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  1. sometimes I feel like I need a break too, but when it's gone I miss it. We've got a good set of boys at our club n you always get a good laugh n it's good to see familiar faces at other clubs n hear what they've been up to. I like the sense of community you get with the juniors n i miss that
  2. aye mate. That's at my home ground. Used to play there.
  3. Anyone know of any decent games in the west of Scotland this weekend? It's brutal on a Saturday with nothing to do with the juniors finished
  4. cheers. I'll be at it working it!
  5. what's the best way to get to your ground by public transport from glasgow?
  6. Good luck Cambuslang. Youse were totally up for it n your first half performance was superb. The movement by the top 3 was superb.second half, foot off the gas but we never troubled you
  7. Patrick Thistle
  8. i hope season ticket holders receive a partial refund
  9. I've been wondering about this fixture too. It's strange.
  10. johnstone, bellshill n the gow
  11. the roch n Larkhall to go up. V of c, Bellshill n Johnstone to b relegated
  12. cheers mate. Appreciated
  13. what bus do i get from Glasgow to the ground?
  14. a must win for Hamilton. I reckon they'll sneak it 1-0.
  15. winton park n holm park for me. Like the old grounds n always get a good atmosphere