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  1. Really don't know why the SOS League gets bad press. It's a decent league and there are some cracking players in it. On their day, YM apart, most teams could beat each other which shows its competitive. Nithsdale, Heston and Lochar have all been in finals this season
  2. I think Cumnock will be safe. Might need a point but it's very tight
  3. Strange place to have it.
  4. Apparently they don't get paid, same as Glenburn and Hurlford Thistle.[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]. Going to be a tight league between 3 teams. [emoji765][emoji765][emoji765][emoji765]
  5. Didn't expect Shortlees to lose today. 1st league defeat, out the Scottish, mibi cracks starting to appear ????
  6. I see Glenburn beat Shortlees today.
  7. 4-0 Lochar. Very even game 1st half. Disputed goal put Lochar up 1-0. Nithsdale had two great opportunities just before ht but failed to convert. Early goal in 2nd half killed it and only one winner after that.
  8. Lochan and Minishant have shocking pitches
  9. Both teams beat yesterday. Could be a close game
  10. The standard of referees in SOS League is shocking. They make it about themselves. You can't speak to them and they speak to you like shit!!! A Mr Lloyd Wilson is one of the worst!!!
  11. Think it will be closer than 4-1 but Lochar are favourites.
  12. I see Mids choked in another semi final yesterday.
  13. Final at Palmerston
  14. Might have it at Threave
  15. Anymore info on when and where this will be played ? Or are we we waiting on the Lochar/Mids semi to be decided