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  1. You'd imagine Lawton will be signed up - very unusual for a club to take a player on trial twice in a matter of weeks. A defence of Joe Chalmers, Brad Mckay and Coll Donaldson is the stuff of absolute nightmares.
  2. We played Strathspey Thistle last week and there was no mention of that either. Apparently the lad Harper is an U17.
  3. I see it's currently 0-0 in a friendly against Nairn County. I wasn't aware it was on.
  4. Funnily enough I saw him on the platform at Haymarket on Saturday!
  5. David Bowie's voice was dubbed which I thought was a bit strange. Unless it was rights issue.
  6. We will not win this game of football. We are not very good at football.
  7. If Mulraney was even capable of a decent cross or a shot from range, he wouldn't be playing for us. He's got bags of pace and can slalom defenders like an Olympic skier, but his distribution of absolutely rubbish. He has no end product at all.
  8. Who do you think this is there?!
  9. Rumours doing the rounds now that the line in the Caley Thistle statement about Draper putting in a transfer request was a lie. Better hold on lads, sounds like there's another storm a-brewing!
  10. Don't know what you lot are on about, those nachos look delicious to me.
  11. Must admit I only ever use ICT when writing and use Caley Thistle in conversation. 'Inverness Caley' don't exist, while to me Caley is the pre-94 HL side (you wouldn't really call ICT 'Thistle' for example). Referring to the club as 'Inverness' is really a central belt only phenomenon.
  12. Just out of interest, what does Cat Boyd do to make a living and what did she do pre-2016? I don't think I'd heard of her before the last Scottish election.
  13. That was a strange seen with Sarah Palmer watching that old boxing match that kept on looping all the time. There seems to be some talk as well that some of the scenes have been jumbled around - for example Janey E telling Dougie/Cooper that he didn't come home the night before (as he was presumably out with the Mitchum brothers), yet in the last episode we saw him in the garden with Sonny Jim. Seems like there's some weird chronological thing going on that hasn't been explained yet.
  14. titledecider

    The formation in the first half looked to me like a 4-4-1-1/4-4-2, with Polworth wide right, Oakley up-front and Baird slightly behind and further to the right. Second half I interpreted it to be more of a 4-1-4-1, just with Baird as almost a right-wing forward and Polworth as a right sided central midfielder.
  15. We possibly did. Have some memories of that being played around that time along with 'House of Fun' by Madness.