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  1. No Anton retired then came back out of retirement to sign with Arthurlie again. great keeper
  2. I'll start this seasons thread now lads. players re signed from last season... Callum Brady Kevin Ross (Captain) Mark Tait Ryan Odonnell John Henderson William Eadie John Leslie Josh Moore New editions will be announced in due course. MTC
  3. Jordo is a top player and will hold the ball up in any league. All the best for the season lads
  4. Here here rapid
  5. I know the Lanark boys will be disappointed we lost to EK last night but no one is more disappointed than me I can assure you. Lanark will not lose out in promotion because of Gartcairn v Ek, Lanark will lose out in promotion for the same reason we did. Not good enough. If you leave your own promotion hopes in other teams hands then you can't moan if they lose lol. You should be bigging up Newmains in the hope they can grab something from EK not assume they will lose. Lanark should really have beat us in Lanark and that would have been that. anyway we were poor last night but with injuries and suspensions it was always going to be a tough game especially against EK who I might add went to the league champions and won a few weeks ago!!! I think congratulations to them on their result is what people should be saying. good luck to all still in the race for promotion.
  6. Great crowd
  7. What's the crowd like at larkhall
  8. I'll be supporting Gartcairn lol
  9. Great result for EK and now have promotion ever closer
  10. Cairn were very good today and deserved the victory. Was surprised how comfortable the game was as I expected Lanark to be really up for it. EK have dunnipace away, Newmains and ourselves at MTC park and need 7 points or 2 huge victories
  11. Well done Perthshire and all at Gartcairn hope you enjoy your day!
  12. Looking forward to the game. Am I correct in saying even if Cairn beat Lanark today they can still go up on goal difference?
  13. Ah well it's done now
  14. Thanks Viewparker if your talking about Gartcairn lol last 8 of the Scottish, last 8 of the West and missed out on promotion with only 2 games to go. It's been a good season for such a young club as ours.
  15. And considering we are just into May and Lanark and Carluke only have 1 or 2 games still to play, I don't think there was any need or rush to have one club playing Saturday Monday wednesday and the other playing Saturday then Saturday. In my opinion Carluke could have played Saturday, Saturday, Saturday the same as Lanark and the season would still be over by the middle of May