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  1. Trainers

    Hurry up they're nearly sold out m10
  2. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Welcome fellow news pervert
  3. Trainers

    Bought the blue air max. Will probably sell on to get abused on here.
  4. Good luck to jimmy nic. Seems like a good guy.
  5. Not having any social media

  6. Not having any social media

  7. Not having any social media

    Facebook needs to get the newsfeed to f**k. They've created a monster that's destroying society. Can you not just go to a restaurant and enjoy it along with your company instead of creating some weird false representation of what's actually going on? How do you think they person without Facebook feels at that table. It's utterly bizarre narcissistic behaviour and it scares me that people get so sucked into it and addicted to attention. Are you a celebrity No Do you have anything worthwhile or original to say? No put the phone away
  8. Jail

    Got put in a van and taken into the cells when I was 17 along with a dozen or so mates for under age drinking. They must've been on a anti drinking campaign or something. Some plain clothes guy came up to us and said "alright lads nothing is going to happen to you" then started searching us. A meat wagon then turned up and we all got bundled in. Drink confiscated and put into cells for two hours. They phoned my parents and left a message so bolted up the road and deleted it then back on the booze the next day. Im sure what they did was all sorts of wrong and just to teach us a lesson. Thing was we had been drinking outside since 15ish and had never caused any bother really. Just a few tins, game of football and chasing birds. One of my mates mum used to buy us the booze so what could they say? American prisons seem something else, really sad to see.
  9. Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams

    Don't want to be too critical but yeah it was something that's been done before and been done better. Existenz etc Very slick and stylish but little substance to it.
  10. Pars v Livi

    I was at the Livvy away game and did them a bit of a disservice on here. They overran our midfield that day and were a gear up from us until we got the debatable penalty. We need to change the formation against them or go for the jugular from the off and hope we score early. If we sit back and let them play I can't see us winning. Although the way this league is going we could win 4-1 or something. They seemed to play three at the back and looked a little slow, we should concentrate on winning the battle and get it out wide quickly. Like they do. Would like to see Murdoch Williamson Ashcroft Morris Talbot Nat Higgy Splaine Lochhead McManus Smith Think we will go usual 4-4-2 though with Clark playing.
  11. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    Let's see how McLeish gets on this time without a batch of good players given to him on a plate like Vogts did. hes utter dogshit
  12. Biggest Gaming Freakout You've Ever Had

    One of the call of duty games there was a mission where you were in a trench and you came out into the open and loads of jap soldiers were running at you screaming. It was pretty stressful and all you had to do was look right and down and fall through a hole into safety. I spent three hours of hell shouting at the tv to repeat the same thing over and over. I must've killed around a thousand enemy troops for no reason. Then when discovering the hole I very nearly threw the controller at the tv then burst out laughing at my own stupididty. i can still remember the dialogue "you gotta go up there" "go go go" me up where you go ya dick f**k sake not again, wtf!
  13. Nom Nom Nom

    Puddy green green