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  1. does free beer not contravene minimum pricing laws? Shut it down.
  2. asking for £900k isn't full arsehole mode? It would be hilarious if we had signed someone just to annoy you but it seems really unlikely.
  3. A superstar? That’s even better than an “ace”. You boys are BACK!
  4. I'm not suggesting anything of the sort. I am just saying that these are relative good times for your team and you shouldn't take them for granted. My team's perrennial underacheivement doesn't change the fact that your lot are natural diddies who have been punching above your weight for a while.
  5. A mid table finish should be seen as a considerable achievement by the likes of your lot. If the players are this blasé then you’ll be in a relegation scrap.
  6. SPFL pricing survey

    Standard of education in this country is going to the dogs. It's "an MSc".
  7. Is this guy a right back? hope this means tavernier won't start your first game. He gave considine plenty problems last season.
  8. The new season optimism gets crushed earlier every year. f**k Uefa, their groups, seeding and parachutes.
  9. I have heard that the plural of "you" is "you".
  10. Review yir Dinner

    pineapple fritters are for dessert. My old local Thai used to do immense ice cream fritters with banana and pineapple fritters also on the menu.
  11. Famous People You Wouldn't Recognise

    Jesus Mohammed Pol Pot Phats n Small
  12. Do you like the Scottish?

    Scots are a bunch of ethnic cleansing Irish b*****ds who stole the land from the native picts. worse than Australians.
  13. Do you like a finger in the bum?

    whose finger?
  14. Things Americans Do

    You’ll be trying to tell me that baseball is different from rounders next.
  15. Things Americans Do

    American football isn't even remotely close to being like rugby. Apart from being played with the same shaped ball, allowing running with the ball, getting points for getting the ball over the end line, points for kicking the ball over a bar and between posts, tackling by hauling opponents down and restarting play by having the big lads line up face to face, it is completely different. As dissimilar as sailing and cricket.