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  1. Fans tagging the police when Dundee United released the footage on the Twitter was brilliant. Rangers-like indeed.
  2. The three month meltdown from Dundee United, club and fans, after Goodwin and the 4-1 was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  3. Did anyone go to the Warriors game today? Sounds like the young team blew it in the last 10 mins, but played pretty well all in. Not sure how strong the Northampton team were.
  4. Sounds like we basically out Livi'd Livi there.
  5. f**k knows, but it really upsets them. I'm not even really sure exactly what defines a 'cuck' but it seems to have something to do with your reaction to female ghostbusters.
  6. I thought these Nazis and alt-righters were supposed to be hard anyway? It seems everytime they manage to leave their bedroom some "liberal, beta, cuck, snowflake" comes along and kicks absolute f**k out of them.
  7. I wish racist right wingers would stop pretending they give a f**k about "freedom of speech". They absolutely fucking hate people being able to say anything they like. The only freedom they are interested in is the freedom for them and people they agree with to say vile racist things, and lie like f**k, unchallenged.
  8. Quitongo was brilliant I thought. Looks a star at this level, though probably needs to be scoring a few more goals, but he's quick, strong and tore our defence to pieces. That was one of the best performances I've seen from an opposition player since we got relegated.
  9. Jackson is an excellent signing for Glasgow. I'm actually quite optimistic the way the squad is shaping up, especially around international times. By my reckoning, depending on injuries, we could feild a team with Pyrgos, Horne, Grigg, Johnson, Jones, Hughes and Jackson as the backline. That's pretty strong. We could also have Kebble, Rae, Allan, McArthur, Big Brain, Swinson, Harley and Ashe available, as well as some (hopefully) very decent youngsters in Hastings, Horne, Cummings and the younger Fagurson. That looks a better second string than we've had in ages, and considering some of them would have been first choices for the national team not too long ago shows Scottish rugby is finally managing to develop a bit of depth.
  10. You would say that, given the way Dumbarton benefit from the blatant west coast conspiracy that shames Scottish football every season.
  11. Yes, you are correct, that is all good news. I didn't realise O'Ware was injured. Did you guys not sign that big striker from Dumbarton? He caused us problems last season.
  12. Lex's Morton alias found. It'll be a tight game. We still look like we will concede goals against pace and at set peices. Would expect the Forbes/O'Ware combo to cause us the usual problems. I don't think we will keep a clean sheet, so we will need a couple of goals.
  13. What! Jack Ross must go! Tick tock, etc. I'm pretty sure Morgan is under 23 anyway, do not sure he's away for nothing either way.
  14. I agree, he gives us that pace and directness that other teams hate to play against. He's not the finished article, he still makes a lot of bad final decisions, and he's not the best at covering his fullback, but he's a standout at this level and would walk into any other team. Thing I was most pleased with today though was Reilly and Sutton. It was an absolutely textbook big man/wee man performance from them both, and they absolutely murdered those two centre halfs, who I was lead to believe were supposed to be good.
  15. Great win and some excellent performances, especially from Reilly, Sutton, Morgan and McKenzie. Reilly and Sutton in particular absolutely destroyed that Centre back pairing, both of whom looked absolutely soft as shite. Big downside for us though was the first 20 minutes. If we do that against any of the good teams in the league we will be punished.