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  1. Anyone else had problems viewing videos on Hibs TV even though they're logged in?
  2. Season 11's on Netflix on Friday.
  3. Two new shows were added to Netflix last week. Watched the first one, The Age of Spin tonight and it's excellent will watch the Texas one tomorrow.
  4. I've always thought Boyle would make a good sub.
  5. Wouldn't be close imo. Linares cuts very easily as well.
  6. SJC bought her undies out of a vending machine.
  7. Was at a wedding all day yesterday and checked scores around 4.50. Just found out earlier today Keatings scored a winner, delighted with that.
  8. I've been at a wedding today was that another case of running the fixtures down? No Falkirk replies please.
  9. Too late, I've screenshot it. Not even the Falkirk based mods are getting you out of this one like the time BPM got away with calling us all Leith retards.
  10. Someone told me it's getting called some sort of Beerhouse, got the impression it was going for a German/Czech theme but have no idea tbh.
  11. I got a Moga Pro bluetooth controller which has a cradle to attach my Galaxy Note 4 to and that works well. Not that I ever play games much at home let alone out of it.
  12. Little Mad Barry's so in love with Frampton he can't think straight about anything.
  13. I actually felt happier when they showed the kids suffering from malaria because I didn't to listen to anymore of a horrible French and Saunders sketch.