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  1. Stop Lewis Morgan and you stop St Mirren Dunfermline are absolutely shite, AJ and that cock Sandy Clark must stay
  2. Cigars out, this mob are pish.
  3. Gordon Scott is dipping right into his own pocket I hear.
  4. I'm not wondering at this point as it's not guaranteed this time but if I was a betting man I would stick it on Ross to stay.
  5. I'm confident Jack will stay until the end of the season at least.
  6. It won't go down well but I've heard both are extremely interested in him.
  7. 1 of the big 2 is what I've been told.
  8. There has been absolutely no contact from Barnsley according to my source, pure speculation. Jack Ross will get linked with a lot of jobs between now and the end of the season, need to get used to it I'm afraid.
  9. Goodwin has done absolutely nothing in management to deserve the st mirren job, he won't get it I'm afraid.
  10. We are on our way........