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    "ashton / Finbarr Flood / Ian Forsyth / periscope pole / honostmemistu" & "Sinclair Street / Dr Watson" - the most detested posters on Morton's fans' forum (as Mortonjag / Etta Crouton & Linwoodton). Trawling social media profiles, posting pics of peoples' wives, kids, mothers; trying to threaten or belittle people online - pathetic behaviour from a pensioner & a middle-aged man.

    This one post made on the Morton board by one of their targets sums it all up perfectly:

    "You see, if it was just drivel, as 99% of it is, I think we would all continue to point and laugh.

    But I want to ask you a serious question.

    We are all big boys, we all know that online there is a pile of slagging that goes on - most of it water off a duck's back to all of us.

    Now change gears a bit - does it still fall into the realms of "wind-up" when pictures of a child below the age of 5 are sent to a father with a caption saying "we're watching you", or when pictures of dead relatives are posted, or when people are accused of homosexuality, in one case thinly veiled accusations of impropriety with kids, or when you get threatening letters asking about the health of other members of your family, or have pictures of people's houses posted online, or pictures of their wives/partners posted online, or threats not to come back to the country for fear of being accosted by Sheriff's Officers, or sending (albeit dodgy) solicitors' letters to people's houses....... and lots more.

    How do you feel about that now ? Still a wind-up ?"

    That tells you all you have to know about creepy Ernie Newall & gimpy Gordon Dyer. An evil, bitter old derelict of a pensioner & a gullible, sneaky middle-aged man getting their jollies by posting malevolent shite about people they don't even know. Two weird nonces whose actions are totally beyond the pale and which any decent person must find disgusting. On a point-and-laugh level, though, it's even funnier than the Craig Whyte trial.

    Seriously tho, imagine if you had either of them living next door to your kids....... doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

    LOSERS. ;0)

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  1. Think you'll find the arses are already wearing it.
  2. Oh really?? Telt!! Feel better now VT? Thankfully, the opinion of a wee fanny on a fitba messageboard means very little to me, especially since a) you say the same things to virtually everybody on here and b) you're entirely wrong about me. Well, ALMOST entirely wrong; I can just about accept the "middle-aged" part, though I fail to see how you can expect that to be considered effective as an insult. Maybe you mean I'm not young enough to know everything....... PS - you forgot to add "buckled mess". Gutted for you. Still, it's not my fault that you i) just can't help trying to puff yourself up on a public forum and ii) make an arse of it without fail.
  3. Dunno what you have against the guy, but there's no denying the fact that he, Warren Hawke and others have made positive changes in and around Cappielow since they came in, and yet all you can do is snipe away on a personal level rather than give the guys any credit at all for the improvements made. Small-minded and negative as per usual, that's your contribution, but of course given your previous there's no reason to expect anything else. Quite sad, really.
  4. You imagine it if you want then, whatever lights your candle.
  5. nah, I'll pass on that thanx
  6. Nae idea, son. Could've been Ian Pishley, Mason Boyne and Pastor Jack Glass for all I know or care, but personally I doubt it ever happened.
  7. Way too sensible a post. You sure you're an Ayr fan?
  8. Kindly leave his virginity out of this debate. Thank you.
  9. In yer dreams, Gordy boy. This thread has now served its purpose as far as I'm concerned, it's drawn some more attention to the behaviour of you and the auld derelict - and going by the rid dots from him and his various aliases each day my profile really gets right on his tits. Which is great. As for some of the negative posters on the thread, couldn't give a f**k. Most of 'em would struggle to find their way out of a one-door room. And by the way, you're still way of the mark as regards who you think I am. You've no idea, never will have. Pleasing.
  10. No need, Gordon; the sterling work done by auld Crippen on that ludicrous blog means it's all a matter of public record.
  11. Yes, he does. What would you like? Partial ellipse, lunar ellipse or a total ellipse of the heart?
  12. No, it isn't.
  13. says the boy who thinks the word needs a capital 's'. Dear oh dear.......
  14. Still seething over your well-deserved warning point from, what, a year and a half ago? Careful you don't trip over your big petted lip now.
  15. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Wise old Chinese proverb. Jeez, you still here? I'd forgotten all about you. Never mind - feel the love, Boaby.