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  1. We bit disappointed Carluke didn't come back for hospitality but thanks to the committee guy and 2 supporters that did. We will all be back at your place on Saturday
  2. Should be a cracker mate. We are putting on a free bus.
  3. Yep fair points but I was meaning in the first 20 minutes I thought we could have been 2 or 3 up with Jordon Love should have scored from 8 yards and a kev Ross header which he normally puts away. Draw is probably a fair result and looking forward to next week already. crowd was around 300
  4. Great game today with a good crowd and we have to do it all again. We went 1 up before Chucky equalised and then we went down to 10 men after 35 minutes. Carluke took the lead with a wonder strike early in the 2nd half before we scored a pen. Carluke were reduced to 10 men with 5 to go but neither team found a winner. from our point just happy we are still in it. Before the sending off we in my opinion were the better team and could have been 2 or 3 up but Carluke looked as if they had it won when 2 1 up and us down to 10. We really do like a fight as we have proved in our last 5 games and delighted we kept ourself in the tie
  5. Yep we are gorg both sides of the pitch can be in use and supporters will enjoy the game. Been to plenty parks with no shelter for suppprters. Newmains, Hermes, Benburb or Bellshill to name a few but we will get there
  6. Cheers lads
  7. Don't think so mate unless I missed it. who doesn't like publicity???
  8. Tomorrow will see a battle between 2 lower league clubs with only 1 winner advancing to the last 8 of the Scottish Junior Cup. huge day for both teams and hoping for a decent we crowd to come along and watch what should be a high scoring game. Cairn won 4 v 3 and 6 v 1 this season but lost 3 v 2 a couple of weeks back and Carluke are no doubt the form team. very excited to be involved in this game and hope everyone enjoys the occasion. dare I ask for predictions lads????
  9. we have still had to get past 2 teams that were favourites to beat us. Whitburn and Hermes are both big clubs and I'm delighted to get to where we are. After losing 3 v 2 to Carluke last week and seeing Chucky in action I know we are probably again not going to be favourites
  10. Great shout Airdrie man but both teams and the sjfa would need to agree. We can certainly ask the question
  11. Close game
  12. Better team won but we fought back well. The lad Chucky for Carluke is superb! great hospitality also very much appreciated