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  1. Yeah because someone like......say Bryan Hodge, would never do something like that eh? Come on, these guys are looking out for themselves (we all do I suppose). He wants to play football, rather than travel all that way to sit on the bench, but he's not going to volunteer to leave Peterhead without anywhere to go, so he's fixed something up, that's common sense to me and something that happens all the time in football. As for picking Cowdenbeath over Arbroath....that's a total heads gone, but as has been suggested, maybe the deal was already done and he didn't want to go back on his word or maybe it's more convenient to where he lives/works and makes more sense for him to do. Hodge filled in at Left Back for us a couple of times but was totally exposed by his lack of pace. Sure, he'll do as a stop gap but I wouldn't suggest it would be a good idea long term.
  2. As long as an agreement is struck, then why not? It made financial sense for Stirling Council to agree
  3. What an absolute car crash of a thread. Just for the record, Stirling didn't "get off" with paying rent, we've supplied many hundreds of hours worth of man power into council (Active Stirling) run courses that would of cost the council hundreds of thousands in wages over the years along with other joint yes, they wrote off the debt, but they still had their money paid back, just in other ways.
  4. Would rather have Kavanagh and which ever one of the other 2 can actually be arsed this week. Not great, but hopefully Mackay is working on something.
  5. Although I wouldn't swap Chris Smith for any of them, I haven't seen a bad Goalkeeper in this league for the past couple of seasons. The standard has certainly improved. Even last season, The Shire had Darren Dolan, a young Keeper who could of played for any of the clubs in this league this year, surprised he is now used as a back up.
  6. I wasn't at the game yesterday, but there is no doubt that Bikey is a good player for this level. Good enough to move to the top end of the Championship......I'm not convinced he is, which is probably why we have managed to keep onto him for about 8 weeks now.
  7. Calvin Colquhoun - Surprised to read that actually because he's played well since coming in. May just have been one of those games for him.
  8. Now my head hurts.......I'm not getting into a tit for tat argument and at no point was I being cocky. If you think that Cowdenbeath squad is good then so be it, the league table and a very large majority of the poster in the Cowdenbeath thread would also disagree with you. At the time of your illustrious win at Forthbank 3 weeks ago, were Stirling poor? Yes!! However, everyone could see that, which is why 5 new players were signed (and possibly more to come) fact, we could see how poor we were months before that game and our manager paid the price for that. Your managed still remains in a job. To get back to the original point you made. If a player can't already get into a poor m, at times terrible, team at this level, then why should a team that has already recruited to improve, take a chance on him?
  9. Which is probably the reason 7 of them were dropped for the Clyde game the following week!
  10. Christ that Cowden team is awful, even their own supporters would agree to that, if he isn't ready to step into their First Team then keep him away from Forthbank. Our momentum is starting to build, it's important that we replace Bikey and Beith with players of the same quality.
  11. Sorry to butt in, but get used to it lads.
  12. Ray McKinnon on Radio Scotland saying he is looking for "a forward thinking player who can play wide or through the middle" and "he's been impressed with a boy we've had in for about 2 weeks now".....might be wrong but Bikey ticks those boxes.
  13. Ah but he deserves it. Little ned. Good point, delighted.
  14. Love a wee Annan away day, one of the best in the league. No trip to Annan is complete until you visit 'The Shed' but the social club is good also.