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  1. SWPL 1 - Glasgow City v Rangers - 4/6/17
  2. BIB - me too but on the outside from any club workings. SWPL 1 & 2 was whenever it was (end of Jan time). I believe some SWFL league troubles though right? 3rd tier down? Was there not a delay on placings for some clubs (or reason behind the delay for SWFL fixtures). Don't do SWFL at all bar the Cup Finals (unfortunately).
  3. Not the best of games but PSG playing like this is there only chance. Have had moderate success playing the stifling tactic to contain Lyon in recent meetings. Worked. Lyon have been poor and PSG's weak link up top not taken a couple of chances.
  4. Arguments for and against - tough one however some devil's advocate thoughts. Fixtures are announced in January. 1 or 2 clubs had to get fixtures changed (international windows and in some cases due to stadium/ground availabilities) - They got it done in January. Not starting to enquire in March/April when the season started. For example I believe Glasgow City couldn't play a home game in April v Hamilton. Hamilton likewise found a home game inconvenience for a midweek night in May s they switched the fixtures and it got sorted in week 1 of fixture announcements. The league is 'amateur' in status but is trying to gain all the time and the top sides are trying to make it closer to semi-pro. This is after all the top level of the Women's game. Yes Men's semi-pro / junior get paid some reasonably well some not or even at al. Not quite same scenario but Lower league SPFL and non-league men's teams play midweek etc from time to time. 1 distance travel fixture isn't / shouldn't be all and end all - if it is planned months in advance. 'Top' sides often have players missing on midweek games too but get on. Seen scenarios in past where City have not had a player or 2 for Champions League games due to work commitments. Whatever the comp, whatever the side natures of part-time/amateur football. Absolute worst case scenario could have been sorted quietly with Aberdeen playing Spartans either on a Sunday at the start or end of the summer break (no internationalists likely to be away). I know it's been mentioned but I know at the time there was some faux-outrage on Twitter how City-Aberdeen had been sorted out to play but that was pre-sorted out due to a "valid" reason of several internationals being away. On the pitch I think Aberdeen have lost a couple of quality players in past year or two. Susan Murray their Centre Half who retired at end of 2016 and Rachel Small went to Hibs. Sadly relying on young players a bit which puts them in trouble to survive. Between them and Hamilton. Another small note is despite what could be seen as tough to Aberdeen, One note is (which is a shame) that the North is under-represented. Aberdeen have been in the top 3/4 in recent years but Inverness have had two straight relegations to the third tier. Maybe the 8 team league is showing what you need to do now. Hamilton, Forfar, Hearts kind of had the mindsets to relish SWPL2 and try and grow youth structures etc further.
  5. Spartans v Glasgow City (28-5-17)
  6. Cheers. Yeah done a few diff club-channel stuff (St Mirren last season etc) Plus general other comms stuff for outlets. So not my job to have favs really! Although my nearest/local SPFL club is Berwick so might have tested some nerves if in the playoff, however no superfan! If any football blues over the summer kick in, stick on the women's footy forum on P&B I'm usually posting content there. ;-) I think maybe the Todorov exit fooled a few of us in skipping that one by mistake!
  7. Fair play - cheers folks.
  8. That would be me. Cheers for the kind words! Well I don't support either club, Just commentate / natter for whoever hires me so I called it as neutral even if it's a club own-production. Could never do the fanzone thing. Obviously an EK focused channel post match at EK leading questions just gave my gut on what I'd seen from both sides. Good idea from the production to take in a pulsating two-legs with a bit of analysis post-game. Then the next day I did Spartans-BSC Glasgow live coverage. So I just go wherever! :-) My source earlier in the week gave me 6 pens. (Brett, Renton, Carrick (twice), Mullen and Miller) However in any case it was some to end a penalty drought.
  9. Hopefully any watchers of the Live coverage on Facebook enjoyed the output! (Also I believe available on demand on there too)
  10. SWPL 1 - Rangers v Glasgow City (14/5/17)
  11. SWPL 1 - Hibs v City (7 May 2017)
  12. SWPL CUP SF - Hibs v City - 30 Apr
  13. Aberdeen v City - 16 Apr Hamilton v City - 23 Apr
  14. No problem. If it was Messi that went down would have been a pen probably on the continent (sadly). It was a bit soft shall we say. In general though I like to keep things light with quips. ;-) I'll be honest - hands up I was covering Hockey for the BBC all weekend so this was a post-production job straight after however after 8 matches in 2 games, had no time to sit down and (not that it would matter anyway) write lines down to fit "manager quotes" or anything. Just got team lines and got on with the job. I'm on-site with full prep for 2nd leg coverage on Saturday. Hope a good travelling crowd heads down to make a good atmosphere all round at K Park.
  15. @1320Lichtie - That isn't me! On either clip. This is.