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  1. Think a lot of hard work that was put into building a crowd was undone in the summer with the signing of Thomson and various other decisions. I remember a lot of fans on here saying they wouldn’t be back and it look like many have fallen through with that.
  2. Top of the League Thread

    You ground out a 1-0 win at Forthbank last week [emoji23]
  3. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    I have to disagree, there is plenty wrong with the pyramid. The idea of the pyramid is great and there are 2 or 3 clubs in the Lowland League that will be an asset to the SPFL, should they be promoted. However, to have university sides, glorified boys clubs and a French Academy in there is just mental. Let’s hope in the years to come some of the bigger Junior sides follow Kerry Hearts and come across to the EoS League or whatever. As has been said previously, I can tell you are trying to look at alternatives but to go Junior would be a complete heads gone. If the future of your club is a potato field with a couple of portacabbins while you face Crossgates Primrose etc etc, then I think you can forgive people for not coming to games. The Juniors are dying, not thriving. That makes you no different to the majority of lower league sides, just got to think outside the box to generate income or galvanise the support, but fans can only give so much, you need to get back into the community and the businesses that it brings.
  4. I’d gladly take a 1-0 win tomorrow. Looking at the league table, many would expect an easy win, however, since Edinburgh came into the league, i’ve always found these to be tight games, settled by a goal.
  5. Berwick Rangers v The Binos

    Looking at the highlights, unless they are edited in Berwick’s favour, it looks like we were fortunate that they were so wasteful in the final third.
  6. PETERHEAD - 17/18 Season

    So glad things turned out well for Rory and his family. Honestly couldn’t imagine anything worse than something life threatening with your children.
  7. Berwick Rangers v The Binos

    I actually forgot about this game, was thinking we weren’t playing until Saturday [emoji23]. Yeah, agree with Jake, I think the team picks itself at the moment and assuming all the players can make it and nobody picked up any knocks then I’d go again with the same line up.
  8. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    Although I’m not in support of them changing the rules during the course of the season, I think, going forward, that this would have the backing of quite a lot of supporters but it would need to be in place before the season starts for me.
  9. All sounds very familiar [emoji23]
  10. The Binos v Peterhead

    Only if they can have Colt Refs in the lower leagues......you know the ones? The next generation of refs that will help them in the Scottish Premiership.
  11. The Binos v Peterhead

    As I said in my post, he wasn’t the reason we lost the match, and I haven’t actually read anybody suggest it was, so not sure where this comment has come from.
  12. The Binos v Peterhead

    Frustrating afternoon for The Albion at Forthbank, no doubt about it. With the way the conditions were, it was obvious from early on that small margins were going to make the difference, sadly for us the small margin came from an absolute wondergoal from Jamie Stevenson (a player I’d love to see at the club) and a total abject performance from Referee Mike Roncone. We didn’t really do much wrong today, the conditions make it difficult, but every player did their best in them. Sadly for us, we’re a football team and we couldn’t really play much football and were limited to creating chances due to it. That didn’t stop Darren Smith hitting the post with a freak cross come shot in the first half and he really should of scored in the second half, rattling the bar from about 3 yards, when it looked easier to score. The story of the game though, was the totally inept performance of the Referee. Sure, he’s not the reason we lost the match (that was down to a superb strike)but he certainly didn’t help. One thing you know from a Jim McInally & Davie Nichols side is that they will be street wise and will use every trick in the book to disrupt play and create an advantage, sadly for the Binos, time after time after time Roncone bought it, to the extent where he started over ruling linemen and baffling the Albion bench and crowd. The game is well and truly over when this happens, when you are not even getting the clearest of Free Kicks that the Linesman is flagging for, and Alan Smith, Willie Gibson and co are falling over without any contact then we really should just close the gates, pick the ball up and go home. So the run is over, and a point would of been fair, but the bright side is that we are still comfortably in the Play Off spot and did well in conditions that simply didn’t suit our style of game.
  13. The Binos v Peterhead

    Really looking forward to the game on Saturday, it’s actually a massive game for us and it’s a pity that Peterhead didn’t play more locally as it surely would of pulled in a decent crowd. The bad weather has probably hit us at the wrong time, we seemed to really hit form in the game against Clyde but with the disruptions now, who knows how we are going to be against Peterhead. Win the game and we are right back in it, c’mon!
  14. Stirling v Clyde

    It’s a massive long shot now and it will take ourselves or Stenny to totally crumble......but there will be twists and turns before the season ends and if this does happen (highly unlikely but IF) and Clyde keep playing like that, then I think it will be Clyde who’ll slip in before Elgin or Annan.
  15. Stirling Albion Thread

    Oh Christ [emoji33] https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1409133-football-chairman-suspended-amid-coach-sex-abuse-probe/