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  1. Hamilton Academicals vs Heart of Midlothian

    Roger Hunted x pun squad
  2. Just came on to post this very thing, quite clearly a no, guiz
  3. Aberdeen v Hearts

    He's the meta 4-6- 0, sfa payoff space cadet.
  4. Aberdeen v Hearts

    What. A. Fukn. Team. GIRFUY.
  5. Hearts v Hibs

    ^^ Nae bo'er Craigieboy
  6. Hearts v Hibs

    There's a new Sheriff in town... And his name's Tom Paris. Ps Connor Randall, Good guy IMO. https://mobile.twitter.com/HeartsFC5/status/946327099668918272/video/1
  7. Hearts v Hibs

    Sore on the eyes, poor technique, rushed and messy. But enough about Stokes tongue punching his bird, How shite was that derby last night btw
  8. Hearts v Hibs

    A belated green for pictorial accuracy.
  9. Hearts v Hibs

    First the jetski chat, now this. Typical Mhod bias. Grassin' Kev IMO.
  10. Hearts v Hibs

    We've been much better lately but we're not at that stage yet where we can come from behind regularly to get 3pts IMO. Hibs have that just now. A win at home would get the fans back on board and could set us up for a good second half of the season. nap - Leveinball, try and go ahead, then grind out a win. (Worked well last time lol) Side bets - Berra to smash mcginn and no corners first 25 minutes. Add. - f**k hibs. Merry christmas c***s!
  11. Some c**t get the Talkhearts mcmahon gif on here, pronto.