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  1. Having a big shite just now. Suspect that I overdid it with the museli this morning.
  2. I've got Son as well. Absolutely brilliant. I play hero Rooney at cam who scores for fun.
  3. It was 6-0 at half time and he spent most of the 2nd half kicking lumps out of my players. Standard OF shitebaggery.
  4. Tommy loves a big,shite striker.
  5. Played a Celtic fan last night. Celtic badge,strip etc. Pretty fantastic team with legend Larsson up front. Shat myself when I saw the line up brimming with shields etc. Smashed the smelly c*nt 8-2.
  6. Some disgusting tactics on display today with the treatment of Scougall.
  7. Disappointing to see such negative anti-football from Partick. Hoofball for 90 minutes.
  8. Doesn't matter. If he comes off the bench he'll score anyway.
  9. We'll never have a more pathetic excuse for a player than The Ghost. Never. C*nt