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  1. Morton v ICT

    You don't know why the substitution went ahead any more than I do. Might have been injury or tiredness, might have been an attempt to be tactically astute and waste time and wind down the clock, we can only speculate. We all have 20-20 vision in hindsight but we'll never know if that decision cost us 2 points or not. Suits your agenda of course to say it's 100% Duffy's fault, but he wasn't on the pitch. 11 players were and Duffy subbing one for another shouldn't have had much impact on the last minute or so of stoppage time. Like I said, I doubt Baird even got a touch of the ball after he came on and we'll never know if Murdoch would've in that last minute had he stayed on. Shit can happen, and it did. This isn't a defence of Duffy as I'm as pissed off as anyone else about what's happened since that game, but it's way too simplistic to blame him 100% for that equaliser.
  2. Morton v ICT

    I don't know why he didn't bring on a defender as that substitute, but I do think too much significance has been given to it. The substitution was probably made just to wind down the clock, and even if we had taken someone off and put nobody on to replace him then in 99 cases out of 100 you'd expect competent players (and they all are, even though the sub wasn't specifically a defender) to see out the last seconds without incident. Unfortunately that night was the 1 in 100 and Livi scored, but I don't think the sub even touched the ball. Bit harsh to blame the substitution too much imo.
  3. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Think you're looking for Grindr mate.
  4. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Says a lot about you, that - you let your small-minded petty prejudices make you miss one of the best televised games of the season. Sad! And talking of "sad", I see your wee pal vt has been creeping back on to the thread, sneaking out a few wee riddies and then slithering off again. That's also sad..... but touchingly sweet.
  5. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    heh heh - I see what you did there.......
  6. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    ahh, pet. As long as you believe that, even if nobody else does. Keep dreaming the dream. PS - some performance by Liverpool last night, eh?
  7. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Nope, none at all. Not very quick on the uptake, are you?
  8. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    wow. Was that about anything? Don't bother answering - rhetorical question. On a more important topic tho - you said yesterday "I don’t like their refusal to accept any responsibility for their role in the Hillsborough disaster and have always been quick to criticise them for that. Simps. " Anyone who bothered to engage their brain would soon realise that there's a very good reason for the vast majority of Liverpool fans to refuse to accept responsibility for Heysel and Hillsborough - they weren't there. It wasn't their responsibility. Just as you or I would not accept responsibility for some idiot Morton fan running onto the park and assaulting a player, why should they accept responsibility for something that in the case of Heysel they were over 400 miles distant from? There's no doubt that a minority of Liverpool fans behaved disgracefully at Heysel (Hillsborough is a much more complex affair, in a nutshell yes some fans were at fault but no-one set out to maliciously harm anyone else and the fans were effectively herded into the stadium by poorly-co-ordinated policing) and I don't think anyone has ever denied that, including other fans of that club - there was plenty of criticism of the fans from the people of Liverpool in the aftermath of both disasters. I've no real liking for that team or their fans but for you to tar every Liverpool fan with the same mucky brush is the behaviour of a lazy bigot. Simps.
  9. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Thanx for your input -filed safely in the round file with the rest of your posts. Have yourself a very fine day.
  10. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    ^^^ typed without a shred of irony or self-awareness. Hilarious because of that, as well as faintly pathetic. Some genuinely well-meant advice for you Russell: stand back, take a long hard look at a selection of the posts you've made, (this thread would be a good place to start), and try to look at them from the standpoint of a neutral. Try to "see yerself as ithers see us" - believe me, you are not a pretty sight, either in terms of your online input or in the flesh. You post as though you think the world owes you a better life than it's giving you (it doesn't), and on the thankfully few occasions I've seen you you look as if there's a bad smell under your nose (mind you, maybe there is). Your attitudes and prejudices make you extremely easy to dislike. Just sayin', like. PS - I see your wee pal vt, otherwise nowhere to be seen on here since Saturday's result and all the Paisley celebrations, has sneaked on to this thread to dish out some nice wee red dots to show his support for you before slithering off to hide again. So sweet.
  11. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Semantics. Again. Feel free to post on this subject in ever-decreasing circles till you disappear up your own fundament. I'm bored crapless by it now, having stated my case to my own satisfaction I haven't the need to continue doing so.
  12. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Jeez, you really are the gift that keeps on giving at the moment....... First you fail to recognise a tongue-in-cheek response (albeit with more than a grain of truth in it, which might have thrown you) to your post. Second, no "dancing around the subject" fromr me, that's just more deflection from you. I've already said I can't be arsed wasting my time trawling through old posts simply to please you and that hasn't changed. However, let's get back to my original point - you've been persistently berating another poster for one ill-judged post about Gavin Gunning while you have in the past made various posts at different times about Liverpool fans that were at least as offensive, and sometimes more so, as the Gunning one. Anyone who read the Morton board at the time will probably remember the tone if not the specifics of your posts and that's good enough for me. As often it's "do as I say, not as I do" from you. A classic case of double standards. I'd advise you stop trying to defend the indefensible before you make yourself look even more stupid.
  13. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    You're missing his point. TWO points, to be more accurate: you're weird, and you hate Scousers. I have to say, his points make a very good point.
  14. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Indeed we are. Thankfully not in the same place, my that would be tedious for me. I'm not inclined to waste any more time on this, having said my piece; it appears that neither are you. No more need then for you to borrow any more boring old tropes from your friend.