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  1. *Harriott you fucking roaster. Here's me when St Mirren finish 8th.
  2. Loved Stowman's return. Not at all keem on an Enzo/Big Cass feud - Shad vs JTG will probably end up looking like a better rivalry. I'm also going to be livid if the Angle/Graves thing is leading to him vs HHH, that's the last person I want to see Kurt face!
  3. Folk putting Morton anywhere near the bottom and St Mirren anywhere near the top.
  4. These finishes, good grief.
  5. Something like this was always going to happen with morons like Tommy Robinson & Katie Hopkins given free reign to spread hatred and division, backed up by the country's two biggest newspapers. The entire Muslim community have been portrayed as our enemies and it was only a matter of time before some right wing lunatic went out for "revenge". It's horrific and genuinly makes me sick to my stomach, just as the replies of "About time!" & "should've hit more of em!" etc to Robinson's Twitter. Our country really is in the shitter. This man is a terrorist and this was a terrorist attack, it should be reported as such, I'm unfortunately doubtful it will be.
  6. Someone is going to die in the womems ladder match.
  7. It'd be nice to see one of the Europa teams reach at least the playoff round. Delay the usual hysteria that surrounds our teams exiting Europe for a while. Celtic should be looking at the CL groups obviously and depending on their draw, second/third. A last 16 apperance or progress in the Europa would be a job well done for them.
  8. There's too many of them. PPVs don't feel like big events anymore, and despite a few exceptions haven't done for some time.
  9. He's going nowhere. Years left at the very top before he goes back to United/China etc.
  10. Quite surprised by this but happy for Aberdeen fans he's decided to stay. Sunderland are a total basket case of a club and are destined for mediocrity until their owners finally get rid of them. Even better to see seething messes wheel out the "Jock Pub League" nonsense when they've been told to take a running jump, delicious. I'm not convinced there's much else DM can actually do at Aberdeen other than winning the Scottish Cup and possibly Europa group stages, but he's certainly better than some of the candidates being linked this week. All the best for the season ahead, Dons.
  11. Derek Adams wants the job? Come on Aberdeen, do your bit for the Scottish Football patter community
  12. The thought of having to make a conscious decision whether to jump or stay and burn gives me chills. Feel incrediblly sorry for anyone on those upper floors.
  13. Even if that is Lennon using a surrogate, this is the same John Hartson that claimed Oliver Burke should've signed for Burnley instead of RB Leipzig.
  14. Pickford is a decent signing for Everton, perhaps not at that price though. If offered him or Joe Hart (who I suspect will go to West Ham) I'd be inclined to go with Pickford.