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  1. Ton v sons

    Maybe had the wrong boots on
  2. Queens v Pars

    All the best to the pars
  3. Ton v sons

    We should have a good crowd coming over
  4. Queens v Morton

    Oh dear,what a bunch of arseholes,play to the whistle 🤡
  5. Queens v Morton

    [emoji476] ha ha
  6. Queens v Morton

    It’s quite simple.the ball didn’t cross the line.Maybe qots fans may have their own set of football rules.[emoji3]
  7. Queens v Morton

    You talk one load of shite [emoji90]
  8. Will be a tricky game for us but I expect 3 points. 3-1 ton.
  9. Queens v Morton

    Don’t let your expectations take over your capabilities 3-0 ton
  10. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    [emoji23] oh dear [emoji3]
  11. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    Is that the halftime score [emoji23]