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  1. Highland League restructuring

    The league's been full of meaningless games since Brora appeared with money. A league that produced no repeat winners for a decade after Huntly's fifth title in a row has now been reduced to little more than a rich mans plaything, with Brora and Formartine's financial backing, and Cove's ability to attract talent, skewing things badly at the top. The assumption that there's ambitious sides in the NCL and juniors has never been fully tested. Some talk the talk - like the SHFL clubs did when they voted for the pyramid - but few seem keen to walk the walk. The junior sides admitted of late - Locos, Formartine, Turriff and Strathspey - have been a real mixed bag. The league has willingly become part of the pyramid, but despite voting for it to happen, it doesn't seem too comfortable with its position in the league ladder. Until we fix our attitude to taking part in a national league, I'm not sure where we go.
  2. Highland League restructuring

    The SHFL will roll on as a single division until there's more than 20 teams in it.
  3. Show us your pussy..!

    She thinks she likes every kind of food. Her only having one tooth means she struggles with ham, chicken and the like, but she gives it a go. Big fan of licking the flavour off Wotsits and Skips, too.
  4. Show us your pussy..!

    Suzie McKenzie. 15 years old, one tooth left. She's on Facebook, too.
  5. Pyramid Structure Below Highland League

    Since the pyramid playoffs first started we've had this every year amongst folk in the SHFL. There's definitely a problem explaining it to older folk, who continue to wonder how the SHFL would work with 19 teams (answer - without much difficulty) or if Cowdenbeath/Edinburgh City would get relegated into it (no) or if we'd promote Banks O'Dee into the SHFL (no). It'll only be another twenty years before folk understand it. Not that it's any real relevance for the SHFL anyway, seeing as one of the statistically best ever SHFL sides (Brora), the most consistent over the past fifteen years (Cove) and a club well known for showing up the big occasion (Buckie) all blew their chances at getting promoted. If they can't do it, and Cove don't this season, then I doubt anyone ever will.
  6. Pyramid Structure Below Highland League

    Teams don't get to pick the league they play in. Cowdenbeath would go into the Lowland League. Montrose were rumoured to be considering going junior (or folding) if they were relegated but who knows how that would have panned out. The SHFL voted down a two league set-up in the immediacy but it'll be considered again should the league reach and/or breach 20 teams. We'd then face promoting a junior side into a league they'd romp while at the same time hate playing in because the top tier would be mostly Shire and anyone promoted into the bottom tier would face plenty treks to Fort, Strathspey, Inverness, Nairn, possibly Wick and certainly darkest Moray.
  7. C**** on Holiday

