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  1. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Falkirk at home or Hearts away. Will actually be Celtic away.
  2. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    Good win, look comfortable enough throughout. Dumbarton play anything like that against TNS and we’ll have a “Welsh” team in a cup final. Sort it out lads.
  3. NXT

    I didn’t mind the cameras. The main event was terrific.
  4. Yes, I can, but I can also call you a complete and utter fanny.
  5. Oh pack it in you complete weirdo, fucking hell.
  6. Lee Robinson Declan McManus Allan Johnson Gary Oliver
  7. At least the Cowshed knows who we can direct our abuse towards tomorrow.
  8. WWE Network

    Aye, this. That last 10 minutes was hard to watch. Another great WWE 24 though.
  9. Royal Rumble 2018

  10. Royal Rumble 2018

    Torrie Wilson is...ooft.
  11. Royal Rumble 2018

    Fucking yass
  12. Royal Rumble 2018

    This is fun
  13. Royal Rumble 2018

    No Ronda and this place riots.
  14. Royal Rumble 2018

    Could be talking about Morton there.