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  1. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    Aye, you'll only be mates with ***s right.
  2. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    Haven't been impressed with him granted, but think that's definitely an exaggeration, he's been thrown in the deep end and shown a degree of good work ethic. It's interesting that you say Rojano as I seem to remember you also deeming him as shite as Richard Roy. I think Bingham does have potential but his inconsistency, lack of strength and tendancy to never head the ball, makes him a risky pick. We need someone to win the ball in the air to hold it up for Templeton, and to be honest is mainly a decoy to let others in, they're are not there to score the goals, let's face it, it won't really make any difference who plays out the three of them. I thought it would have been obvious by now that Canning isn't exactly what you would call a "good manager" which is down to many things, lack of experience definitely being one of them. The Defence is all over the place, the tactics are at that point where you throw everything you have out and start a clean slate, because it simply couldn't be worse. So for me I couldn't care less if I see Ogkmpoe starting as that will not affect the outcome, they've shown goals can be scored with him in the team. The game will hinge on whether or not Canning sorts out the defence.
  3. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    Our defence is absolutely dreadful, league 2 teams have better. We need to fix our defence if we want to stay up, sounds simple, but I really feel for Canning, because where do you start. Sarris is truely awful and would rather he stayed gone. Mcmann just gets worse and worse. VDW didn't look capable. Tomas is the only one with some positive points, but they're still few and far between. I don't think it's a case of changing to a four or whatever, I just don't think the majority of them are capable, and they're all certainly not consistent. It's just a matter of hoping we get lucky, which is a sad state of affairs. Folk moaning about if Ogkmpoe starts, is just sheer laughable, we have far far bigger problems than that.
  4. We badly needed a left sided defender, can't remember the last time we had a capable one. This for me is a good signing as he knows the league, and isn't a complete mystery man. The Jenkins guy, well we'll just have to wait and see...
  5. If I'm scraping for a positive, then I feel we started the game alright, but Aberdeen got going and got a goal from yet again awful defending. It's not over yet, so we have to keep fighting and believing we can get some good results, even if the hope is relying totally on luck.
  6. Great run out for all our new recruits, I say throw them all in, see what happens.
  7. I don't know how you can form such a bold statement on a player that has barely played, you must be using the Albion Rovers game as your only evidence, which is ridiculous. Young players barely ever have good debuts, and need time to settle in to cut out mistakes and form a bond with the team.
  8. I agree to this in part, I felt he did alright wasn't at fault for the goals, and comparing Mcmann of late, it was the right decision to bring him in. But I feel he is still to raw to start, needs to improve on the basics, but does look like he can eventually break through at this level.
  9. Hamilton Accies vs Dundee FC

    Incredibly deflated after that. Would rather we just lost a standard 2 or 3 nil that the awful performance merited. The fact we were teased with the possibility or robbing even point until the last minute, just added a great deal of misery to the frustrations of how badly we played. Some things did go against us today, but that was balanced by the gift of our first goal. We deserved nothing, as we were utter shite for the entire match. We seem to have our losing heads on again, and I can see this stretching for a few more matches yet, until something positive happens that will get us out of the rut. Am I right in saying that our record in January is horrendous, no matter what happens in the window we just can't seem to start a new year off well. Think Canning will need to change things up a bit, MacKinnon getting injured and Templeton getting that stupid suspension just furthers the wait till we can get our full strength squad playing again. Credit to Dundee, you didn't fall to bits after conceding a silly goal like we did, fully deserve the points.
  10. The worry was always going to be how long will it take him to get back to where he was after a long injury. I'd say you'll need to give him at least a full season, playing at least 20-25 games to get back up to his best. Need to keep him fit which is by no means an easy task, he's had two major injuries, and a fair few minor ones.
  11. I agree that Docherty leaving is a sore one, but some people are having a complete heads gone moment. Seen a tweet that was having a go at the club for letting Gillespie go, claiming he was one of our best players, behave, he was played out of position, but that was because the people ahead on him in midfield were better. Also we havent had Devlin all season, so how can we miss something we never had.
  12. Hamilton Academicals vs Heart of Midlothian

    Same situation as the Motherwell game, horrible error by a defender gifts the opposition their first goal, heads go down and its over. Mcmann and Gogic have been horrendous, Never forgave Gogic for his Rangers performance, and he's proving me right at the moment. Mcmann's defending has went from shaky to absolutely suicidal, I hope the Sarris rumours are true.
  13. Hamilton Academicals vs Heart of Midlothian

    This is either going to go extremely well, or be a complete disaster, I know what my money's on. Can see this Ogkmpoe, never playing for Accies again after tonight.
  14. What is going at the club at the moment. Apparently we've signed some player from Greece and someone from Stirling Albion. Also the club has said nothing for mark miller, and the only transfer that they confirm, the other club have said it's bullshit. Think I'm just going to ignore it all till the 1st of February, then just see who we have in our squad then.
  15. Hamilton Academicals vs Heart of Midlothian

    I'm just hoping to see some improvement from Saturday, a win isn't that important just now, but getting competing certainly is.