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  1. Jake, did you not point out to him that when you come through the turnstiles there is a big sign saying ‘Away Support’ pointing to the steps towards the terrace?? Find it quite bizarre that someone would have an issue actually. I’ve been to Cowden countless amounts of times, and this is only the 2nd time I wasn’t on that terrace.
  2. Just home from the game and delighted we managed to bag the 3 points. We were a totally different side to the one that went out of the cup last Saturday and in all honesty the game was never really in doubt. Cowdenbeath may not be a good team, they certainly look short of ideas going forward and in the final 3rd, but they were well organised, hard to break down and physical in their approach, so it wasn’t an easy afternoon. We played well throughout. Binnie and the Back 4 we’re confident and I don’t remember any shakey moments. That may have been more to do with Cowden’s lack of firepower and creativity, but credit where credit is due, the lads did well. We won the game in Midfiekd and moving forward however and during the 90 minutes we played some really good football. Black & Robertson were bossing the Midfield, really imposed themselves into the game and when Caddis & Morrison got onto the ball, they were making things happen. Morrison once again looked like a player who is playing way below the level he should be and was exceptional. I’ve said it before but I worry when we lose him. Darren Smith & Peter MacDonald were there usual selves, did really well, holding up the ball and finding space to run into. Both caused problems for the Cowden defence and it really wasn’t a surprise to see both find the net. The disappointment was seeing Peaso score and instantly signal that he needed to come off. Special shoutout to his replacement however. There have been a few question marks over Neil McLaughlan’s head since he joined the club, but this afternoon he showed what he was really about and worked tireless upfront and, quite frankly, played a blinder. Everything you would expect Peaso to do, McLaughlin was doing, and he had a little bit more pace and running about him. Throughout the 2nd half, some of the football that was being played, was great to watch and he was playing a big part of that. Is he ready for First Team football, i’m still not sure, but there is no doubt that a few more appearance like this and Dave MacKay will have another selection dilemma on his hands. All in all an enjoyable afternoon against a ridged Cowdenbeath. I was please with everything I seen, can’t wait to Stenny now. Well done Binos
  3. Heading through to the game with my son on Saturday and even he said to me last Saturday "if that Goalkeeper is playing can we head home?" [emoji23] I have never known a trip to Central Park being an easy place to play football, despite how they have been playing during that time. Saturday will be no different, it'll be a tough game and despite them being bottom of the league, they still don't concede many goals. i still fancy our chances and am praying for some kind of bounce from Saturday, but doubt it'll be an easy game like some of the Cowden fans on here are suggesting.
  4. Pretty much across the road really
  5. 2017/18 - Stirling (1st currently) Clyde ( 8th currently) 2016/17 - Stirling 6th - Clyde 9th 2015/16 - Stirling 7th - Clyde 3rd 2014/15 - Stirling League 1 - Clyde League 2 2013/14 - Stirling 3rd - Clyde 4th 2012/13 - Stirling 7th - Clyde 9th 2011/12 - Stirling 2nd Division - Clyde 9th (3rd Division) 2010/11 - Stirling 1st Division - Clyde 10th (3rd Division) These are the only stats that really matter. I could go on, I'm having fun but it's getting late and I don't quite know how my tongue in cheek comment got me into this, but keep it coming if you want lads, for as much as I actually like Clyde (and have said it on here countless amount of times), you're in no position to belittle us.
  6. Would still rather be top at this point in the season than 3rd bottom. Without actually knowing the stats, I would safely say over the past 10 years we have finished above Clyde more times than not. Can't believe a couple of Clyde fans have got their knickers in a twist about my tongue in cheek comment about Mackay signing Goodwillie, how pathetic [emoji23] Think a lot of Clyde fans are even laughing at you for this comment......Forthbank.....midden [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Cowdown Countdown 2.0

    Bugger, I missed that. What happened?
  8. Stirling Albion Thread

    Have to agree Jake. I'm absolutely scunnerd at Dave Mackay's thinking on this one. As I have said before, I'm not totally convinced that Cammy Binnie is the future SPL keeper that many believe he'll be, but you could see straight from the Annan game that Foden was dodgy yet Mackay has stuck with him. Why? Who actually knows but it's cost him a couple of points and maybe even a cup place.
  9. Stirling vs LTHV

