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  1. Hope once it's done you still have that section N for all the protégé proddys.
  2. Just want to make it clear that it was the t ims asterisks I was referring to as opposed to the h un ones.
  3. A 35 page gardening thread on P&B.
  4. Only real difference I can think of is that Marvin will put that hopeless c**t 3 feet up in the air within the first 10 minutes.
  5. Very confident, anything less than a Europa position will be a disappointment. The signing of one decent goalscorer should see us pushing the ****.
  6. Speak to a guy from Rockstar every second Saturday, gives very little away but I'd be surprised if there's any extra episodes to 5, think online is making them too much money.
  7. Some very tidy sorts cutting about the Shore just now, confident the trend will continue although at a lesser extent on the Walk.
  8. Get him telt sweeperdee.
  9. Got a pint of Orkney lager called Lerwick. Bit peaty imo.
  10. Was bit sceptical about it but booked a week in Madeira late September.
  11. Don't get to make many weekends matches so pleased to be able to go to the opening game.
  12. I've missed all this back and forth with tin pot forum members, it's good to have the league campaign back again.
  13. 130/135 Pretty Boy stuff is probably some of the best boxing of our era when he had a higher mix of defense/aggression. I rate Pernell Whitaker as having the best defense ever though.
  14. Big thanks for all the Finnieston recommendations.