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  1. it's not bizarre if you know the history
  2. i love Cowdenbeath's outdoor pisser. It's always blowing a gail up there and I love standing having a piss at half time wae the steam off the piss of old guy to the left of me blowing in my face n the guy to the right of me having his piss blown all over my brothel creepers as he tries to piss. You leave there with more piss than you entered with. No doubt these toilets would be a hit in Germany, if "gentleman's interest" films are to be believed.
  3. Alias? Naw. I've been here for years .
  4. I hope there's a good turn oot.
  5. jobs for cotter n the broomhoose boys
  6. do these c***s no piss you off? "BOOOO FUCKIN HOOO! No Catholics support anyone else, any fckin where; so all the other proddy teams conspire against us." They c***s are paranoid, pitiful messes
  7. I'm a Thistle fan n fuckin hate them more than the chomos, so take your paranoid, tin foil hat, pity party elsewhere.
  8. depends whom is dying.
  9. aye she knows on what side her eye is blackened
  10. good luck to ya. God, I thought Ayr United had got an avaricious hold. Thank god they haven't.
  11. And I'll be the assistant referee when you play Rossvale; and I'llll have you know I'm marvellous on that touchline, you cheeky wee toerag
  12. but yer in yer own gunk just walking about wae the dirt in the environment. I presume you wear a bio hazard suit at alltimes?
  13. they say they're amateur, but they're not. They have all sorts of kickbacks
  14. i don't think there's any need for it. f**k the republicans too. It's all just about rubbing people's faces in it. Let them have another battle of the boyne, no prisoners. I hate all extremists. They all need to grow up.
  15. you know, i actually thought of you as i posted it. The Whittlets guy