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  1. Hopefully the "Darien Scheme" gets updated for the 21st Century and involves "schemie Darian" being bankrupted, flogged then dying of some sub tropical fever.
  2. Great result- accies came more in to it later on according to Deeko Fergs. Jamie Walker is a diving c**t.
  3. Na m8, cos they would have to pay him double cos of the PAY OFf
  4. I've heard Mice fart louder than that Aberdeen support. cheers for the HELFY blabs tho guys SUCKERZ
  5. This thread title is bamming me up something rotten, likes.
  6. Na, for that we'll just keep Jamie "He's Shite anyway" Walker, tyvm.
  7. He's a centre mid captain that's not Don f'in Cowie?
  8. Did he play in the cup games last year? I think McGhee will find his level in the Championship. Walker is a shadow of his former self. It's like the swaggers ben coached out of him, another Robot destined for the scrap heap. I'd take whatever we can get, he can rot on the bench with Holt.
  9. LH and DC - agreed, just get him to f**k, Levein'll just get him to train with the youth team anyway. Christ, Jim Mcleans Ghost will be along decrying the profiglacy of the Oncology Canteen. They didn't have enough for Doxorubicin cos they put sweetcorn in the tuna mayo.
  10. See the EEN is saying that Jordan McGhee is wanted by Falkirk and Rangers are going to bung us roughly 600k for Walker. thoughts?
  11. In for a penny, in for a pound. Have another red, 23
  12. They won't be receiving a single penny from me unless they employ Neil Berry in some capacity (resplendent in an ill fitting baseball cap/shellsuit combo, of course)
  13. I wasn't happy about this appointment but after several hours of the usual physical hoofball 4-6-0 tropes, I'm actually quite looking forward to the tears and snotters when we steamroll our way to 2nd place on the back of 17 1-0 wins.
  14. Seriously tho Guiz, we could be in a lot of soapy, what with 1) the MILLSTONE of the new Stand 2) Leveins SFA Payout 3) His crippling Gambling ADDICSHUN tick tock *looking forward to the post match interviews tbh