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  1. Hamilton of Lanarkshire v Heart of Midlothian

    Have to feel a bit gutted, really felt we deserved a point there, can't believe their keeper got a glove to that Ali free kick, cracking save. Though you start a game that slow and you can't really complain. Awful start, and like many feared the worse, but we woke up after their penalty, which I'd like to see back, as it looked soft. Second half was more of a huff and puff from us, struggling to break down their defence, and not really creating anything clear cut. As has been said Skondras was really poor, not at it at all. Imrie the usual and the rest were pretty average. Obviously Templeton was the stand out, can create something from nothing, a key asset we must keep a fit as possible. Also thought Bingham was alright, felt for him when caught the ball on his left when he was through, as I didn't think he did a lot wrong, certainly put in the effort. Heard a lot of moaning about the 3 subs, Boyd for Templeton was correct for me, you could see Temps was struggling. Other 2 were poor, I would have brought on Gogic for Crawford and Botti for Bingham. I take it Walker has some secret pictures of madden as the fact he never got booked was an absolute disgrace, folk saying madden is one of the better refs... looks just as shite to me.
  2. HAMILTON A VS Glasgows Unwashed.

    I agree, the manager and players have to hold their hands and take the criticism they deserve for the poor performance last night. Exactly, I fear our support might get to the toxicity levels of what a team like Arsenal are currently at, where some people are dead against and absolutely for the manager no matter what happens, like you, I feel these types of fans need to learn to meet in the middle, and not hound the manager out after one poor performance and not overreact after one good performance.
  3. HAMILTON A VS Glasgows Unwashed.

    Wasn't accusing you personally, was just making a point about people calling for him to be sacked. I agree, the manager has to take the blame for our poor display last night, he made the wrong choices.
  4. HAMILTON A VS Glasgows Unwashed.

    I can agree with what your saying, there have been times where I was saying he should go, but surely people have to agree he's had a good start to the season, an excellent second half performance against Hibs, a spirited fight back against killie, and not holding on to a one goal lead against Dundee. I think he deserves credit for those games. It's to early to tell if he has improved, but that's my point, let's not get on his back after one bad performance, the hardest fixture at that, I feel he still deserves everyones support, until we get a clear view of how things are going to be.
  5. HAMILTON A VS Glasgows Unwashed.

    I'm afraid I witnessed a few people after the match, shouting Canning out, and heard discussion of relegation. I wasn't saying it was everyone, I know it was probably the minority, the comments about the performance being poor, and having no fight I completely agree with, but there was people going further and it becomes very irritating.
  6. HAMILTON A VS Glasgows Unwashed.

    I feel there's a couple of overreactions from Accies fans. Like most I agree we were poor tonight and the defence was very out of shape, it was disappointing, and I had hope before the match that we could get something. For some Accies fans to revert back to "Canning out now" and "We're hopeless" I feel is a little unjustified, we have had a very promising start to the season, where we have played some nice football, so to jump back on the we're doomed bandwagon after one bad performance against a team who are a step above anything else in the league, is disappointing. I feel it would be better to reserve judgement until after the first round of fixtures, before we start getting on anyone's backs. Fully aware some might call me a happy clapper, but our support can be hilariously bi polar sometimes.
  7. SPFL Predication 8-9th September

    Accies 1-0 Celtic Hearts 1-2 Dons Motherwell 2-1 Killie The Rangers 3-1 Dundee County 1-1 Partick Saints 1-0 Hibs
  8. Bingham has been good in his appearances so far, so will start if available, then if we actually get Rojano in, he'll be next to get his chance, as apparently Canning has had his eye on him for a while, which doesn't leave much room for the Swansea lad, unless both are off form or injured, as I definitely can't see us playing two strikers, I can only see the odd sub appearance for him. But I guess there could be a minimum minutes included in the deal.
  9. It's understandable though, whoever was going to come in was going to be third choice behind Bingham and Rojano (thats if everything goes through) might only get 1 or 2 ten minute sub appearances
  10. Killie v Accies

    He can certainly be a great influential player, if he wants to be. A lot of people may not agree with me here, but I think if the opportunity arises to get a fairly decent amount of money for him before the transfer window shuts, I'd say take it. Last year he had a good start to the season, but once the window shut, and he realised he'd be playing another season with us, he lost interest, and would often go missing in games, becoming a burden rather than an asset.
  11. Fantastic news, great business by the club.
  12. Killie v Accies

    Game that everyone really should be positive about but unfortunately Accies do love to lose this type of game. Last season had a similar situation, Dundee were on a terrible run, and i think we had won the previous week, and we ended up losing. 2-1 Accies, hopefully.
  13. Hibernian VS Hamilton

    Forgive me, after re-reading your initial post, you're right
  14. Hibernian VS Hamilton

    Really? It could be argued that they perhaps shaded the first half, but we dominated them in the second.
  15. Week 1 - Celtic Week 2 - Dundee United Week 3 - Aberdeen Week 4 - Ayr United