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  1. We wouldve won if you didn't resort to cheating.
  2. Even after the reactions from our players did the ref even speak to the linesman? Never seen Murdoch react like that, ever. The ref couldn't wait to give it.
  3. U571 Good film but why pretend it was Americans that got the enigma? The subs seemed realistic though and a great performance from McConnaughey. 7/10
  4. Hope we sign Anthony Joshua on a trial for one game next season.
  5. Utter fucking disgrace of a team. From your keeper to sibald going daft to kerr then hippo. Hope you get beaten badly and serious injuries f**k off. Dano1 talks sense. Css bouncing on your heads.
  6. We need to be at their level. To have players off the bench who can win games.
  7. Get ready for a freeze!
  8. End of the day see you next year.
  9. Stop fishing for likes.
  10. Lucky there wasn't a riot with the way the Falkirk players were winding up our fans. Sums them up, to cheat to a win then celebrate it.
  11. Iffy? One was handball the other was a blatant dive.
  12. Yep, should've reported that.
  13. Didn't know stevie wonder supported Falkirk.