    Flew out of Glasgow last week to Mallorca. Only a few folk clapped when the plane landed. A weird experience.
  8. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    Third round results so far... SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 2017 COMPLETED TIES Lewis United 1-0 Deveronvale Craigmark Burntonians 3-2 Beith Rosyth 2-3 Petershill East Kilbride Thistle 2-0 West Calder United Haddington Athletic 2-4 Edinburgh University Auchinleck Talbot 3-1 Gala Fairydean Rovers Linlithgow Rose 1-3 Forres Mechanics Peebles Rovers 4-2 Darvel Heston Rovers 3-4 Buckie Thistle Hermes 3-6 Ardrossan Winton Rovers Aberdeen University 2-3 Glasgow University St Andrews United 2-1 Culter Tweedmouth Rangers 1-3 Invergordon Dalkeith Thistle 2-5 Lochmaben Larkhall Thistle 2-10 Kelty Hearts GOING TO A REPLAY Orkney 2-2 Banks O'Dee INCOMPLETE TIES Deveronside X-X Sunnybank Aberdeen East End 2-X Dufftown Turriff United 6-X Maud Kilbirnie Ladeside X-2 Thurso Gartcairn X-1 Carluke Rovers Buckie Rovers 4-X Cambuslang Rangers Kennoway Star Hearts 5-X Islavale Luncarty 0-X Upper Annandale Port Glasgow 2-X Cumbernauld United Annbank United X-1 Carnoustie Panmure Kello Rovers X-2 Banchory St Ternan Tynecastle X-3 Lochee United Bonnyton Thistle X-X Irvine Meadow Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale X-3 Golspie Sutherland Shotts Bon Accord 1-X Fauldhouse United Annan Athletic Reserves X-4 Blairgowrie SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 2017 COMPLETED TIES Orkney 2-3 Banks O'Dee Deveronside 5-1 Sunnybank Aberdeen East End 2-1 Dufftown Turriff United 6-5 Maud Kennoway Star Hearts 5-0 Islavale Buckie Rovers 4-1 Cambuslang Rangers Gartcairn 9-1 Carluke Rovers Kello Rovers 1-2 Banchory St Ternan Luncarty 0-3 Upper Annandale Shotts Bon Accord 1-2 Fauldhouse United Tynecastle 1-3 Lochee United GOING TO A REPLAY Port Glasgow 2-2 Cumbernauld United Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale 3-3 Golspie Sutherland INCOMPLETE TIES Annbank United X-1 Carnoustie Panmure Kilbirnie Ladeside X-2 Thurso Bonnyton Thistle X-5 Irvine Meadow Annan Athletic Reserves X-4 Blairgowrie
  9. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    Cove will win the Highland League, almost certainly. The rest don't have the consistency, with Formartine losing heavily to Cove then beating Brora 5-0 at Dudgeon Park. Cove beat Buckie 7-1, only for Buckie to beat second place Fraserburgh 4-1 last month. Having racked up the goals months ago, Cove just need to grind out wins from here on in. And now they've got their ground on the way, they're maybe taking the play-offs seriously, unlike last time.
  10. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    THE FITBA NORTH ALL-IN NON-LEAGUE CUP THIRD ROUND DRAW... Auchinleck Talbot v Gala Fairydean Rovers Aberdeen University v Glasgow University Bonnyton Thistle v Irvine Meadow Annbank United v Carnoustie Panmure Annan Athletic Reserves v Blairgowrie Deveronside v Sunnybank Peebles Rovers v Darvel Craigmark Burntonians v Beith Aberdeen East End v Dufftown Buckie Rovers v Cambuslang Rangers Rosyth v Petershill Tynecastle v Lochee United Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale v Golspie Sutherland St Andrews United v Culter Orkney v Banks O'Dee Lewis United v Deveronvale Gartcairn v Carluke Rovers Hermes v Ardrossan Winton Rovers Port Glasgow v Cumbernauld United Heston Rovers v Buckie Thistle Larkhall Thistle v Kelty Hearts Dalkeith Thistle v Lochmaben Linlithgow Rose v Forres Mechanics Tweedmouth Rangers v Invergordon Kello Rovers v Banchory St Ternan Shotts Bon Accord v Fauldhouse United Haddington Athletic v Edinburgh University Kennoway Star Hearts v Islavale Kilbirnie Ladeside v Thurso Turriff United v Maud Luncarty v Upper Annandale East Kilbride Thistle v West Calder United Ties to be played on Saturday, October 21st and 28th, and Saturday, November 4th and 11th if necessary.
  11. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    On account of Lesmahagow not playing on the 7th, 14th or 21st of October (as far I know), they've been slung out and Larkhall have received a walkover result. Third round draw up and coming.
  12. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7th, 2017 COMPLETED TIES Annan Athletic Reserves 1-0 Newtongrange Star Dufftown 3-1 Downfield Stranraer Reserves 1-3 Irvine Meadow Gala Fairydean Rovers 2 -0 Ellon United INCOMPLETE TIES Lesmahagow X-2 Larkhall Thistle
  13. Cove on the Move

