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  1. There was a chant that, in itself, wasn't funny but a guy in the crowd got really wound up by it and shouted at some guys to stop singing it - which made them sing it more and louder. Watching this guy go purple was hilarious. It was Hamilton away early this season and a group of bois were singing "Dougie Imrie, your dug has got t!ts".
  2. I'm surprised by the lack of love for Taylor. I think he's going to be a brilliant player in the future. He's already the best left back we've had since Hooky was in his prime and it's no coincidence he's got more minutes under his belt than anyone his age in Britain. He reads the game really well, he can pass and has an excellent delivery. First and foremost though, he's a defender which is what you want. He can't take a throw in though.
  3. Perth smells like pishy old people.
  4. Apparently it's sacrilegious to say that you don't like this film but I just don't. I finally saw it for the first time about 10 years ago and was very disappointed. I thought as you did that it was atmospheric and creepy but it didn't have the punch I expected. As you say, there was little in the way of exposition or character development that you would expect in a psychological horror and I found that I couldn't really care less if Leatherface caught his victim. Perhaps it's a victim of it's own success, in that, it's been parodied and copied so much the originality and shock factor have diminished.
  5. ^^^ A thousand times this.
  6. I definitely hate the old firm more than Ayr. I despise them and everything they represent. My hatred for Ayr is still there but I respect you as an institution and I applaud the fans for turning up every week. (Even if you've never won anything........ ever) [emoji6].
  7. Anyway, you are clearly fishing so I'm off. Have a nice evening.
  8. Well if he kept running he would have gone past them
  9. There's another piece of evidence called video. It's all the rage and soon all the kids will be using it. It conclusively proves that you are wrong with your 1st point - what the keeper does is recognises danger and closes down his angles like he should. However, your second point still stands - you can almost hear the bottle crashing at that exact moment.
  10. Addison has time to compose a symphony, write an epic poem, or y'know, leather the ball through a window in the Park Hotel whilst smoking a cigar. His decision to try and shield the ball from 15 yards out is inexplicable, but what's even more inexplicable is that some people are attributing blame to the keeper! Yes, Woodman could have shouted about Stockley but to be fair, he was probably too busy shouting "what the fuk are you doing you big galoot!?".
  11. When you see the starting position of the keeper, there's no way that's his ball. Addison has to clear that.
  12. Completely agree. However, it's Citizen Kane compared to Only God Forgives from the same peeps.
  13. Not justified. Addison 100% to blame. ETA: He is also to blame for the second for getting his head and feet confused and consequently using neither.
  14. Sue Perkins If that doesn't bring him back on P&B then nothing will @Fide