    Dave Mackay and the players have taken a lot of praise since the turn of the year and, quite rightly, so far this season but I think they are due a bit of criticism after that. The players let the manager down badly today and the supporters, only really Darren Smith impressed (Andrew Black in spells). However, Mackay's baffling persistence with Foden in goals was always going to end in disaster and today was that day, especially for their last goal. Surely, surely, surely this is the last we have seen of him in the starting line up. To think, this guy is actually paid by a Premiership club However, today's defeat wasn't solely down to Foden. The back 4 were dire throughout. Scott Davidson looked like someone who had never played football before and was to blame for the first 2 goals. Steven Noble was horrendous defensively and showed why he is not the first pick Left Back. Ross McGeachie tried but struggled in the air and positionally, however with what was going on around about him, maybe he is worth the benefit of doubt as he was trying to do everything. Ewan McNeil just didn't want the ball and did nothing to exploit the space on the right hand side. It looked as though he was trying to play a Centre Half role. I'm not sure if that was intended or not, but I'm guessing the latter. The Midfield all look to similar to me. I thought Andrew Black did well at breaking up play and at least showed a bit of fight and determination, but on the ball was poor. Liam Caddis did well on the ball but nothing defensively, however I was surprised to see he was chosen to be subbed. Sean Dickson looks like a player who hasn't played much football recently and struggled to make his mark on the game. As I mentioned above, I think playing him and Caddis together are far to similar and it should be one or the other. As a Midfield 3, none of them were picking up opposition players, the amount of times LTHV had 1,2 or 3 players free in Midfield was frightening. Our front 3 were mixed as well. Darren Smith played well and seemed to be our only effective out ball. McLaughlan tried, but had little service. I sometimes felt he was trying too hard to impress, one to many flicks and turns ended up with the ball being lost and he always seemed to get onto the ball outside of the box, but maybe that was due to the lack of service. Kav also looked off his game and just didn't have the same 'get up and go' or energy that we have com to expect from him. There was no urgency, no fight and it honestly looked like we lacked desire. As I mentioned, Defensively we were horrendous however there was no need for the the "Davidson your shite" shout near the tunnel area at Half Time, that achieves nothing and that supporter should hang his head in shame quite frankly. All credit must go to LTHV, they kept it simple and remained organised throughout. Some of their goals were good. They noticed pretty quickly that our back 4 were suspect at cross balls so kept on doing it, fair play, they can hold their heads up high and look forward to playing St.Mirren in the next round. For Mackay, after Clyde, Annan, Elgin and today, he must get back to the drawing board before the wheels come off Forfar style. Foden is not cut out to be a Goalkeeper at this level, actually, I'm yet to be convinced that Binnie is the answer, but must be brought in for the Cowdenbeath game and given another run at it, this has gone on to long. Davidson was again found wanting and looks a shadow of the player that broke through under McLaren, it goes back to the "why did we not sign another Centre Back" conundrum over the summer period. Midfield is also worrying, I really don't know who my preferred 3 would be in there, they all seem to have their on and off games and it's Russian roulette to find out which one it is. Tonight hurts, it really hurts, but we can't lose focus of what we have achieved so far this season, my only concern is, is this a wobble or are the wheels going to come off, only the players can decide and every one of them needs to get the sleeves rolled up again and start fighting. PS - Just out of interest, why have LTHV not applied/get the money to go into the LL?? They have it on the park, surely they should be doing everything they can to get in there and make a real go of it.
  10. Stirling vs LTHV

    We've been a little stuttery at home in the last few games being beaten by Clyde, winning against Annan despite being the poorest of the 2 teams for large spells of the game and chucking a 2 goal lead to lose to Elgin. Although, without meaning to sound big time, I still think this should be a comfortable afternoon. Over the past few seasons, with a worse team, we have seen off Cumbernauld Colts and Wick Academy, who both play at a higher standard. No Callumn Morrison is s blow, but it gives others a chance to shine and maybe one or two of the fringe players will be given a run out.
  11. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    Blair Henderson really isn't this sort of player, you would think he would be, but sadly he isn't.
  12. Lthv 17/18

    So what can we expect from you guys on Saturday? Will there be a big following coming through the game or a couple of wee mini buses? Is there likely to be much of a game?? This is exactly why I love the Scottish Cup, can't wait for Saturday (only wish the game was at your ground)
  13. Can't wait for Dave Mackay to take him off your hands and play him alongside Peaso
  14. Gordon Strachan

    My problem is that I don't see any obvious candidates who would be better than him if he was to be replaced. People can point to someone like Alex McLeish, but the current squad has it's strengths going forward, is he really the man to do better than GS.......I'm not sure. It's my opinion that GS got this campaign into this mess by being stubborn and loyal to guys like Steven Fletcher and Robert Snodgrass, rather than throwing in the players that have now made a success of this campaign, until it was almost too late. For the above reason, I do think we should give him another campaign, along with the fact that the players do seem to be playing for him, but am I starting to warm to him.....hhmmmm, not sure, probably.