    The Broch won't have the legs for the full season. Cove should romp it this season. What they choose to do come play-off time, well. Hopefully they take more interest in those games than last time.
  14. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    Second round results so far... SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2017 COMPLETED TIES Stonehaven 1-3 Buckie Rovers Rothes 1-4 Lochee United Hermes 2-1 Pumpherston Golspie Sutherland 3-1 Tayport Arniston Rangers 1-3 Cambuslang Rangers Shotts Bon Accord 5-3 Johnstone Burgh Banchory St Ternan 2-1 Largs Thistle Benburb 2-4 Petershill Forres Mechanics 1-0 Livingston United Kilwinning Rangers 1-5 Aberdeen University East Kilbride Thistle 3-1 Renfrew Sunnybank 9-1 Yoker Athletic Bellshill Athletic 4-5 Invergordon Glasgow Perthshire 2-3 Kello Rovers Thurso 3-2 Lanark United Troon 1-3 Haddington Athletic Vale of Clyde 0-2 Dalkeith Thistle Ardrossan Winton Rovers 6-2 St Anthony's Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 5-6 Aberdeen East End Formartine United 2-3 Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale Lochar Thistle 1-2 Port Glasgow Ormiston 0-2 Edinburgh University Tweedmouth Rangers 2-1 Neilston Kelty Hearts 4-1 Newmachar United Wishaw 5-6 West Calder United Huntly 0-2 Blairgowrie Coupar Angus 1-2 Kilbirnie Ladeside Orkney 2-0 Forfar Albion St Cuthbert Wanderers 3-6 Luncarty Lochgelly Albert 1-2 Carluke Rovers Craigroyston 0-1 Turriff United Annbank United 4-1 Royal Albert Cumbernauld United 2-0 Dunipace Banks O'Dee 4-3 Lugar Boswell Thistle Lewis United 1-0 Preston Athletic INCOMPLETE TIES Inverness City 1-X Islavale Lochee Harp 2-X Buckie Thistle Forth Wanderers X-3 Deveronvale Lesmahagow X-X Larkhall Thistle Craigmark Burntonians P-0 Glenrothes Forres Thistle X-6 Bonnyton Thistle Montrose Roselea X-3 Peebles Rovers Hurlford United X-5 Tynecastle Carnoustie Panmure 3-X Dalry Thistle Dufftown X-1 Downfield Stranraer Reserves X-0 Irvine Meadow Lochmaben X-0 Fort William Newton Stewart X-X Auchinleck Talbot Annan Athletic Reserves X-0 Newtongrange Star Linlithgow Rose X-1 Lossiemouth Darvel X-1 Dundonald Bluebell Ashfield 0-X Heston Rovers Whitburn 1-X Beith Edinburgh United 2-X Glasgow University GOING TO A REPLAY Fauldhouse United 0-0 Fraserburgh United Maud 0-0 Girvan Blantyre Victoria 1-1 Deveronside St Andrews United 0-0 Maybole Gala Fairydean Rovers 0-0 Ellon United Culter 2-2 Burntisland Shipyard Thornton Hibs 2-2 Upper Annandale Burghead Thistle 2-2 Kennoway Star Hearts Vale of Leven 2-2 Rosyth SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 2017 COMPLETE TIES Linlithgow Rose 2-1 Lossiemouth Lochee Harp 2-5 Buckie Thistle Montrose Roselea 0-3 Peebles Rovers Forres Thistle 2-6 Bonnyton Thistle Burghead Thistle 0-1 Kennoway Star Hearts Inverness City 1-2 Islavale Maud 2-1 Girvan Blantyre Victoria 1-2 Deveronside Craigmark Burntonians 5-0 Glenrothes Whitburn 1-2 Beith Hurlford United 0-5 Tynecastle Forth Wanderers 0-3 Deveronvale Darvel 4-1 Dundonald Bluebell Fauldhouse United 3-2 Fraserburgh United St Andrews United 1-0 Maybole Thornton Hibs 0-3 Upper Annandale Vale of Leven 2-3 Rosyth Ashfield 0-3 Heston Rovers Newton Stewart 1-5 Auchinleck Talbot Lochmaben 3-0 Fort William Edinburgh United 2-8 Glasgow University Carnoustie Panmure 3-1 Dalry Thistle Culter 5-2 Burntisland Shipyard INCOMPLETE TIES Annan Athletic Reserves X-0 Newtongrange Star GOING TO A REPLAY Dufftown 1-1 Downfield Lesmahagow 5-5 Larkhall Thistle ( ) Stranraer Reserves 0-0 Irvine Meadow Gala Fairydean Rovers 0-0 Ellon United
  15. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    THE FITBA NORTH ALL-IN NON-LEAGUE CUP SECOND ROUND DRAW... Kelty Hearts v Newmachar United Thornton Hibs v Upper Annandale Lochee Harp v Buckie Thistle Culter v Burntisland Shipyard East Kilbride Thistle v Renfrew Forres Mechanics v Livingston United Linlithgow Rose v Lossiemouth Ormiston v Edinburgh University Edinburgh United v Glasgow University Hurlford United v Tynecastle Sunnybank v Yoker Athletic Gala Fairydean Rovers v Ellon United Forth Wanderers v Deveronvale Vale of Leven v Rosyth Forres Thistle v Bonnyton Thistle Rothes v Lochee United Banchory St Ternan v Largs Thistle Golspie Sutherland v Tayport Kilwinning Rangers v Aberdeen University Shotts Bon Accord v Johnstone Burgh Lewis United v Preston Athletic Bellshill Athletic v Invergordon St Cuthbert Wanderers v Luncarty Arniston Rangers v Cambuslang Rangers Burghead Thistle v Kennoway Star Hearts Dufftown v Downfield Lochmaben v Fort William Lochar Thistle v Port Glasgow Huntly v Blairgowrie Benburb v Petershill Whitburn v Beith Ashfield v Heston Rovers Craigroyston v Turriff United Lesmahagow v Larkhall Thistle Annan Athletic Reserves v Newtongrange Star Thurso v Lanark United Troon v Haddington Athletic Stranraer Reserves v Irvine Meadow Blantyre Victoria v Deveronside Lochgelly Albert v Carluke Rovers Inverness City v Islavale Banks O'Dee v Lugar Boswell Thistle Montrose Roselea v Peebles Rovers Tweedmouth Rangers v Neilston Carnoustie Panmure v Dalry Thistle Newton Stewart v Auchinleck Talbot Stonehaven v Buckie Rovers Gartcairn v Threave Rovers Orkney v Forfar Albion Glasgow Perthshire v Kello Rovers Vale of Clyde v Dalkeith Thistle Craigmark Burntonians v Glenrothes Wishaw v West Calder United Ardrossan Winton Rovers v St Anthony's Darvel v Dundonald Bluebell Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Aberdeen East End Cumbernauld United v Dunipace Fauldhouse United v Fraserburgh United St Andrews United v Maybole Maud v Girvan Annbank United v Royal Albert Formartine United v Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale Hermes v Pumpherston Coupar Angus v Kilbirnie Ladeside Ties to be played on Saturday, September 23rd and 30th, and Saturday, October 7th and 14th if necessary.