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  1. Bale and Suarez haven't been very good here.
  2. Hearing Munster getting humped really brightened up my day after the saints result.
  3. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Launchbury, Hartley, Haskell, Ringrose, Heaslip, Scott Williams, George Ford, Ryan, May, Zebo and Earls all still at home. I think Gatland would pick any of them ahead of a Scot.
  4. Me too. The 1997 series against South Africa, the first test especially, was one of my favourite sporting occasions of all time. If Townsend and Guscott were playing now they'd be at home watching Dan Biggar chuck crash balls at Jamie Roberts.
  5. Telegraph seem to think they know the squad. They've got only Hogg from Scotland. Seymour and Maitland miss out to Nowell and Earls. Teo, Davies and Roberts preferred to the good centers who play for the home nations. Biggar is in there as well. In fact, the entire Welsh back line, the most impotent in the six nations, make it. Apart from Scott Williams of course, the one who actually looked OK.
  6. The Grant thing was weird. Both he and Corbiserio weren't picked, despite being two of the best and most in form props in the world at the time. I think part of the problem was they were a wee bit before their time. Almost all props now look and play the way Grant and Corbs did then, but back then all Gatland wanted was those fat, hairy, Welsh shiters who were only good at cheating in scrums and had to be hauled off after 50 mins to be strapped into their ventilators.
  7. Some of the rumours doing the rounds are mental. There seems to be a very strong belief that Jamie Roberts is in, Davies is a stick on, and Joseph is out! Also, sounds like Scotland will be lucky to get any more than one player in the squad. There is no fucking way I'm paying for Sky Sports and getting up early to watch Jamie fucking Roberts trundling into crash balls.
  8. Celtic fans
  9. We really have no choice but to come and try and win, we need the three points badly, and we will almost certainly concede a goal at some point, so we have to score a few ourselves, we aren't really capable of shitfesting it.
  10. I think that's fair. Apart from the Ayr game recently, we don't tend to dominate games for the full 90. Even against Morton they had a decent period before we blew them away in the second half. I think the difference just now is that when we have our periods of pressure we do tend to score. However, we are not a clean sheet team, you will get chances and will probably score.
  11. See if Houston did get bagged, I reckon he'd probably end up at Dundee United, pipping Falkirk to the title next season.
  12. I thought it was a good game. Both teams came to play and both teams were clearly desperate to win. I thought both Falkirk's goals were slightly against the run of play at the time, but they dominated proceedings after they'd scored in both half's. To be honest, I thought we were clinging on at the end and was desperate for the final whistle to go. Having seen them all recently, Falkirk look miles better than any of the other playoff teams. I don't know if they are good enough to beat the Premiership team, but they should certainly finish second and make the final. Good luck to them.
  13. Tetragrammaton is like all the worst Morton posters rolled into one. He's as boring as Randy Giles, as thick as Purplemonkey and as much of a seething weirdo as Randolph Hucker.
  14. There definitely is still every chance we will get relegated. 3 games away to 3 of the best teams in the league, and one at home to some fellow strugglers, which have been games we have at times struggled in. I think we need to still be ahead of Raith and Ayr going into the Raith game. We don't want a draw to be enough for them, we need them to come at us. I genuinely have no idea if we will still be in this league next season, but looking at where we were, it's amazing where we are now, and that's pretty much all down to Ross. It's not just the signings either. Mallan looked a lost cause before Christmas, he's now probably one of the best players in the league, Morgan was a headless chicken with no end product, he's now badly missed and Gary Mackenzie has gone from a perma crocked liability to the absolute rock at the heart of our defence. Irvine, Baird and Sutton have all been good for Ross as well. If we do go down, there is no way I would sack him.