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  1. Hiya ya weapon, how did you get on with your prediction when you said the skunks were getting relegated? Roaster.
  2. You boys took an absolute pumping. Morton can only dream about having players of the calibre of Stephen McGinn.
  3. Well that was fucking easy. What a shit hole of a stadium that is, embarrassing.
  4. You ok mate? Get your gums around ma plums!!!
  5. 13/5 which is another decent price. Fancy the pars though.
  6. The pars are 3/1 tonight, that's some price.
  7. Haven't seen you on the st.mirren relegation thread for a while ya plum?
  8. No chance Dumbarton will finish bottom.
  9. Ian McCall saying Ayr were the best team in the 2nd half lol, what an absolute weapon of a man.
  10. What a roaster. Choo choo.
  11. When we get relegated? Your getting a bit ahead of yourself are you not.
  12. There's no danger he will be signing for Killie so don't get your hopes up.