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    "ashton / Finbarr Flood / Ian Forsyth / periscope pole / honostmemistu" & "Sinclair Street / Dr Watson" - the most detested posters on Morton's fans' forum (as Mortonjag / Etta Crouton & Linwoodton). Trawling social media profiles, posting pics of peoples' wives, kids, dead mothers; trying to threaten or belittle people online - pathetic behaviour from a pensioner & a middle-aged man.

    This post on the Morton board by one of their targets sums it up perfectly:

    "You see, if it was just drivel, as 99% of it is, I think we would all continue to point and laugh.

    But I want to ask you a serious question.

    We are all big boys, we all know that online there is a pile of slagging that goes on - most of it water off a duck's back to all of us.

    Now change gears a bit - does it still fall into the realms of "wind-up" when pictures of a child below the age of 5 are sent to a father with a caption saying "we're watching you", or when pictures of dead relatives are posted, or when people are accused of homosexuality, in one case thinly veiled accusations of impropriety with kids, or when you get threatening letters asking about the health of other members of your family, or have pictures of people's houses posted online, or pictures of their wives/partners posted online, or threats not to come back to the country for fear of being accosted by Sheriff's Officers, or sending (albeit dodgy) solicitors' letters to people's houses....... and lots more.

    How do you feel about that now ? Still a wind-up ?"

    Or how about:

    "Nobody will take you seriously there either, you deluded old goon. The infamous 'Point and Laugh' Dickhead who is wasting his final years on this earth pursuing some stupid agenda because he got banned from a messageboard for being an odious old jakey.
    What a Fannny you are, Ernie. I'm under your skin right now and you ****ing hate it. GIRUY. "

    Tells you all you have to know about creepy Ernie Newall & gimpy Gordon Dyer. An evil, bitter old derelict of a pensioner & a gullible, sneaky middle-aged man getting their jollies by posting malevolent shite about people they don't even know - any decent person must find them disgusting. On a point-&-laugh level, though, it's even funnier than TheRangers' Europa League "campaign".

    Seriously tho, imagine if you had either of them living next door to your kids....... doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

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  1. nah. Not fat enough, not drunk enough, not nonsensical enough. eta - and not bigoted enough.
  2. P&B doesn't need Tarmo Kink either.
  3. That's just after quarter to six in the evening. He'd've either still have been in the pub, or heading home after the game.
  4. Yeah, I remember those old ads in the programme. "Pure wine of supreme quality" that could also be used to strip the paint off doors.......
  5. Was confident about this game last Saturday night, less so now. But it's time started to improve our poor record against them and by most accounts they ain't up to much at the mo. I'd be happy with a narrow win.
  6. I did mate - see my post.
  7. Pot plus kettle, all rolled into one.......
  8. So are we - we both had Shankland last year, remember.
  9. Opinion noted, reviewed & filed in the round file, where it belongs. Carry on.
  10. so, who rattled YOUR cage, budgiebrain? Don't bother answering, it's a rhetorical question (suggest you look it up).
  11. The contingency plan should include Interstadia execs being forced to work as unpaid turnstile operators before the game, then put in stocks at halftime for fans of both teams to boot them in the baws as hard as they can, then made to clean the bogs in the Norseman with toothbrushes from 7.00pm on. They've been a disgrace.
  12. yawn....... that's as much out of date as you are out of brain cells. Give up now.
  13. It's neither; it's just that you're not particularly good at this. Sorry.