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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I work with someone who gets pissed off if the weather has been good here while she's been away. Even if the weather wherever the holiday was, was glorious. Strange.
  2. The Royal Wedding

    Ffs don't bite.
  3. Deadly animal experiences

    I've been chuckling at this all day[emoji23]
  4. Feel free to visit occasionally.
  5. Deadly animal experiences

    I was chased by a pony that was after my brightly coloured packet of sweets (poppets) when I was 7.
  6. 2018 Premier League Darts Prediction League

    Congratulations Davied85 and great work once again from Davis Love III for running the league. I'm happy with my 5th place finish after my disastrous effort at the World championships. Looking forward to the next prediction league!
  7. 18/19 kits thread

    That was the one I was thinking of when I saw the Macron templates. I didn't like that one.
  8. 18/19 kits thread

    The Black and gold band should always be horizontal on any Dumbarton strips.
  9. 2018 Premier League Darts Prediction League

    Semi-Finals - Best of 19 Legs Michael van Gerwen 9-10 Rob Cross Michael Smith 5-10 Gary Anderson Final - Best of 21 Legs Cross 8-11 Anderson 180s: Anderson
  10. Sons' sorrow

    I see what you did there[emoji12] Disappointed to see Hill and Smith go but the others were pretty much a given. How much of a pre season did Handling have last year since he signed for us at the end of July and promptly got injured. Maybe a proper pre season will make a difference. And I discovered tonight that Div Wilson has played more games for us than Froxy. Hang your head in shame at that, Stevie![emoji6]
  11. Tommy Coyle left us for you shortly after Alex Totten did the same journey. Don't really know much about Crawley unfortunately. And Coyle shares a birthday with me!
  12. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Waiting for a bus in Clydebank and bird just shat on me. Fucking hate this place!
  13. In Dumbarton's only Premier season in 1984/85 the scorers were Joe Coyle 7 John Bourke 4 Tommy Coyle 3 Albert Craig 3 Alan Kay 3 Jim Simpson 3 Kenny Ashwood 1 Gerry Crawley 1 Pat McGowan 1 Donald McNeil 1 Stuart Robertson 1 o.g. 1
  14. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    He was indeed top scorer that season but he was also with us the following season and (like everyone else really) didn't set the heather on fire. I know Cove is local for him but I can't understand why an equally local L1 or L2 side don't take a chance on him.
  15. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    We'll be staying put. They could appeal to the Scottish government but one of the owners said at a meeting last year that might not happen. That, to me, sounds like they can't afford it.