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  1. Genuinely glad cowden stayed up. Well done guys.
  2. What's with people asking questions in a brightly coloured box?
  3. What's with this weird obsession with Reilly? Every pars fan wanted him to do well but he scored one goal all season and it was on a plate. I could have scored it. He was given lots of chances but didn't deliver. Despite this I don't wish any harm or have anything against him. No pars fan does. Clark on the other hand has been a complete success. On what planet is hawk on?
  4. Bald Alloa fan looks like he's about to go on killing spree.
  5. Have to praise the rangers fans here. They were provoked.
  6. Peter Kay looking nervous.
  7. Reference to the bee vs wasp war of 1638 on dumyat hill.
  8. Fans walking out, shocking behaviour.
  9. Another bunch of divers
  10. See someone come into the bogs, place an apple onto the sink do a pish then proceed to eating the rest.