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  1. It's weird that these fuckwits get away with acting like this. When they come out with abhorrent comments some laugh at it because they don't want picked on. See when he asked if she had been arrested why didn't someone stand up and stud him in the studs? He seems like a total dick. Racially abuse a lawyer good idea....
  2. Massive yaaas when bunchy slammed the cops head off the table.
  3. Then there's an alias trolling account.
  4. Beware about soft loans. There's nothing soft about 850k. It's probably getting juggled about but someone somewhere owes it. We were told our loans were soft then someone new took over a bank and looked for it. Next thing we were nearly dead. If you have a supporters meeting ask specifically who the money is owed to and why not just write it off? I smell BS
  5. Don't see why you would bring stiff up stirring up then accuse others of being negative. Why did you do It?
  6. Wayne Rooney retires from shouting at England fans.
  7. and rangers had six lucky breakaways Hehe
  8. Did everyone forget us getting outplayed by Livvy?
  9. Log in and dedicated devices. Also separating the gates and having a steward watch people coming through. Certainly makes more sense than queueing up, buying a ticket, queuing up, scanning a ticket...
  10. You are right to come to conclusions after two good wins.
  11. Life Better than any new shit aliens film with a fraction of the budget 8/10 Calvin is a dick though
  12. Real horror vibe to them especially the last one Teddy cream sounds deviant Sweaty oxter bird and brain dead zombie ned Grandad in nightclub Why? Also why has the other guy got a football training top on? Last one is just Draculas son
  13. Dunno. Perhaps if you mention it they might have a go at you for months afterwards?