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  1. Highland League fixture query

    The three weeks between next Saturday and April 14th are dates reserved for catch up games. The last of which should all be issued this week.
  2. What Happens if Cove Go Up?

    FWIW, I can't see Cove throwing it. Whether they did or not last time, that's a matter of opinion. They've a fancy new ground just about ready to go and League 2 suits them as well as the SHFL does these days, so there's no reason not to go for it. And if we've only 17 teams, it's not really a problem. We've at least one too many just now as it is.
  3. What Happens if Cove Go Up?

    Why are Cove being promoted to the Lowland League? How can the playoffs be going into their fourth edition and folk still don't understand how they work?
  4. Masterchef 2018

    Difficult to take this seriously after spending so much time watching the Australian one. And if you watch the Australian one all the way through, you WILL spend as lot of time watching it. Goes on forever, and it's nails compared to this. The standard in the prologue where the prospective contestants cook something just to qualify for the programme is higher and sees better food served up than I've seen so far from this lot.
  5. Next Season

    They don’t fancy it.
  6. Next Season

    Christ no, not another team from the grim north. Wick are barely holding it together this season, and they act as a select side for the area. Thinning out the talent pool wouldn't do either any favours. We'd be ok with 16/17.
  7. This Weekend

    Forres was called off a day ago.
  8. Cove on the Move

    Slow, but it should be good to go for next season.
  9. SNES Classic Edition

    Got one of these a few months ago and spent most of the time since tearing Mario Kart a new one. Spent the entire last weekend playing TLOZ;ALTTP, and it's just the nuts. I remember having both first time round and to this day I've no idea how I found the time to pick up any Standards Grades. Starfox still has the same flaws as before - no save point, looks ropey as f**k - but the hits - Street Fighter II, SMW - are still awesome. It would be perfect if they'd stuck Pilotwings and Sim City on it as well. Then I'd never leave the house.
  10. Did Ian Durrant not also retire as Rangers manager with a 100% record?
  11. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

  12. Highland League restructuring

    The thread on Fitba North has someone from Formartine blaming someone with a grudge, but at no point were BOD implicated. They'd the hump with Cove, that much was true.
  13. Highland League restructuring

    Someone did. Pinning it on BOD is a bit much tho. But then it happened to Formartine and everyone found it hilarious.
  14. Highland League restructuring

    The league's been full of meaningless games since Brora appeared with money. A league that produced no repeat winners for a decade after Huntly's fifth title in a row has now been reduced to little more than a rich mans plaything, with Brora and Formartine's financial backing, and Cove's ability to attract talent, skewing things badly at the top. The assumption that there's ambitious sides in the NCL and juniors has never been fully tested. Some talk the talk - like the SHFL clubs did when they voted for the pyramid - but few seem keen to walk the walk. The junior sides admitted of late - Locos, Formartine, Turriff and Strathspey - have been a real mixed bag. The league has willingly become part of the pyramid, but despite voting for it to happen, it doesn't seem too comfortable with its position in the league ladder. Until we fix our attitude to taking part in a national league, I'm not sure where we go.