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  1. Morton v ICT

    I didn’t go today totally sick of bumbling Jim’s team selection.he ruined what could have been a good season.
  2. Ffs you can piss off along with Duffy
  3. See you all when baldy leaves which he should be doing
  4. Are all The happy clappers still happy with jim doing a good job[emoji90]
  5. Just get to f**k Duffy
  6. Same old [emoji99]
  7. One win in eight [emoji90] will be backnext season when duff is gone.playoffs are gone for another season
  8. Morton win tomorrow [emoji106]
  9. Morton v Dundee United

    Im not we were pish against Brechin
  10. Don’t think they get out till it’s daylight
  11. No shots on target again.why don’t you just go Duffy