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  1. Utter pish. You have referenced TWO supporters you are aware of in our support. You clearly believe there to be a problem in your own however. Please don't lump us in with them.
  2. Why would he be kidding? Ayrshire is full of H**s, but I've been going to Rugby Park for 33 years and I've never once heard or seen anyone who sympathises with those disgusting vermin. It's possible that one or two have a secret 'big team' but if they ever disclosed it they'd be hunted. Killie fans en masse abhor Rangers, their 'traditions' and their party songs.
  3. That would echo River Song's final/second episode in terms of the way The Doctor 'saves' her. Moffat too I believe.
  4. Nando? Like a spicy chicken?
  5. I think its the cloth face I've always liked/feared. Somehow it just seems much, much scarier. I think you are right though, this 'Genesis' will probably elevate them to greatness if they weren't already there.
  6. The body horror of that episode was shocking. The "pain", "kill me", and "die me" lines were brutal for Saturday night tea time fare, (classic Who was well known for that horror element but Nu Who has generally shied away). I absolutely loved the look of the Cybermen. The Mondasian Cyberman is, for me, the quintessential Who villain.
  7. BTW I meant to say 3 parter and not episode 3.
  8. It would. It would also be typical Moffat as people just aren't allowed to die any more in Who.
  9. My horrible thought is that the Doctor has engineered a computer programme a la the Extremis episode 3 to test Missy and this is all just a trick. I really, really hope I'm wrong.
  10. That's the bunfight tickets on sale as of 30 minutes ago. Killie still don't have a full compliment of players though [emoji29]
  11. Child abuse point scoring is pretty abhorrent.
  12. Funking awesome episode. Everything that is good about Who. I'm gutted with the ending.
  13. *your
  14. It must seem strange that the "poor" team in their "slums" are considerably better, more successful, and just more famous. If anything, that PoV must make Ayr's abject failure even more embarrassing to their support?
  15. Aye, because that would stop it.