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  1. Another DM masterclass in a big game.
  2. What the f**k are Aberdeen doing?
  3. Where are the peepul?
  4. Celtc v Motherwell | League Cup Final

    Being that far ahead and still having to cheat
  5. Celtc v Motherwell | League Cup Final

    Shocker of a decision. Game totally runied.
  6. Celtc v Motherwell | League Cup Final

    Goodnight Vienna.
  7. Piece of piss. Falkirk Paul Hartley
  8. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    The Man who Built the Moon is easily the best thing on the album, imo.
  9. D.A.F.C v G.M.F.C 21/11/17

    Cancel the game IMO
  10. Survivor Series 2017

    What a damn match.
  11. Survivor Series 2017

    This is being received pretty much exactly as I thought it would be. Meh.