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  1. We've had a couple of suppliers this year so not sure if you have tried the updated pie. Shredded steak with plenty gravy and a nice soggy bottom. They're gid.
  2. The new Killie pies are better than the old ones. However, the tea bar is a mess and they run out of stuff regularly. Get there early kids.
  3. I have to agree with the Jaws love in. It's the best film ever made and I bloomin love it.
  4. Hidden Figures 6/10 A film about racial segregation, set in NASA during the space race. Fairly enjoyable as a retrospective insight into the terrible persecution suffered by many and the awful day to day reality of little things like not having a 'colored' bathroom near your desk. The technological advances of the age contrast well with the antiquated notion of racial discrimination.
  5. 2-1 Killie. Dools for Thistle, Ajer and Fish for Killie.
  6. Bump. For those who are interested, there is a nice 40th anniversary 2000AD Signed by Jock available for pre-order. Link below.
  7. Hacksaw Ridge 7/10 I enjoyed this. Garfield was very good and his accent was top notch. Vince Vaughan was also excellent and added some well timed comic relief. The thing that annoyed me was Mel Gibson's, not even veiled, attempt to deify his protagonist in a few scenes. There was even a scene with him, arms stretched crucifixion stylie in an ascension looking homage. I don't think the film needed the extra religious context jammed in as it was central to the story anyway.
  8. We've generally used a 4-2-3-1 this season but Saturday looked more like a flatter 4-5-1 in defence that changed into a 3-5-2 when we had possession. In all honestly, the players looked confused and kept shouting positional instructions to each other so our formation was occasionally 2-7-1. Sammon, since he's come, sets up on the left wing and Jones on the right but on Sat Jones switched wings second half and played left and Sammon went inside. I've absolutely no idea where McKenzie was playing on Saturday, I heard them announce his name but that was it.
  9. If Saturday was a job interview then McCulloch failed. First half we played well and had a decent shape - you could see that we worked on corners and they nearly worked a couple of times. At this stage I was feeling positive. However, Motherwell made a slight formation change and employed high pressing tactics in the second half to which we countered with - nothing at all. We were pressed into giving possession away far too easily and carried passengers who made little impact in the middle. They went man for man in midfield and bullied us. For all Sammon played well going forward, he offered little in defence or midfield. McKenzie may as well have been selling pies for all he did during the entire game. Jordan Jones played very well second half but still can't play a final ball so he becomes a liability losing possession. Longstaff - our great white hope from Newcastle, (one of only 2 outfield players wearing gloves BTW), was easily bullied and pushed off the ball. This was almost the entire midfield for us not pulling their weight and midfield is where we lost the game. Gary Dicker was excellent again on Saturday as he has been since Christmas but he really can't be expected to be a defensive mid as well as a box to box midfield general. We employed a tactic first half which we obviously tried in training. Our centre halves would split wide, our full backs push into midfield and our sitting midfielder drop deep towards the D. However, rather than being an instinctive shape, the payers lazily wandered into this formation shouting at one another where to go. We were obviously trying to change to a 3-5-2 in attack but it was so languid that by the time we set up - Motherwell had already countered. We were also slow getting back into a defensive shape when we lost possession. This shape obviously inspired Motherwell to play a higher line second half where they exploited our lack of organization and our weakness throughout midfield. Hopefully when KIltie comes back he will give us some extra bite and drive in the middle as a number 10. Personally, I would drop Longstaff and McKenzie for Frizzel and Kiltie as soon as possible. ETA: As much as we don't like Michael Johnston, it is still saddening to hear the circumstances of his wife's death over the weekend. Joanne was well liked among the Killie support who knew her.
  10. Are you? Killie have 1 top league title, 3 Scottish Cups and a 1 League Cup. Well have 1 top League title, 2 Scottish Cups and 1 League Cup.
  11. This game has draw written all over it simply because we are probably favourites. We're playing well and are quite solid but not scoring many. Motherwell not playing well, not scoring many and conceding loads. 1-1 With Samson to fling one in for old times sake.
  12. Doctor Strange 6/10 (Spoliery review) The worst Marvel film since Age of Ultron. Strange just isn't likeable and comes across as a poor copy of Tony Stark but without the charm, (and with a terrible accent). The pace of the film is muddling. The bad dudes begin their plan before Dr Strange has his accident and presumably spends yonks in recovery. He then heads to Kathmandu and becomes amazing at magic in time to stop them. The rational was that the bad dudes would need to 'translate' the magic which appeared to take them many, many months - Strange however, is able to do this immediately whilst still being trained. An excellent cast was badly underused with most being 2 dimensional at best. The Marvel humour is in short supply and the SFX were in overload. The film, despite it's many flaws, was still entertaining but just lacking in substance.
  13. Apologies if posted previously. The Christian Daily chant to the tune of I Love You Baby still gets a lot of love from Scotland fans, especially on away trips. "Oh, Christian Daily, you are the love of my life, Oh Christian Daily, I'd let you shag my wife, Oh Christian Daily, I want curly hair too" There is always someone who shouts Christian! in a bad German accent just after it though which has become a bit old.
  14. Feed the Fish and he will score.
  15. Aye. Winston Churchill said "gettin' jiggy with it". I get those mixed up all the time.