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  1. This thread is comedy gold. Firstly, Ranjurzz dying will never get old. Next, the gifs are brilliant - good work chaps. Finally, the blithering simpleton that is Bennett trying to obfuscate . 10/10 - will read again.
  2. What about Ali Crawford's powderpuff effort from about 8 yards? - straight at Jamie Mac with the goal gaping. It was a great ball across and he gently side footed it back. Boyd missed a bit of a sitter in the first half too. Crap game but memorable for lots of equally crap reasons.
  3. Some games I can remember almost every detail and others I have to check to see if I was there. Occasionally the drink is to blame, but mainly it's my age. Taking my 7 year old to his favourite away day, (because it's the only place he's seen us win at), so I'll probably remember this one as I'm driving. I hope I remember it for good reasons.
  4. He had a stormer that day and had the fans singing his name, (to the tune of GOLD ). Set up Boyd's goal with a peach of a cross.
  5. Think there will be a very decent Killie crowd there again. I usually get the bus to NDP but I'm driving this time - does anyone know where is best to park? I was just going to head for that big car park where the busses go but can't remember if cars are allowed. On the game, I'm confident that we'll not lose and I'm equally confident that we'll not win.
  6. A2 to A7 will be Englishville fans I'd assume? How many they getting?
  7. Best get in quick if you haven't purchased. Very little left by the looks of it.
  8. 8 Tickets bought. Where we always sit, West Stand in the corner with the North. Cannae wait!
  9. So Killie are due home games against ICT, Hamilton, Dundee and R County, (we'll likely only get 3 of those). We've been in the camp of playing more away than home a couple of times so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. Personally, for the team to play 3 times away I'd take Hamilton because it's closer and I haven't seen us lose there for a while.
  10. I'm quite excited for this now as it'll be my 7 year old's first night time game. He's had a season ticket for 4 years but he's never experienced Rugby Park under the lights the poor lad.
  11. 2-0 to Ayshire's finest. If we do somehow manage to get 3 points in this one, I might start to think we are safe.
  12. Aye, that one goes hand in hand with - "he's not that type of player", traditionally spouted after Jim Goodwin's 15th red card deserving tackle of the season.
  13. Note to Killie fans - please just ignore Romeo in future. He deliberately acts the cnut to wind people up and he knows which buttons to press. I've fallen for his inane p!sh previously but it's the same nonsense every time from him. The most surprising thing about him is that he's a grown man and not a twelve year old boy as his posts would suggest.
  14. Sorry, I fell over and couldn't get back up. Almost certainly less than 3000 was what I was going for.
  15. I'm studying for a mahoosive exam so I shall ignore the football entirely and glance at BT Score around 5:45. I fully expect a 1-1 or a narrow 2-1 either way. And almost certainly <<3000.