegians

    You recall wrong What was it just out of interest? The Highlands went 52% for No, but I recollect talk that the Yes vote in Inverness was in the upper 50s to 60.
  5. General Politics Thread

    What Morrissey actually say? I've seen loads of reports he insulted Sturgeon, but none quoting what he actually said.
  6. Chvrches

    I don't dislike their new song, but just sounds just like something off their previous two albums.
  7. Glaswegians

    The Yes vote in Inverness was about 60% as I recall.
  8. ICTFC v Crusaders

    I might be wrong in this, but in my experience, Irish football fans (both Northern and Republic) seem to 'support' about five different clubs. Usually their local side, a Scottish side (99% of the time one of the Old Firm), and then one or more English side. Why is this? I only support Caley Thistle. There aren't enough hours in the day to support anyone else!
  9. Glaswegians

    "Who's yer Glesga team?" "Who'd ya really support?" "Aye, but if you had to choose?" "You're a (*insert generic team here*) fan. You gotta be a (*insert one of the Old Firm here*) fan" 'People make Glasgow' and sometimes they make it a lot worse.
  10. Glaswegians

    I was thinking something similar about this. From the time I lived in Glasgow, it struck me that many of them hadn't a clue about the rest of Scotland. Many talked about Edinburgh like it was far away and spoke as if Inverness and Aberdeen were in Iceland...yet bizarrely side by side (an hour round trip apparently).
  11. Glaswegians

    I'm not saying they're unfriendly, but in my experience Glaswegians are no more or less friendly than anywhere else.
  12. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Someone on mine has just tried to come up with a country for every letter of her name. She included Nice and Rome. Edit - Now someone called Sally has chosen for the A...Africa! How can people go through life being so stupid? Edit 2 - Someone else has now commented with, for the letter O, Oslo! Another has spelled Libya - Lybia!
  13. Songs That Should Be Banned For Buskers

    And it's ALWAYS Lego House. We had a guy at work once who was a busker. He couldn't understand why anyone who could play an instrument, wasn't also busking...
  14. Twitter

    I see SNP uberfan GAPonsonby has somehow tried to turn a news report about the Florida school gunman into some type of insult towards Yessers. A very odd man (or woman).