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  1. Hopefully Well will be massively overconfident now. I don't see how else we can win this.
  2. Motherwell v Aberdeen - League Cup Quarter Final

    Well played Motherwell. 1st to everything and very high tempo. I counted 1 single contested header that our defence won. total shite from the dandies. The atmosphere sounded good on telly. Good luck in the semi
  3. Can we use it so we don't have to play out of Glasgow?
  4. top tip: farmers, Get your own "imaginary new stadium" thread.
  5. Tipping

    so why doesn't he sound foreign?
  6. Tipping

    hans gruber was the german, not Bruce Willis. Bruce is an Australian name. Why can't you dumbos tell the difference between germans and australians? the russians are the worst tippers.
  7. Have I got Local News For You

    1stly- a honeycomb is hexagonal. that pattern alternates octagons and squares. 2ndly- a maze has an entrance and an exit. 3rdly- The firm that is quoted is a shoe firm. Think about it. why would a shoe firm supply slippers? don't believe everything you read.
  8. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    At least it's part of their stupid language. Brits mis-using it it worse. A solar eclipse, the angel falls, the great pyramid, may be awesome; some c***s youtube video is probably not.
  9. Have I got Local News For You

  10. Thanks both. I'll watch that at lunch. In a sane world, the pipeline thing should demonstrate that the group raises invalid objections and can be safely ignored. on the other hand......
  11. I didn't watch any of the hearing. Can somebody please explain what the terrorist/ pipeline based objection is all about. I am very concerned.
  12. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    i thought i was an arsehole. now i'm confused.
  13. C**** on a Train

    brummi behind me has just been reading his wife an article about brexit negotiations. He sounds upset about the Europeans. He is now debating whether to have fish for tea. i am thinking about using my pen to burst both of my ear drums.
  14. Work colleagues

    i have seen loads of folk doing this. Why do something more boring than work?