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  1. Are there any Welsh players left to pick?
  2. I think the commentators have been alright tbh.
  3. Yas! That was cracking!
  4. Wasps v Leicester was another cracker I thought. It's also an absolute fucking scandal that cloggers like Jones, Henderson and Lawes are going on the Lions tour whilst Launchbury sits at home. He was absolutely immense. I wouldn't be surprised if Gatland is secretly hoping for an injury.
  5. What an ending!
  6. See for the world cup draw, am I the only one who thinks getting New Zealand would be a good thing? If you get New Zealand in the groups that is you done with them unless you get to the final. You'd play someone like England, Australia, France, Wales, South Africa or Ireland in the Quarters, most of whom we've either beaten or run close in recent years. Also, with New Zealand you don't really have to worry too much about one of your competitors for 2nd spot getting a shock result against them, like Japan did against SA last time. I think if we got New Zealand and avoided Argentina and Samoa/Fiji, it would be a good draw.
  7. He wasn't quite as bad as some of our fans make out, but he was very disappointing for us in a bad team, considering we chased him quite hard and were undoubtedly paying him well for the level. I've no doubt if he pitched up at Arbroath he'd do ok. Gordon will also do Ok wherever he ends up.
  8. They were shite though. One of the biggest games of the season and 5-0 flattered them. Hughes is a bit of an idiot, and the stuff about society today was stupid, but the general gist of what he was saying seemed pretty accurate from what I saw yesterday.
  9. It's a tough league this year at the bottom, mostly due to the fact the top four teams aren't very good. You guys look like you are going down with at least 33 points. That's pretty rough, last season that would have had you clear of the playoffs.
  10. Our match threads have been very quiet recently as well...
  11. I watched the game in the pub after the saints game. Missed the first 20 mins, but from what I saw Dumbarton were the better team and were a bit unlucky just to draw. Dundee United aren't very good. Raging we lost to them tbh.
  12. Felt for the Raith fans at that game. They are now basically us from 6 months ago, soft as f**k, error prone, a bit unlucky with the breaks, and as soon as they went one down today there was only going to be one winner. There was a family of Raith fans having a complete heads gone outside the west stand after the game, it was a bit of a sad sight. For us, we were really good. That's the perfect way to bounce back from last weeks disappointment. Ross made an early change where he dropped Smith back onto the left, brought Magennis into the middle and moved Morgan onto the right and it allowed us to completely dominate the midfield. McGinn, McKenzie, Irvine, Eckersley, Morgan and Loy were all brilliant, and then you have Mallan. What a performance, since McGinn came in the improvement in Mallan has been huge. We still have a big job to do next week. It's going to be tough getting anything from Easter Road. I don't think Raith are guaranteed a win against Ayr, but it's certainly easier than our game. If we end up in the playoffs we will have deserved it due to our early season form, but if we can keep playing like this we have a great chance of staying up.
  13. Does the game actually matter to Leinster? I think the floodlights are just fucked.
  14. I'm pretty sure if these lights don't go back on the result will stand as is...
  15. I think you will be up for it. This is a massive game and it's going to be nervy. Neither team look particularly good bets for a clean sheet right now, so I expect there to be goals. It's going to be a long few days...