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  1. Today's scores ?

    [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] If a Park is dangerous or unfit to play on, the referee will call the game off. Credit to both teams today for playing some good football
  2. Today's scores ?

    We will have to agree to differ.
  3. Today's scores ?

    Not the best - but far from the worst. Work is ongoing - at clubs own expense - to improve the drainage.
  4. Today's scores ?

    Dalry 2 Lugar 0 FT
  5. Today's scores ?

    Cummings and Stevenson with the goals
  6. Today's scores ?

    Dalry 2 Lugar 0 HT
  7. Games on

    Dalry v Irvine Vics OFF
  8. Games 16-12-17

    Dalry v Ardrossan Winton OFF
  9. Games Off

    Dalry v Saltcoats - off. Tried to switch to Saltcoats, but not on there either.
  10. Goalstoday

    Well done Glenafton, but Dalry worked hard. Two goals in the first 7 minutes made it an uphill struggle, and a goal in the final minute put an extra shine on the score line. Glenafton look like a good team.

    Council park. Council won’t spend money on it. Dalry Thistle have spent a lot of club money trying to improve the park. The club don’t want games off - does the club no favours.

    Dalry v Glenafton -waterlogged
  13. Dalry v Lugar

    Advised by club secretary.
  14. Dalry v Lugar

    Game tomorrow 07/10 - switched to Lugar. 2pm KO.