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  1. Killie vs Hibs

    I'm missing this which means we're guaranteed to win. Stick your mortgage on it.
  2. Motherwell vs Kilmarnock 17/2/18

    This is the kind of baiting we'll have to get used to as we blast through the fodder on our way to our next title. #goingfor2.
  3. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Decent prices.
  4. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    He wasn't running properly. Looked like he was either shattered or took a knock.
  5. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    How do you know about my capabilities? p.s. Your Mum says hi.
  6. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    She had the other one.
  7. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    Whitlee Windfarm. Young astronomers thing with the boy. Funking gutted!
  8. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

  9. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    You might want to edit that.
  10. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    If I had the correct parts I'd let SSC finger me up the back row in the cinema.
  11. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    Great film. Maybe when it finally reaches Dundee's talking picture houses you'll get the quote right.
  12. Mulumbu or McGinn

    It's clearly Mulumbu. He's played at a much higher level for longer. McGinn runs around a lot.