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  1. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    Loving Liams album I didn't like Holy Mountain at first but it's definitely growing on me after a few listens.
  2. FIFA 18

    [email protected] you Fahrmann.
  3. FIFA 18

    I've got a few teams on the go depending on what mood I'm in.
  4. FIFA 18

    Giovinco. Get him bought if you can fit him into a team.
  5. Terrible Jobs

    I've found a picture of TCK on a previous job.
  6. FIFA 18

    No luck at all with packs. Highest I've ever had was 85 Keylor Navas last Fifa. Then today............boards come out............. German................keeper............... [email protected] Ralf Fahrmann. Who I already had.
  7. FIFA 18

    I'm also f*cking sick of seeing Leroy Sane.
  8. FIFA 18

    This. 100%
  9. FIFA 18

    I use Balotelli in a Ligue side but his low/low work rate can GTF.
  10. FIFA 18

    Anybody noticed much difference with the update? I thought there was a marked improvement with the goalkeeping.
  11. SFA compliance officer's remit ?

    Ando being punched last season as well against Sevco.
  12. FIFA 18

    I either pump or get pumped. Pretty frustrating.
  13. FIFA 18

    Bet the **** love his celebration though.
  14. FIFA 18

    I've tried Casillas, Ruffier, Lopez, Trapp, Donnaruma and Samassa in online matches. Only Trapp and Samassa have been shite. Ruffier is the best. Yet to try Fahrmann and Perin. I've high hopes for Perin as he was a god in Fifa 17.
  15. FIFA 18

    Had an interesting weekend. I was beaten by the IRA on Friday but got some revenge by making Gerry Adams rage quit last night.