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  1. Ach well, fair fucks. Anyway, 'scuse me the now... BoOoOO!
  2. poor chat for the partick lads in all of this. f**k a'body else tho
  3. Just think that after this is all done, the waiting, the safety checks, the statements, the uncertainty... The game goes ahead and Rafal Grezlak will be on the pitch. Let that sink in.
  4. At least Radger the badger is back.
  5. Gen up. Have til saturday to get safety certificate though, so either rearrange it today or risk forfeit.
  6. Heard from a "mate" working at the site that yesterday, it was all set to go ahead but this morning a contractor says today is the last day Hearts can call off the game, so its getting too close in terms of tests etc so might be a forfeit.
  7. Hearts Stadium Development

    Rocky's playing a blinder here.
  8. Hearts Stadium Development

    I will reverse side-kick anyone in the throat if they attempt this. Levein's coupon*, however, thats a different story. * Yes, in b4 his William Hill's coupon is always burst, I'm talking his actual fizzer.
  9. Dianes was class. Loads of pubs round there have changed over the years though, used to like a cheeky half at the port hamilton tavern before catchin the last bus.
  10. The current regime took the plaudits when the going was good, well, now its clearly unacceptable. As for no recruitment in January, with that midfield? Hud on the now... stick a fork in me
  11. So, Csaba "Mr Loverman" Laszlo is the Dundee good guys new manager, eh? You can expect him to put these Paisley tramps to the sword, utilising his ULTRA defensive fußball philosophy, exorcising the ghosts of 1987 in the process.
  12. Hearts Stadium Development

    Couldnae make this shite up