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  1. Get Stuart Baxter in.
  2. ^^^OFTW^^^
  3. Think I'm siding with Kyle on this one.
  4. Has Coulson been unlucky with niggling injuries? Or is Coulson shite?
  5. Can we not get Brendan to sort out Scottish football? He's not going to have much to do once Celtic wrap up the league.
  6. Never mind lads. A hero is coming to our rescue on Sunday to provide leadership, strength and drive from the midfield..............
  7. Heard this as well. I'm sure it came out at the time of all the EBT stuff. Might be shite though.
  8. The Longest Night. About the Titanic. It was good evening though I knew the spoilers.
  9. That team would greatly benefit from Bazzas unique range of sideways passing imo.
  10. Mannus was getting a lot of criticism from Saints fans last season for not coming for crosses often enough.
  11. Might head down to the Edinburgh v La Rochelle game.
  12. Great result. Didn't shite the bed and we're up to 4th. Pleasing.