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    "ashton / Finbarr Flood / Ian Forsyth / periscope pole" & "Sinclair Street / Dr Watson" - the most detested posters on Morton's fans' forum (as Mortonjag / Etta Crouton & Linwoodton), peddlling their shit here & elsewhere. Trawling social media profiles; posting photos of peoples' wives, kids, mothers; trying to threaten or belittle people online - pathetic really, especially from a pensioner and a middle-aged man.

    For a while my profile here highlighted posts from people on the Morton board to show how utterly despised these two gimps are. Gives 'em a wee taste of their own medicine in line with that ludicrous blog, and they hate the fact that they can do nothing about it. I've removed the old stuff now though because this one post sums it all up in a nutshell:

    "You see, if it was just drivel, as 99% of it is, I think we would all continue to point and laugh.

    But I want to ask you a serious question.

    We are all big boys, we all know that online there is a pile of slagging that goes on - most of it water off a duck's back to all of us.

    Now change gears a bit - does it still fall into the realms of "wind-up" when pictures of a child below the age of 5 are sent to a father with a caption saying "we're watching you", or when pictures of dead relatives are posted, or when people are accused of homosexuality, in one case thinly veiled accusations of impropriety with kids, or when you get threatening letters asking about the health of other members of your family, or have pictures of people's houses posted online, or pictures of their wives/partners posted online, or threats not to come back to the country for fear of being accosted by Sheriff's Officers, or sending (albeit dodgy) solicitors' letters to people's houses....... and lots more.

    How do you feel about that now ? Still a wind-up ?"

    That, folks, tells you all you have to know about creepy Ernie Newall & gimpy Gordon Dyer. An evil, bitter old derelict of a pensioner and a gullible, sneaky middle aged man who get their thrills by posting malevolent shite about people they don't even know. Two nasty, weird nonces whose actions are totally beyond the pale and which any decent person must find disgusting.

    Imagine if you had either of them living next door to your kids....... It really doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

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  1. White Lightning, most likely.
  2. He's still beelin' because we stuffed his rabble six months ago in the League Cup. Sad, really. Sad, but quite pleasing.
  3. Nobody cares.
  4. Aye, but you see they all take it very very seriously apparently. That, and they don't like it up 'em. Great to watch.
  5. I don't really believe you really believe any of that. By the way, where do you live?
  6. Hibeesblouse75 = pishfilled balloon and ANOTHER classless laughable bellend.
  7. Nah mate, I just like sticking pins in some of the pish-filled balloons that seem to inhabit Hibs threads. And by the way: Neil Lennon = classless laughable bellend.
  8. oh ffs.......
  9. Eh? Did you win ANYTHING tonight? No, you didn't. Not a game, not a league. Nothing. Time enough to Hibs it yet. In the cup as well as the league.
  10. .......and in other news, if yer auntie had baws.......
  11. jeez, they're even making things up now. Pathetic, really.
  12. That doesn't even make sense mate. Don't YOU know what one is either?
  13. Well, there’s Jordan Rode: “ Leagues won regardless. Hopefully you get pumped in the playoffs“ and “We've won the league this evening” and “Yes, it's a shanner we drew. Gutted at sealing the championship” and “Fair result regardless. We where shite, didn't lose, all eyes in regaining our cup now” And Fraser Fyvie: “Sounds like another shan performance but again we don't lose. Should seal the league that” and “It's a fantastic result. All we had to do was avoid defeat to seal the deal” And Alan Stubbs: “.after Saturday, a draw's an okay result” .....and no doubt plenty more of 'em to come. By the way, what in the name of feck is a "flamegang"? Are we supposed to be impressed or something??
  14. Daresay he made a hash of it.......