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  1. I thought the Ton weight with smoke next to the iron was burnt ton. That's where it came from.
  2. Ones that haven't been said. Falkirk Newcastle Wolfsburg Leon Braintree Barrow
  3. Newco Rangers fans are worse than Oldco Rangers fans. Their bigoted nonsense is like going back to Oldco's 1980s levels of vileness but Newco also have all this anti-establishment rhetoric and a habit of re-writing history. They truly are Scotland's shame.
  4. There's no doubt that our weakness lies in midfield. If we shore up the middle, then our CH pairing shouldn't be under so much pressure. Having said that, Gorgeous has absolutely strolled his games so far and shows that even under pressure, a solid defender should know what to do. Flatfoot just panics any time the ball comes near him. I would play Cammy Bell in this one because possession will be key to avoiding a heavy loss. Great shot stopper that he is, Jamie's distribution is poor and if we keep giving the ball to Celtic, we'll get punished. Heart says plucky 1-0. Head says battling, yet ultimately futile 0-3.
  5. Routine 3-0 Celtic win. I'm going to be 15 mins late to this so chances are we'll already be at least 1 goal down. Thank the baby Jebus that Cock Flatfoot is banned.
  6. I didn't even spot that! Jings. Sent from my SM-G900F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  7. Killie's 2 main midfielders are out injured at the moment. What is clear from last night, (and also from Saturday), is that we don't have anyone who can replace Dicker or Kiltie. I did expect Thomas and Jones to offer more going forward but then on a big pitch with no midfield they were sucked in too deep. Well played Celtic.
  8. Mrs Killienick doesn't mind me going to the match, (she checks the result so she knows whether to mock me when I return). I go to all Scotland home games and 3 or 4 Killie away trips a season and these are OK too but she's not a fan of football on the telebox.
  9. I fancy a Killie win here too. 2-0 to the mighty.
  10. Ayr fans are easy to please aren't they? Embarrassing Championship campaign followed by humiliating relegation to the Seasides should, you would assume, be depressing. However, a victory over their far more successful and illustrious rivals and they are dancing around like they've won a major trophy, (which they haven't.......ever).
  11. Maybe they should cheat horribly and brag about it continually like utter vermin.
  12. Killie can make a fist of this if we play to our strengths. Jones and Thomas might get space but I just hope it's Erwin up top rather than the chubby lap-top basher. Did you know that despite his "look at me, look at me" posting style, Romeo is an actual grown man? He's probably even allowed to vote!
  13. The reaction from Killie fans on our media has been one of praise in terms of St Johnstone's tactics. If only Killie players had fouled when necessary then your two goals were entirely avoidable. I thought Foster was hilarious though, after punting someone 6 feet in the air he's telling the ref it's his first foul as if that's a thing any more and you are allowed one. Well done Saintees.