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  1. Sick burn from Rads. Cummins is a strange one tbh it's frustrating how often he's offside but he's a more than capable player at our level. Just wish Macca was 5 years younger.
  3. Absolutely glorious
  4. "The most admirable team in the Scottish Premiership"
  5. What a fuckin bairn.
  6. They can have Swanson for 3m if they like.
  7. He's got a lot of influence on the pitch.
  8. The problem is when we are playing poorly MacLean starts dropping deeper and deeper and then nae c*nt is in the box.
  9. If May joins Aberdeen they should just be handed the league title imo.
  10. Cathro is playing Moneyball. In 68% of his 121 appearances his pass completion rate was 79%
  11. I am a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science.