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  1. Seems so. You're usually raging when he goes off injured.
  2. Millar off. You ragin yet m8?
  3. Fancy Aberdeen to win this one. We'll sit off them too much again.
  4. Dick Advocaat glowered at me.
  5. Brown doesn't give a f*ck imo.
  6. Joey Barton chat.
  7. Who is worse Deefiant or Grimbo?
  8. Is it a monorail the council are building beside the stadium?
  9. Heard that Mostovoi is on his way this summer for definite.
  10. When Alan Preston knows a player well......does that mean he's their agent?
  11. Only Ronaldo would think that's an elbow in the face.
  12. He didn't. He pushed him away when he was going mental celebrating his cup final goal. Just RG exaggerating as usual.
  13. Negan was a high school gym teacher who also had a part time job as a car salesman.