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  1. Unfortunately can't see anything other than Liverpool going through tonight. The Germans looks pretty shaky early on as well which isn't helping. The state of them playing Moreno over Robertson as well.
  2. Tonight's show looks like it could be glorious...
  3. Naka & Jinder presumably, not too sure who else though. Don't think they'll pull the trigger on Shane & KO yet.
  4. Booooooo
  5. Has Snakebite worked himself into a shoot?
  6. Get in there. What a player.
  7. That main event > New Day vs Usos > Braun > Cesaro bursting the baw > Everything else <
  8. Whittaker will be back at RB I suspect. (shudders)
  9. John McGinn over Callum McGregor
  10. Every single Bray Wyatt feud is the same.
  11. Best match Randy Orton's had in months.
  12. Big Show does not give a fuuuuck anymore.