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  1. Hearts vs Hibs

    Did you eventually get one m8? I hope so, cos you'll need it to hide the massive BEAMER you'll have on the day, after that result
  2. Rangers vs Hearts

    I dont know what i feel more let down by, Levein playing 7 defenders against this rabble, or the fact that folk are disparaging the fruit of kings - the mighty pineapple. I shall have a chicken and pineapple pizza from the no1 kebab house in Silent protest.
  3. No water for Mark lol!!
  4. Apparently agreed terms. No sure what to think tbh *in b4 something something lockie something christmas party.
  5. I would rather keep Laff, his goals ratio is really good considering what hes had to put up with - as LH just described perfectly. Hopefully this Maclean signing means that Levein sees potential game time in some of the younger players comin thru, Keena for instance. But it also begs the question, wtf are former strikers, Andy Kirk (38) and John Daly (35) doing? Get the midfield sorted, man.
  6. What did I fucking say?
  7. Right, f**k up shit c***s, nobody shall ruin Beattie day. Happy Anniversary lads. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/17649430 Almost as good as the final. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/17721840
  8. Use the money to sign up Milinkovic ya wanks, honestly, Hearts do my tits in
  9. I can see what Levein thinks is trying to do. When he signed for hearts, he had Sandy Jardine, Alec MacDonald and Willie Johnston to help him, wee Robbo, Bowman and Mackay. The game has changed so much in 30 year though, this signing just sounds so shite, why are we paying 1million on a new pitch to let old huddies run around for 45minutes a fortnight? No wonder a lot of fans are disallusioned if this new Hearts involves rebuilding a whole team every year. Most folk want players to be loyal and try to achieve something- but all we get are second rate mercenaries, stepping stone chat and has beens getting one last pay day before riding off into the sunset. Still, at least I managed to get a lego bus so basically, f**k yez all.
  10. Hearts v Aberdeen

    No sure m7. Maybe this will help? https://mobile.twitter.com/louisjones1874/status/982675867569676288
  11. Hearts v Aberdeen

    6 defenders and STILL pumped yez. Wee naisy hates yous anaw which makes his 78k a week excellent value IMO.
  12. Hibs vs Hearts

    Garry Jos face times 1000000000000