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  1. Beaton was horrendous again on Saturday. He really is a poor referee and just strikes me as a bit of a coward. Killie should have had 2 penalties and the second one in particular is an awful decision. They happened right in front of the Killie fans and we couldn't believe it at the time - but on the highlights it looked even worse. Thankfully it didn't change the game but he'll cost someone points this season.
  2. I reckon it's because we were later that we didn't get caught up actually. By the time we reached the M9 it was already shut and we were diverted through the Land That Time Forgot. We made it to the game around 5 past, (just in time for the first goal thankfully). If someone was an hour earlier than the bulk of Killie fans then they'd be stuck on the road itself with no option but to wait it out.
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    How the funk has happyaccie got 81 greenies, (currently)? Who is feeding this boy positives? I'm more worried about their mental state than his tbh.
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    FFS! 3 chances to spell you're.
  5. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Doing the Confidimus! I love him already.
  6. Power will put Shinnie up in the air and by the time he comes back down we will have scored 2 goals to Aberdeen's 0.
  7. I wouldn't call it a soft spot but the team I hate the least out of all you fannies is Motherwell. All round good chaps.
  8. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    Penguins are over rated.
  9. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    Wow! I read the comic series of this a few years ago and it seemed perfect for TV. The comic was only about 5 issues long but there's so much potential to stretch this out. Can't wait
  10. Stranger Things

    Yes, and the scene where the soldiers are in the tunnels was very Aliens too. Bloomin great.
  11. Stranger Things

    Loved the fact that there were so many Alien/Aliens references this series from the shedding skin to the tunnels. Eleven is sporting a Sigourney 'fro and even the Doctor is Burke from Aliens. Top, top notch tele!
  12. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2) Guardians of the Galaxy 3) Ant Man 4) Captain America: Civil War 5) Avengers Assemble
  13. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    Thor: Helgarock is neither good nor shyte. It's just meh.
  14. New kit revealed on Monday

    By that logic we should still be in our France '98 kit.
  15. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Thor: Ragnarok 6/10 The humour was far too forced for me and very slapstick. Korg was an abomination and was the worst thing in the film by far - the strong regional New Zealand accent was so grating. I'll watch again when it comes to Blu-Ray but I was very disappointed.