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  1. I like the Durrant song.
  2. Is Biggie a forty-something single woman?
  3. Grimbo likes this.
  4. Wouldn't have been possible without Brendan imo.
  5. Might be some space on the bench for some of the mythical youth players.
  6. Any memories of those players ( Judas types ), that have crossed the Meh derby divide? What about the fact that Killie refuse to sign any player that was born in Perth?
  7. Hopefully we pump Killie and give that fat jakeball Sawer something to rant about on YouTube.
  8. The fat *** is guaranteed to get his 200th goal.
  9. No wonder Clark left asap. Couldn't handle the Meh Goldfish bowl imo.
  10. Mehctarianism. Nothing beats it imo.
  11. It's that time again. Let's get ready to rumble!