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  1. Zombies v League Leaders

    Aye well said mutant [emoji196]
  2. Zombies v League Leaders

    The mighty Arabs [emoji23] couldn’t beat the team that has a hedge round the park [emoji1] dabs [emoji90]
  3. Spread to love boo boo
  4. Is it just me or have the great unwashed skunks went very quiet 🤫
  5. I have the fear again

    Unlucky today boo boo
  6. I have the fear again

    Ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha. hey hey hey ha ha ha ha Giruy
  7. If your auntie had balls she would be your uncle.(were we unlucky) [emoji23]
  8. Nothing less than 3 points today.no win today and Duffy needs to go
  9. More like 4-0 [emoji106]
  10. Morton v Queens

    Skunks just love our threads
  11. Morton v Queens

    Oh dear [emoji99]
  12. Morton v Queens

    My apologies [emoji23]
  13. Morton v Queens

    With some practice and less buckfast you will get there my friend