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  1. Isn't that an old rumour, we were linked with him a couple of seasons ago.
  2. Yeah 3rd one will be Ziggy. Striker is interesting, there's been nothing about a striker other than temps, which like everyone says will be a very exciting signing.
  3. Can't miss what we didn't have. Wouldn't be bothered if McGowan didn't sign, Ziggy is a good enough player at this level imo, and we know what we're getting with him.
  4. Think folks need to calm down a tad, the only confirmation has been Penny, until things has been confirmed 100% we shouldn't get our hopes up.
  5. Come on Scotty, what is there to moan about this.
  6. Good video, hope it continues and get more of the footballing side when things start happening. Bye bye bus
  7. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Fucking really, can't make the Berwick game. Gutted
  8. Oddball Predictions for the Coming Season

    Aberdeen fans being a big one you've missed, the amount of salt and seeth they've tossed our way over the last few seasons has been immense.
  9. Steven Lawless still a maybe, look forward to more meltdowns when he signs elsewhere.
  10. After the season he's had, knocking on every door down south only to get rejected by them all, settling for a return for Falkirk, perform completely incompetently, and dragging Falkirk into a relegation battle, and finally get outshone by Louis Longridge. Wouldn't touch him with a bragepole
  11. Mate said that the fixtures are how the teams come out, so if he is to be trusted, we'll be at home to Livingston and Airdrie and away to Berwick and Annan. The latter is frightening.
  12. 2018/19 League Cup

    The second seed is always away to the first seed. Other than that I think it's random.
  13. 2018/19 League Cup

    Oh god, please don't tell me the Annan tie is away. I still have nightmares
  14. That's where Jon routledge plays isn't it, that'll be how that came about.