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  1. Pretty sure Brian cleared that one with Masterton ok.
  2. I'm positive Norrie played for some Scottish league select or b team once? edit found it, from dot net John was selected, along with Norrie McCathie, to play for the Scottish semi pro squad in the four nations competition held in Fife 1987
  3. Ask them if animals weren't supposed to be eaten then why are they so tasty?
  4. Not sure I'd want to work in a nuclear plant that values boobs over safety tbh.
  5. Shared Antarctica. X
  6. The Simpsons on a black and white tv.
  7. Just brutally honest. He struggled in league one.
  8. McCant is going to relegate you signing players like this. Also when did you sign Kozma and isn't he a bit old? Spence not only is shit he also has a history of fighting team mates and going out on the piss. Unlucks.
  9. Remembered another beauty. IT dept thought that there were too many emails so were going to delete everything over a year old. Queue everyone forwarding hundreds of emails to themselves and doubling the data.
  10. I faxed something to a Chinese landline once. I double checked with my boss and got the number right. We did it five times in a row to hear the angry Chinese guy shouting at us. [emoji38] Some of the IT skills of people at my work can be surprising. It asked for basic office skills but I'm always asked to help with things like how to count cells or values or even basic formatting. Do I get any extra or thanks for It? Nope. Another thing that annoys me is when the same people point out basic errors with data entry then be told we can't use data validation as 'excel isn't verified or properly tested'. Yeah right enough nobody uses this obscure program. We might break the internet with it ffs
  11. I like this tactic of making our squad worse to get better results.
  12. Lewis Spence is shit.