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  1. Glaswegians

  2. Queens v Pars

    More than that surely? off the top of my head, rovers away, Morton away, qots away and ..... edit st Mirren when they were shite ayr and airdrie were not full time back then
  3. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

  4. Glaswegians

  5. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Mountain Between Us Decent watch - feels familiar though.
  6. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Sorry, was just coming onto say I read the report on the game and it seems you did well but were unlucky again. With four or five additions and a bit of money you would have stayed up. Definitely not set up for the championship financially unfortunately. It seems we are but also unfortunately we might be joining you in league one at this rate.
  7. The Genius Of Chris Morris

    Rewatched Nathan Barley last week. Total Jackson.
  8. I think that's down to other managers changing it and us sticking with 4-4-2 until recently.
  9. Queens v Pars

    Maybe we should try actually marking dobbie this time?
  10. Kinder Egg Smuggling

    Pretty thorough search policy tbh.
  11. Are you saying they are in debt?
  12. Budgets United Us/falkirk/ict Saints Morton/qots Dumbarton/livvy Brechin Something like that. Livvy get crowds of 1500 and have no fund from the fans. Look at the players they are getting and the squad depth. It's nothing like what we have.
  13. It's the lap of honour? Crap of honour lolzers On a positive note the strips are cheaper, bought the away one.
  14. Utter embrassment that livvy are so far ahead of us despite just coming up and having a tiny budget. No excuses.