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  1. When will indyref2 happen?

    I assume you'll be able to fit the war of Spanish succession, the ongoing instability of the Scottish-English dynastic union and it's impending succession and the English economic blockade of domestic and colonial markets through the Aliens and Navigations acts as a response to the Scottish Act of Security, into it's proper historical context. Being that you've used Google and all.
  2. SNP PPB

    It's a party political broadcast, cringe is built in to it's very essence.
  3. The language and politics of the left in the UK is pretty stretchy but as far as I can see no one in the mainstream left has been demanding equal outcomes since prior to the 2nd World War.
  4. This already occurs in the UK. As it stands previous trials with UBI seemed to show a reduction in adverse health outcomes and stress, is genuinely redistributive and increases the bargaining power of Labour to walk away from a bad deal as well as increasing the overall flexiblity of the Labour market. It also grants greater freedom to those who would be entrepreneurs: Allowing a greater latitude to take risks in maturing ideas without destroying their entire lives if the gamble doesn't pay off. Given the increasing trend towards automation of the work environment - coupled with the collapsing cost of production in some markets, the UBI also offers a way of maintaining society where less and less work is available. As for the EU, it's no surprise to me how they treated Catalan voters. They backed the UK to the hilt in 2014 and quickly changed their tune on possible Scottish entry post Brexit. it's no surprise they back their members, why else would you join if they wouldn't? The trick is to recognise that the EU is not benevolent or altruistic in means, even if the ends broadly are positive. It's a transactional relationship and should be approached as such, with a clear head and a cold heart.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    His injury spells seem to be getting longer every year tbh. I always liked Stewart though he was the kind of striker who needed good service, something he only ever got intermittently during his spell with us, glad he (was) doing well to be fair. Aye, even with us Johnston looks like one of those guys completely ruined by his injury. Surprised he got another shot at 2nd tier level but at least you guys never picked up Scott Roberts to complete the utterly diddy, Raith winger set.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    How's your contingent from last year's Rovers team getting on? I'm guessing C.Barr is the pick of the bunch? Chris Johnston doing literally f**k all and getting subbed off at the hour mark?
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    http://www.raithrovers.net/33715/welcome-willis-furtado.htm Done and done.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    ... or Chris (Mini Messi) Johnston. Possibly the injury has prevented him from using his athletic abilities to cover up the glaring gaps in his footballing awareness. It's that complete lack of positional understanding that really frustrates me, and that will cost us if and when he plays.
  9. Easily. Because the fundamental relationship between the United Kingdom nations are so different from those that drive the internal EU politics as to make a direct comparison nonsensical. No nation is truly independent, no nation can stand alone and apart indefinitely. We are all interdependent. What I want is for Scotland to be able to choose the nature and depth of those relationships. I understand the core neo-liberalism of the EU makes it unattractive to many, but the levels of co-operation and trade between sovereign nations makes it worth it. The UK is not the same, it's if anything far more wedded to neo-liberal policies, offers Scotland little choice on how it arranges it's internal and external affairs and imposes on us any number of policies anathemic to Scots with little option but to concede. The corporations and banks don't like change - any change. Their ideal is a tomorrow that looks pretty much like yesterday. I can reconcile my choice to Yes/Remain because as an individual I can see that some change carries societal advantages, while other change does not. Corporations as a whole tend not to care about society beyond the basic requirement that it should furnish them with a labour force. Btw, what is your issue with UBI?
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I'm not convinced McHattie being available actually counts as a positive.
  11. For fucksakes he's not talking about us.
  12. Agreed, expecting a nervy shitfest of a performance from the Rovers, here.
  13. The Star Wars thread

    Best to worst: Empire Strikes Back Rogue 1 The Last Jedi Star Wars Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith Attack of the Clones Phantom Menace Guess I honestly prefer the darker tones of ESB, Rogue and TLJ - granted the mid section in the casino drags like f**k, but the rest of the movie is very engaging, Hamill is excellent and I like the course steer it does on Lucas' previous "special one" story type. The original is lower down because while it is ground breaking within the context of it's time, looking at it at a remove, it's kinda weightless. Return is disjointed, the pacing is way off and the ewoks fucking awful. The prequels are all fucking awful, but I despise everything about Phantom Menace and ended up hating Liam Neeson as a result.