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  1. Damu's always reliable.
  2. Just caught up on the last couple of episodes, pretty dull viewing again. This series would have been far better if they'd focused on creating a good programme within itself rather than relying on nods to a separate series to maintain the viewers interest during what has been an unbelieavably stretched out two and a half seasons so far.
  3. Was a disheartening moment when I read he'd been chosen as ref hope he doesn't spoil it for us all.
  4. 6/1 price boost at genting bet.
  5. @Super_A Spence KO Groves decision Allen KO
  6. Saw he's down to 1.6 now.
  7. Fight could really go anyway, even Brook TKO is a better bet than usual seeing as Howard Foster is the ref. I'm probably going to pick Spence KO. Apart from the obvious reasons I didn't realise he had a 3 inch longer reach than Brook and Brook's jab would be one of his key weapons in a fight like this normally. Spence does like to get mid range though so might not be so much of an issue. Could be here all night coming up with various permutations of how the fight might go.
  8. FFS. No idea what LBC is but it's no surprise she got binned from them.
  9. Only played 3, enjoyed it so will look into this.
  10. Sorry, just seen this now. Names I'm looking at so far are; Jerry Sadowitz, John Kearns, Joseph Morpurgo, Sam Simmons (both of those were 2 of the best shows I saw in 2015), Simon Munnery, Spencer Jones and Tim Key. Will check reviews first before getting tickets (Chortle is pretty good) apart from the 2 for 1's which I'll just get tickets for. There'll be more names before August that I'll want to see. Morpurgo and Simmons are definites and will probably see Sadowitz again even though I don't care about the magic tricks.
  11. From the first ever The Source. What a time to be a hip hop fan, that top 12 is pure fire.
  12. Gutted @Super_A got 5 points for that while the rest of us lost out.
  13. An entirely non-deterministic universe. Gibby's lost it here.
  14. WBA not messing around, Mendoza has ordered rematches for those two robberies last weekend. 2 judges from the Murata fight have been suspended for 6 months and he's asked Maryland boxing commision to take action against those in the Barthelemy win and not use them in the meantime.
  15. Does that boy stewartyftd still post on here? Would be good if he popped up just now.