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  1. Agree about right hand and it also wouldn't surprise me to see Magennis out there once he returns with McShane and McGinn in the middle. Anyway, where is Davis?
  2. Sutton won't be here much longer, would be amazed if he was still here come the Falkirk game.
  3. Hilson will be a good player for us and JR rates him highly.
  4. Absolutely no need to panic, We still have Davis plus another striker to come in along with Magennis and Hilson to come back into squad. Davis is a real coup.
  5. Wonder if he will sign this week.....
  6. Harty Davis by the end of the week........
  7. Wonder if JR will sign a new deal this week? Been on the table a while.......
  8. Deal certainly isn't dead, we have other targets though, a new striker is top priority now seemingly.