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  1. Rossvale juniors fc

    Well done, a rare example of sportsmanship. Hope you win the league now
  2. The Benburb display was a poor one from Petershill, no argument. You've got the wrong guy if you think I said you were the worst team we've played, read the posts??
  3. We did tho, that's a fact and it's not disrespectful. The manger put out a team he believed would win the game and it didnt work out that way. It showed that the strength in depth wasn't great. The Ben's also rested some players as they were in the middle of a great run in the league and maybe had a different priority. When we have our strongest team out we are winning games and the league doesn't lie that we've won the league with games to spare
  4. Old Petershill pic

  5. Old Petershill pic

    Jimmy ????
  6. Champions

    He's been great all season.
  7. Champions

    Jordan Murch?
  8. Champions

    We might just be sober enough hic
  9. Champions

    Congratulations to the Management, coaching staff and players on our success this season. So close last year but have almost ran away with the title this year. We have been consistent all season long and got the rewards we deserved. Well done boys [emoji471]
  10. Tonight's Scores

    Promise there won't be a pitch invasion, the auld yins wouldn't get their legs over the barriers [emoji23]
  11. Tonight's Scores

  12. The Glens and Lang to draw would suit us down to a tee. Lots of intrigue yet to come
  13. General Secretary of the West Region

    This is a wind up comment isn't it?
  14. Thanks. It's been a tough couple of years.
  15. It is. We've been terrific all season and the players deserve a lot of credit. Some of the performances have been outstanding.