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    "ashton / Finbarr Flood / Ian Forsyth / periscope pole / honostmemistu" & "Sinclair Street / Dr Watson" - the most detested posters on Morton's fans' forum (as Mortonjag / Etta Crouton & Linwoodton). Trawling social media profiles; posting pics of peoples' wives, kids, dead mothers; trying to threaten or belittle people online - pathetic, and from a pensioner & a middle-aged man.

    This post on the Morton board by one of their targets sums them up perfectly:

    "You see, if it was just drivel, as 99% of it is, I think we'd all continue to point & laugh.

    But I want to ask you a serious question.

    We're all big boys, we all know online a pile of slagging goes on - most of it water off a duck's back to all of us.

    Now change gears a bit - does it still fall into the realms of "wind-up" when pictures of a child below the age of 5 are sent to a father with a caption saying "we're watching you", or when pictures of dead relatives are posted, or when people are accused of homosexuality, in one case thinly veiled accusations of impropriety with kids, or when you get threatening letters asking about the health of other members of your family, or have pictures of people's houses posted online, or pictures of their wives/partners posted online, or threats not to come back to the country for fear of being accosted by Sheriff's Officers, or sending (albeit dodgy) solicitors' letters to people's houses....... and lots more.

    How do you feel about that now ? Still a wind-up ?"

    Or how about:

    "everyone can see Ernie and Iain and Gordon for what they are. Wrong uns to be reviled and avoided. In terms of learning about people I think everyone can see the worst in people when you look at Newall and McGregor and Dyer.

    "Open question still applies to Mr Dyer. Should we post a picture of your recently deceased family member and if we did would it still be as acceptable as you said it was when you were asked about posting a picture of my dead mum and you said "yes"? What a despicable horrible human being you are. "

    Neither of the above were posted by me, btw. But they tell you all you have to know about creepy Ernie Newall & gimpy Gordon Dyer. An evil, bitter old derelict of a pensioner & a gullible, sneaky middle-aged man who get their jollies posting malevolent shite about people they don't even know - any decent person must find them disgusting. On a point-&-laugh level, though, it's even funnier than TheRangers' Europa League "campaign".

    Seriously tho, imagine if you had either of them living next door to your kids....... doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

    PS - I'm not actually one of their victims, well apart from Ernie's laughable red-dot campaign against every post I make. I just find their behaviour repulsive and I'm happy to draw attention to it. Plus I find it pleasing that not knowing who I am really gets on Ernie's nipples. Delightful.

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  1. Morton v Falkirk

    Well, mind-reading clearly isn't one of your talents so don't give up the day job. If you have one. Glad to see you agree the abuse Dean Sheils took was way out of line though. And you're right of course about the roasters on here, often they seem to outnumber the good guys. Still, I fail to see how my pointing out that repulsive behaviour should somehow automatically (and wrongly) tar me with the same mucky stick in your eyes and those of that Pars fan yesterday, but that's P&B for you, everyone works to their own agenda. Me included, and you're wrong about mine, but at least you stated your case far better than the roasters above, bless 'em. Enjoy the game - up to a point.
  2. Morton v Falkirk

    Fine by me, not one f**k is given.
  3. Morton v Falkirk

    Hmmm. Out of interest, which affronts you more - the eyeball throwing incident (which I found appalling), or me making reference to it?
  4. Morton v Falkirk

    Aye, if he gets any worse he'll probably start lobbing plastic eyeballs into the thread.......
  5. Morton v Falkirk

    2-0 Morton, and we'll hit the woodwork twice as a well.
  6. Morton v Falkirk

    Sure, whatever you say, Einstein.
  7. Morton v Falkirk

    Of course he doesn't exist, he was a work of fiction. The correct spelling in s Google search would give you info tho, but can't be ersed doing it for you.
  8. Morton v Falkirk

    Doubt it
  9. Morton v Falkirk

    See wot happens when you jump to conclusions? I've covered it before, but briefly the neg rep is almost entirely work of one deluded old obsessive (with some help from a gullible sidekick). Without his input I might well be a few hunner in the red, who knows, but i'm trying hard not to let it all ruin my live. Seem to be succeeding, too.
  10. Morton v Falkirk

    You forgot to add "and what's Google Search?"
  11. Worst Manager in the league

    Bit strange, posting a pic of your ex-manager from way back when your comment can only be aimed at the torn-faced gurner in your avatar.......
  12. Can't say I blame them, the last thing some of the fat burghers of PG need is more fatburgers.
  13. Know why Dunning shunning cunning funning punning? No Gunning.