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  1. He nearly took his foot off! Unlucky my hairy hole, Andy Walker
  2. PSJFC v MFC 12.8.17

    Must be tough being a St Johnstone fan. You get handed an overwhelmingly easy victory against a shite Well team but still have to argue over clear cut decisions. Have a laugh, you pumped us without playing well at all, if shoe was on other foot I'd be having a right giggle to myself
  3. McGhee is still a w**k but he's done well to resurrect our season after the tragedy of Barraclough.
  4. Dundee United v Motherwell

    Gomis should be nowhere near this game. Absolute imposter
  5. Grimshaw away, Las suspended, makeshift central midfield, Louis Moult up front...... 2-0 Dossers
  6. Well V Cove Rangers

    Hope someone sends Cove fans a link to our highlights of match as Sportscene somehow never showed any of their chances and turned an entertaining game into a 60 second 'highlight' package
  7. Well V Cove Rangers

    Fair enough. Cheers
  8. Well V Cove Rangers

    Is there a PATG option for this or is it all ticket?
  9. No problem with Ainsworth leaving. Only plays well when he feels like it
  10. He should have moaned 100% about the ref. Complete c**t
  11. St. Aggies v St. Eelmen, 21st Nov.

    Another inept performance, another poor team line up from McGhee. f**k off now Mark you're a shite manager/coach/assistant/motivator, you couldn't motivate a Sunday morning Guinness shite.
  12. Sportscene watch 2015/16

    Are united playing in pink?
  13. Killie v Motherwell

    Fucking hate Mark McGhee but 2 positive results in last two games. Can't argue with that