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  1. Strachan doing his best to get rid of any of the little goodwill I had for him after that game.
  2. Suffering f**k.
  3. Get Ross Forbes in the Scotland team ASAP.
  4. Few in Europe, including two against Hapoel (a decent outfit) last year before Dembele became Celtic's favoured option.
  5. Well the role that Griffiths was asked to carry out, Rhodes cannot. Naismith can a bit more effectively.
  6. No. Griffiths constant hassling and movement has been a big factor, Rhodes doesn't do that.
  7. Bring back Gary Caldwell.
  8. Oh give over.
  9. That crowd is even worse than expected. Closer to a Queens Park attendance.
  10. Nothing more than my gut. We'll win, Strachan stays in a job. We subsequently get horsed by England.
  11. I actually think we'll win tonight, but if we don't and it is indeed the end of Strachan, I'll be fine with it.
  12. Well yeah, but he's on pretty much every Morton thread on here. Old Firm levels of obsession.
  13. We'll win this, and Strachan will stay in a job. Shite.