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  1. Johnston got a 2 year deal, wow!! That guy must be one of the luckiest lower league players ever, honestly. Absolute bobbins but always manages to pick up a deal from some hapless manager just because he has pace.
  2. Awful performance again, but actually, credit where credit is due because that was a patched up team and we came away with a win, so you have to be happy with that. If Edinburgh had a striker, or if See had been playing, the scoreline could of been very different, but credit to our Back 4, I thought Smith and McGeachie were more composed than McMillan and Wright have been the past few months. The Midfield were non-existant however, Dickson, to his credit, tried to get into the game and played 2 or 3 excellent through balls to Smith, Kav and McLaren but he can't be expected to do it all. Talking of Kav, he was excellent today, full of movement and full of energy. We have one clear cut chance and he finished it brilliantly. This lad could have a big future not only at the club but in the game. Yeah, we weren't great but it's a good feeling walking away from Forthbank with 3 points, and I'm convinced it makes my beer taste better tonight as well.
  3. Would agree with this, as I've said elsewhere, he could be a good player for you.
  4. Dave Mackay and Ross Forsyth plotting 3 points against Edinburgh City tomorrow
  5. What a minute's, wait a minute......what about someone who can actually Defend?
  6. Same was said about Ian McCall when he was appointed Ayr manager. Look how that one turned out. I would have loved JC at Forthbank.
  7. Actually really looking forward to the game and it's one we've really got to take 3 points from. I've been to both games against Edinburgh City this season and I have been impressed with them, in different ways, each time. They have certainly been a good addition to the league and we are certainly up for another tough game at Forthbank. The game in December has probably been our worst performance under Dave Mackay, it was absolutely chronic. I honestly don't think we have improved massively since then, but that was a bad team having an extremely bad day so fingers crossed we'll not have another. Win on Saturday and beat Cowdenbeath next week and it certainly makes things a little bit interesting for the Binos.
  8. That's yur man, Aiden Malone
  9. Was he a chubby looking striker with dark hair?
  10. Forfar interested in signing Aiden Malone now that he has failed to win a contract with us, according to the Daily Record.
  11. He was some player back then, someone I think everyone wanted in their team, a player who fans of all sides admired and feared. Kind of went downhill for him when he signed for Dunfermline but in his St.Mirren days there was probably few better outside of the Old Firm in my opinion.
  12. Sending off aside, how did David Verlaque get on for you lads on Saturday?? Must admit, for the large part, I liked him at Stirling, sure his crossing was suspect but when he was playing regular and enjoying his football then he was dangerous going forward. Comes across as a good bloke as well so I wish him well.
  13. Pace young Steven The Bruce, your fellow team mate has pace. Managers look at this and think "if only we can mould him into being better on the ball" and give it a try but obviously, as yet, they can't. The guy is horrendous and will be bobbing about in the Juniors soon.
  14. Was expecting a hammering so I'll gladly take a point and move onto a big game next week. Well done to the players and the management team.