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  1. Gerry and Easty are good guys and I wish the 3 boys who went there all the very best and I hope they don't get relegated.
  2. so what's your fascination with the Cairn Ryso ?
  3. Have they really mate? You know quicker than us as no transfer has went through as yet lol should go through on Wednesday though if all goes well. classic silence lol
  4. Not yet Ryso although there are a couple on the transfer list if that's what you mean. where you at our game on sat?
  5. Very well deserved lads Ryso you know us mate, always breaking records lol
  6. Gartcairn needed to be at the top of our game and hope Linlithgow were at the bottom of theirs but Rose were superb and we were poor. maybe could have went a goal up and maybe equalised when 1 down but Linlithgow were relentless and gave us no hope what so ever when they scored their 3rd. Hope they go on and win it
  7. Demolished 7 v 0 by a much stronger fitter and better team. So proud to have got this far and we have had a great day. outstanding facilities and hospitality and a huge thanks from everyone at Gartcairn. give us 10 years and we will see where we are MTC
  8. Really looking forward to our day out tomorrow. Should be around 200 of us coming up so hope this rain goes off lol
  9. That park clearly aint playable so i think we should move it to St Ants just incase it rains!
  10. lets get an early kick off then ffs
  11. Not sure Ryso mate
  12. I hear Tommy coyne is going for a spa day followed by dinner and a free bar in a 5 star hotel. Apparently he won the Gartcairn half time draw last week!! well done Mr Coyne
  13. So what's the score predictions lads?? ill go for 2 v 2
  14. We do highlights and interviews but we were looking at an actual 30 minute show on a Sunday night for the juniors and the academy. cant think of any interview that says we would win the league mate. As for Saturday I'm sure it will be on our Facebook but Linlithgow I'm sure will cover the game