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  1. Top of the League Thread

    That’s because they haven’t got a clue or an Interest of football at this level. I think anyone who knows this league would generally have tipped the top 4 to be the teams that currently occupy it. Still think Peterhead will win the league, but if you win your next 2 games that gap is going to be hard to claw back.
  2. Annan vs Stirling

    Thanks Fred. Really hope it’s not that much of a concern and he can play again so he can get a good send off from the support.
  3. Annan vs Stirling

    Wasn’t at the game but with all due respect, I doubt it was our biggest point of the season....in truth, we have picked up quite a few lucky points and 3 points already this season, none more so than our home tie against Annan. Does anyone know what was up with Callumn Morrison today?
  4. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    It’s a valid point you make and in truth, I’m the same. The only thing is though, I think the same arguments are used about foreign players higher up the ladder but why can’t you be seen as both? A successful team that also gives Youth a chance? It’s worked for Hamilton, Dundee United, Falkirk and others in the past.
  5. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    Must admit, I though this at one point, but there is a lot to be said about a team made up of players from the Youth and signed from other clubs. A quick look at the Stirling team and you’ll see that 7 of our First Team squad have come through our Youth Development squad and about 5-10 more have had a shot at breaking through over the past couple of seasons. Now I’m not saying this will be good enough to get us to where we want to be in the grand scheme of things, but I think a lot needs to be said about clubs such as ours giving youngsters the platform to become involved in the professional game.
  6. Annan Athletic 2017/18 thread

    Haha, 1 hat trick doesn’t prove critics wrong. That is laughable to suggest.
  7. I was at Forthbank with 16 disappointed 7 year olds minutes after the game was called off. Looking at the pitch, the game would never have been on, so it was the right call to make.
  8. Peterhead v Clyde

    The prison closed about 2 years ago, sex offenders are in Glenochil
  9. The game has actually got me worried. We’re just not firing on all cylinders at the moment and when we met Cowdenbeath at Central Park earlier in the season, I honestly didn’t think they were that bad. They were very organised but had little going forward. With regards to a female ref, as I touched on above, I’m all for it and hope it encourages other females to become involved. I think in a lot of ways that it’s sad that it has taken until 2017 for women to make a mark within our game.......I just hope I’m still saying that after the match [emoji23]
  10. She took charge of the Edinburgh City v Berwick game a few months ago, and the BBC made a big thing about it at the time. Fair play to her and I hope it encourages more females. Not sure how many games she has ref’d since then but she has definitely run the line at Forthbank before.
  11. Really surprised to read that about Morrison. I couldn’t make the game but it must have been “one of those nights” for the lad because normally he has pace and product.
  12. As a regular visitor (as an away fan) that’s fantastic news. That Burger Van at the side of the pitch is/was rotten. Thankfully, the last couple of times at Broadwood I have managed to bring food in with me (mad dash from my sons football to games means little time for eating, if any) which has eased the pain.
  13. Would absolutely agree with this. Pity the way it has turned out.
  14. Your probably right Jake, the minute a 9am pitch inspection was called, it was inevitable. Pity we weren’t playing someone like Clyde, Stenny or Edinburgh today because if the inspection was now, then we may have had a chance. With Peterhead still being involved in the Scottish Cup, then I think any chance of this game being rescheduled for a Saturday is lost.
  15. According to the Supporters Club Chairman, this is how the pitch look at about 4pm today.