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    "ashton / Finbarr Flood / Ian Forsyth / periscope pole" & "Sinclair Street / Dr Watson" - the most detested posters on Morton's fans' forum (as Mortonjag / Etta Crouton & Linwoodton), peddlling shit here & elsewhere. Trawling social media profiles; posting photos of peoples' wives, kids, mothers; trying to threaten or belittle people online - pathetic really, especially from a pensioner and a middle-aged man.

    These are posts about, or to, them by posters on the Morton forum (and none of the quotes are mine):

    " You obviously don't know about Mortonjag and the bother he has caused many people on here, his blog, stalking members, posting pictures of children with alarming messages & countless other things which were disturbing to say the very least. LinwoodTon is a sad no-mates character who has put himself forward as his cheerleader on here."

    “It was only you and your creepy alcoholic mate who didn't know me, you both spent ages stalking others' Facebook & Twitter accounts to find out who I am. That shows what a sad pair of wankers you are."

    "Everyone on here now knows you are a creepy wierdo stalker and I doubt anyone on here will ever trust you in future.”

    “there is no 'honour amongst crims' where folk like Ernie are concerned. He's a creepy stalker, folk like him deserve everything that comes to them. It begs the question, if this is how he behaves towards grown men, how does he behave towards women? Are we the only people he is stalking?”

    “What a sad existence those two must live, floating around the net, desperate to find some relevance. F*** knows how embarassing it must be for anyone connected to them”

    “I doubt it's just **** who has reported him for stalking. It's seriously disturbing behaviour and the fact I know he's been looking at pictures of my 3 year old daughter (as have you [Sinclair Street] ) means he'll get what's coming to him eventually."

    "They did the same with a picture of ****''s daughter and a caption saying "we're watching you" or something equally creepy. It's gone beyond anything remotely involving banter when you are involving pictures of young girls”

    “I'm surprised, no, astounded that some of his other victims haven't already reported him to the police. Images of ***** hanging from a tree, for example, must be disturbing if you're on the receiving end"

    "Mr Newall really can't go any lower than he did with the picture of my dead mother and aunt - and even worse not having the courage of his convictions to admit he did it - backtracking as if to suggest it never happened despite the fact several people saw it"

    "You're a low life **** LT. Your pal at least has the excuse that he's mentally unstable while you have made the choice to creep around the web trying to access material to fuel his disease because you think it's funny. Whatever the outcome you'll always be a scummy no mark"

    "What case he thinks he has pales into "point & laugh" or worse, when him and his wee pal start posting pictures of dead relatives, sending pictures by email of small children stating they are being watched, getting fake solicitors' letters sent to people's houses, and all the other completely unacceptable things he/they do. It is childish, beyond classless, truly disturbing, and that is a shame because you are witnessing a man unravelling in front of you. When it's all over I fear for what's left of his sanity."

    And that, folks, is just a fraction of what I could have posted about creepy Ernie and gimpy Gordon.
    Two weird, malevolent nonces. Imagine if you had either of them living next door to your kids....... really doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

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  1. Daresay he made a hash of it.......
  2. Oh, really? Nice to see you've got last Saturday out of your system so quickly. As Madton pointed out, we've seen not just one but eight different players out for extended periods through injury this season and yet here we are level on points with your team but with two games in hand. Not bad for a team someone else on this thread says is just "punching above its weight".
  3. Sore loser type post.
  4. Could call them the Loan Rainjurs.......
  5. Great thread title! I think well win, but I doubt it'll be by more than a goal, maybe 2 at most.
  6. You're boring absolutely everyone champ. Give it a rest ffs.
  7. Interesting post. And re your last point I know I always feel distracted with a semi.
  8. FFS....... Obviously vt gets something out of these things, tho gawd knows what, but honestly, does anyone else, ANYONE else, actually do anything other than scroll quickly through with a shake of the heid? A total waste of bandwidth. And at four in the morning, too. Get a bloody life.
  9. And the ability. And the manager.
  10. nah, you're right. VT will have a field day on here tonight.
  11. .......unless of course he pulls tonight.......
  12. .......or maybe, just maybe, Morton had the game plan and the players to make sure you had an "off day"?
  13. Those guys won the competition for the worst view in the ground