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  1. Think that'll be a given. You would of thought that, with everything that's at stake, Arbroath will bring everyone and anyone down for the day. Jeez, that made me feel sleepy.
  2. A little snippet in today's Sun: "Stirling Albion are ready to offer a new deal to former Rangers striker Andy Little. The Northern Ireland cap, 27, is now at home recovering from a fractured skull and eye socket. Little's current Binos deal is up at the end of the season but boss Dave Mackay is keen for him to sign again. Mackay said "Andy is hoping to come over to watch our final game against Arbroath a week on Saturday. We'd be keen to extend his deal."
  3. Not really much to get excited about after the disappointment of last weekend. Well done to Edinburgh in securing their place in League 2 for next season, they were written off by many pre-season but they have shown that with a bit of ambition clubs can find a place within the senior leagues and stay up. The adventure continues for them, as it did with Annan, Elgin and others previously (including a couple of Premiership teams). I fully expect that Dave Mackay know who he wants to keep for next season and the players who are surplus to requirements, so I'm more interested in off the field moves rather than this game, however a win and a 5th place finish would be nice.
  4. Not necessarily. We've seen loads of "Premiership players" at this level who are absolutely bobbins and you wonder who they are even in football.
  5. Jake pretty much sums it up by saying alright. Hasn't set the heather on fire and doesn't look like a player who could play at a higher level just yet but has done well enough to suggest he has a future in the game at a lower level at least.
  6. Who?? If you include Andy Little, I can think of 8 out of the current squad. My fingers are crossed for you.
  7. A poor day at the office and the day that our Play Off push probably died, but it was good while it lasted. Too many players showed their true colours today, it's just a pity they all chose to do it on the same day. All credit has to go to Cowdenbeath, they came out with fire and fight, we seemed to treat it like a meaningless end of season game, and we were punished for it. Absolutely no complaint about the scoreline, but for the 2nd time this season I left Forthbank wondering how Cowdenbeath are bottom. The 2 Strikers were absolutely superb and would be an asset to any team in this league (on today's showing). Although I was impressed with Mackay's decision to bring on the 2 subs when he did, I do question why he took the players off he chose to. IF they were injured then fair doos, however Morrison was looking effective and we all know what Kav can do, and he arguably offers more than 'Hopeless Henderson'..... in fact there is no argument about it, he does offer more. Connor Quigley was woeful at Left Back, McGeachie and Forsyth were rag dolled in the middle and Caddis looked suspect Defensively but not bad going forward. The Midfield was equally as laughable, and Black looks so out his depth at this level....I could go on but I'll leave it here. Well done to Cowdenbeath and let's start the summer rebuild now.
  8. Absolutely and congratulations on your success in doing so. I personally think Edinburgh have shown everyone that, with a bit of ambition, the new pyramid set up should be welcomed by every "non-league" club and hopefully it will convince some of the big hitting Junior teams to jump ship. So, considering you absolutely ran away with the league last year, in playing standard how big a jump have you found League 2 from the Lowland League and how have you found it as a spectator in comparison?
  9. Some cracking goals there. Thought O'Brien had it in the bag and then I saw Denholm's [emoji33]
  10. No abuse from The Binos, we just want you (and Elgin) to keep on losing so we can steal your Play Off space, nothing else.
  11. It's because you're not playing "the Arbroath way".
  12. Never really got the obsession for this. I remember reading a stat in FourFourTwo a few years ago that WBA are 1 of only 4 teams to own their stadium in England. I would imagine we are no different up here. Off the top of my head, Stirling, Falkirk, Clyde, Dunfermline, Airdrie, Edinburgh City, Cowdenbeath and Rangers don't own the stadium. If you really were in the know, I bet there is a lot more. By and large it means absolutely nothing if, as has been stated, good arrangements have been put in place.
  13. Having re-read my original post, this is what I meant. It's certainly easier to tempt people along to Forthbank for a one off game/Hospitality day than it would in other stadiums, which are stereotypical lower league. In a world of television and the "glitz and glamor" of the EPL, I wonder how many young children have been put off football at this level, due to the stadiums? Thankfully, that's something we don't have to worry about, although we have lost a large proportion of the younger generation, it's not been down to facilities.
  14. I would take Forthbank over any other stadium in the bottom 2 divisions....however, it could be improved. A singing section has been tried previously and (I'm lead to believe) the lads no longer attend games, but I would also like to see behind the goals open for that use.
  15. I THINK they had no choice, you can only play for 2 clubs in the same season so because Hearts brought him off the bench a couple of times, they had no other option. I'm sure I read somewhere that it was actually Bikey that wanted to come back, rather than sit in the stand. Looking forward to Saturday's game. After the last few seasons it's great to have something to play for at this time of the season, certainly keeps your interests up. It's not going to be an easy game, Cowdenbeath showed during their last visit that they are a handy team on their day, and obviously Locke seems to be getting a reaction from the players.