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  1. It's a good Fiji team. Some big players from the French league will be available for this one (not least Nakawara), and they'll be desperate to win at home. Think this will be a very tough match, much tougher than Italy. Reading the bit Barclay wrote on the BBC, it's a bit of a travesty that more big teams don't make the effort to get out there more. Happy to steal their players, can't be arsed to turn up and give them a game. It's shite.
  2. The problem with Finn going to Montpellier from a Scottish point of view is that he will get flogged over there. No rest weeks when the 6n is on, no extended summers and no early release to join the international squad. They will get their money's worth, the way Glasgow do with the foreign players.
  3. I can understand why they are seething. I don't think it was just pre-planned to only bring in Welsh and Scots either, I think he's deliberately picked players with absolutely no chance of even troubling the second XV. If he'd picked folk like Launchbury or Grey there would have been a clamour for them to get an opportunity, which he doesn't want. The exception to this of course is Russell, who has been brought in because of Farrell's injury, Sexton's fragility and Biggar's shiteness. Russell may end up playing a part in the tests.
  4. I'd have thought Daly and Stander would have been in with a shout of at least making the bench.
  5. We just hate everyone.
  6. I thought the Maori were really shite there Btw. Completely annihilated up front, with an inability to do the basic skills in the backs, then descended into cheap shots and hammer throwing by the end because they weren't good enough to do anything else. The hit on Halfpenny could also easily have been red. That was the Lions easiest game this tour.
  7. Ach, I think the fact so many Scots were left out at the expense of under performing Welsh and Irish players has left a bitter taste in the mouth. It's the same for the English as well to be fair, though a lot of their players simply couldn't be ignored. It does feel like the Scots have been very unfairly marginalised on this tour. It was interesting that when Hogg's tour was over he was straight over to Australia to rejoin Scotland, rather than stick around in NZ.
  8. Maori haven't been good at all. Lions have really rattled them. This new fullback that Leinster/Ireland have signed hasn't looked good at all.
  9. It might depend on Farrell's injury to be fair. Russell is the only one he's picked who actually should have been there in the first place. He's almost deliberately avoided picking anyone else who could conceivably trouble the first team, picking some Welsh plodder instead of Gray for example.
  10. I just saw that. What a twat. They probably would have actually. Finn got another kicking today! Really quite excited about this team now. That was good today. We still look dangerous with the ball, but we are now a good defensive team. We still have the Twickenham debacle hanging over our heads, but only the most blinkered of Welsh/English/Irish fans would now consider us a bad team. Special word today for the back three. Nobody was convinced, but they didn't let anybody down.
  11. I really would like this team to play against Fiji as well. I don't want Russell, Nel, etc going to New Zealand with no chance of playing.
  12. Watson and Barclay both brilliant today. Unfortunately they aren't 19 stone, 6ft 3 and only run in straight lines.
  13. Nah, it's fine... I just cracked one too.
  14. Funny thing is, for all the tight games between the two teams recently, that's probably the one we deserved the least! Also, that back row there, the one that just murdered Hooper and co, apparently none of them are good enough for Gatland.
  15. Yaaaasss! Just fucking yaaaasss!