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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Not massively. A number of our issues are within Smith's power to change now: 1. Bobby Barr is not undroppable. 2. Don't try and shoehorn Spence and Buchanan together. It ain't working, it isn't suddenly going to click 3. The club sold Callachan, no other combination of midfielders will provide the coverage over the park he did. Play a midfield 3. 4. Mckay isn't going to get any more confident if you don't give him game time, better a centre back at centre back than Scott Robertson. 5. Drop Graeme Smith as soon as humanly possible. We've been absolutely dire for weeks, and some of it is out of form players and some of it is the system, yet Smith has persisted with that system, even though he has evidence that changing the system has worked, given the positive performances (and results) gained against Arbroath and St.Mirren.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Christ. Alongside Smith's Lockian use of subs (Hmmm, we aren't winning the ball in the middle of the park, better get another forward on), Bobby Barr doing another post August disappearing act, a completely unbalanced midfield, Kevin McHattie (just Kevin generally, tbf) and a fucked up goalkeeping situation it's hard to see what's changed from last season. Only having the basic intelligence to play Vaughan is so far setting Smith apart from Gary "the human embodiment of the humming noise a refrigerator makes" Locke.
  3. Doctor Who

    New look revealed: Getting a whole Mork from Mork and Mindy feel, here.
  4. Bear in mind, in it's middle age heyday, what is now Princes St Gardens was the nor' Loch, and those sheer inclines means you don't need a big wall on the Western side. All the main defences, batteries and walls are on the Royal Mile side.
  5. Ruth Davidson.

    If she went, you'd assume she'd give up the Edinburgh seat she has. Last time out the Tories snuck through the middle of a sizeable Green constituency vote on one side and the SNP on the other. Would be an interesting byelection, and a big boost for the SNP to win in those conditions.
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Yeah, and with our injury worries maybe the only thing he could do if he wanted to put an extra man in the middle is have Barr try and split his time, but it really didn't work. Certainly for the Ayr game we should be looking at a midfield 3 of Matthews, Robertson and Herron and one out of two of Buchanan or Spence up top with Barr and Vaughan behind.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Anyone else noticed how, in the last couple of games Barr has been drifting in field a lot? Against both Forfar and East Fife there seemed to be a lot of occasions where the ball goes out to Thomson and Barr was in the centre circle, with no one making a run in front of the full back. I'm not sure if it's a deliberate tactic - to try and have the extra man in the middle to help out there, or if it's part of Bobby's "act like I'm involved but secretly don't want the ball" routine. If it's the former, I don't think it'll work very well, as he'll never put the graft in to get back out wide to cover when we don't have the ball, and not using Thomson as the out ball down the wing seems weird given how consistent that route is. A few times he did start to make the peeling run for Thomson to play him in, others both he and Buchanan ended up making the same run - but Buchanan was actually further out wide than Barr. Generally speaking Barr was a passenger on Saturday, but I'm not sure his positioning, if deliberate is going to help.
  8. Raith Rovers v East Fife

    Cheer up. We drew with Fofar for f**k sakes.
  9. Raith Rovers v East Fife

    Decent chance you will.
  10. Star Trek Discovery

    The transporter has always been one of those great Star Trek technobabbles driven by the requirement of the plot than any over-arching sense of self consistency. It seems remarkably good at distinguishing between people and objects, such that folk can be carried by other people, or even jump into people's arms as they transport (Star trek IV) without going all BrundleFly, except that one time with Tuvok, Neelix and the plant (Fucking Tuvix), or that time it accidentally left half the person's DNA out and they materialized as children (Wat?). Objects don't seem to retain their velocity or force once transported (think the number of objects that get transported from space even though they must be hurtling at thousands of Kph at least), or people getting fired at, or jumping - they always appear, unruffled, on the pad. Except that one time the PTSD suffering Vulcan developed a micro-transporter onto the end of a rifle to shoot people on the other side of the space station (So, Starfleet has now, a prototype of a gun that can fire through walls with a nice visual thing that can see through walls too - you'd think that pesky Dominion War would be over soon enough). It's actually a really shitty, nasty concept as well. Basically a person is disintegrated on one end and put back together at the other, but from the subjective view of the person being transported, do they just die and a clone takes their place back on the ship? Do folk just get churned through a literal death machine on a regular basis?
  11. Star Trek Discovery

    Imagine if you fucked up your transporter lock on, and suddenly it's not just the contents of your colon, but half your actual colon and smaller intestine floating about in space.
  12. Wolfenstein2

    My experience is the same, I mean, I'm pretty shite at gaming anyway but your character is actually pretty vulnerable, given the amount of firepower deployed against you. It's a hell of a lot of fun though.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Said as much on fantalk. Spence and Buchanan aren't working as a partnership. We either stick with the 4-4-2 as we have it now, but either play Court or Zanatta, someone who conceivably can bully defenders and play with their back to goal when the ball inevitably goes long, or go back to a 3 man midfield so we have a platform to build on. I'd go with the latter right now and a front 6 that includes Vaughan, Spence (or Buchanan), Barr and Herron should have enough to cause teams problems.
  14. Anas Sarwar

    Is Leonard less of a chancer than Sarwar? It's not like he's some heavy hitting left winger, with a history of speaking his mind on the issues of the day is it? He's not some prince over the water type figure, leader of an alternative left wing cabal within Labour building it's time against the Blairite incumbents. There is no track record of intervention (significant or otherwise), just some timid arsehole list MSP who thinks his time has come because he's literally the only c**t in the branch office with any links to Comrade Corbyn. Toom Tabard indeed.
  15. Forfar v Raith

    Not a lot of love for this game so far. Forfar obviously coming off of a pretty one sided scoreline last week, but they did frustrate us really well at Starks last time out. I also suspect we might panic if we go one down and don't pull it back quickly as happened in Coatbridge. After no Buchanan and a more robust three man midfield in the last couple of weeks, Smith had us reverting to type in last weeks abortive game with Stranraer, Buchanan and Spence through the middle, Vaughan in his wide-free role and Matthews dropping out to make a midfield two of Herron and Robertson. With McHattie making the bench last week, could we also see Watson drop out?