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  1. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    2-1 to Super Killie. Erwin and Boydie to score. Boydie to do the belly celebration. MacLean for the Dons, (no belly celebration). Shinnie to clatter our entire midfield and try to ref the game, (2nd half yellow followed by pleading of innocence inevitable).
  2. Rodger making a concerted effort to reclaim biggest Accie c**t status. Airstrikes as patter? He's either 14 or on lithium.
  3. Protesting against the Chairman. It worked, he left and the protesting fans came back. I'm happy to help.
  4. The Defenders

    I just got round to watching this. It was all a bit Meh. Danny Rand is really hard to watch, he's a terrible two dimensional liability in this with absolutely no redeeming qualities. It was nice to see Misty start her arc towards becoming a hero though. I wonder if the end is hinting towards a classic Daredevil storyline where Karen breaks down and betrays Matt? And I'm fairly sure I know who "Maggie" is too.
  5. Killie v Accies

    Are Hamilton still a thing? I'd quite forgotten about them.
  6. Club or Country?

    As a Killie fan, it used to be easier to say country first but not so these days. I've been a Killie supporter since I was 5 but I'm also a member of the Travel Club and have been for 17 years so it's not an easy decision. I'm going to sit on the fence and say that my goal-scoring exploits for Killie will inevitably earn me an international call up.
  7. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    Or you'll let your club die again.
  8. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    My eternal thanks to Rangers fans for letting their club die and then giving us all the lols ever since with their newer version.
  9. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Yup. I hate him more than any current cheek player and that's saying something. He dives and moans constantly. He has terrible, floppy hair and massive bug eyes, (and I'm fairly sure he wears mascara. I'd take him at our place though as he's got some engine on him. I'm being as nice as I possibly can be about him.
  10. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    I was over in Dublin for the Ireland v Scotland game. All the locals were telling us that Scotland were favourites and Ireland were rubbish. I'm getting Deja Vu here.
  11. Killie v St Johnstone

    That was an interesting game. Despite our bitter rivalry I feel no animosity to Saints, but last night I just felt pity. It was like watching us before SSC. Saints were gutless and when plan A didn't work they resorted to a long punt up the line hoping to win something off the second ball but our pressing just rendered that useless. I can remember only one Saints attack that can best be described as a half chance and that's it. What has happened because whilst it was never the prettiest football played, you used to get absolute commitment from a Saints team? Killie controlled from start to finish and whilst Jones was tremendous, I thought Greg Taylor was absolutely outstanding. The engine on that boy is phenomenal and the reason we got so much joy last night was down to him and SOD, (#SODforScotland), creating room for the likes of Jones. My absolute favourite moment of the night was Jones blowing kisses and waving to Tommy Wright after the red card.
  12. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    My manager is bigger than your manager.
  13. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock