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  1. Automatic relegation from League 2

    If the LL/HL champions were regularly trouncing Club42, I would say you would have a point. However, Club 42 have won 2 and lost1 so far, and Edinburgh City needed extra time to beat Shire. Once LL & HL champs are winning consistently, lets relegate club 42 automatically and make club 41 play off against loser of HL/LL playoff. Until then, however, we should make the HL/LL champion prove that they are better than the worst current SPFL side.
  2. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Do you need proof, my friend? https://www.ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-uk/how-britain-voted-2016-eu-referendum In the European referendum, the lower your social class, the higher the probabaility that you voted leave. The 2014 referendum was longer ago, but interestingly, a 2017 report concludes "Since 2014 there has been a steady decline in support for independence among voters within the C2DE social grades. The ABC1 social bracket has been largely static." Accordingly, I stand by my previous assessment. Would you feel better if I called you "Mr Subhuman Scum"?
  3. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    If going up is important to Cove, why not scratch from the Highland League Cup and take the (small?) fine that would result? Problem is of their own making IMO
  4. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    BBC text report from 43 minutes"Attempt missed. Ricky Gomes (Arbroath) right footed shot from the right side of the box is close, but misses to the left." WTF? Does he think he's Div Crawford?
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    Don't know if there's any spaces available, but this is the relevant phone no/email address 07775 779440 [email protected]
  6. Eticket System Survey

    Exactly. So wtf do we need to even think about instigating a ticketing system?
  7. Eticket System Survey

    My immediate reaction would be against this proposal. My 2 main reasons were: 1) Expense of installing readers 2) Tickets should only be required for 'all-ticket' games. In those situations, most clubs offer priority schemes. How would this proposal address this matter? In addition, what safeguards would be in place to stop touts making bulk purchases of tickets for desirable matches?
  8. Please may I mess with your mind?

    In England, the "quarter days" were as follows: Lady Day (25 March) Midsummer Day (24 June) Michaelmas (29 September) Christmas (25 December) They were the four dates in each year on which servants were hired, school terms started, and rents were due. They fell on four religious festivals roughly three months apart and close to the two solstices and two equinoxes. As an aside, "April Fool" may also derive from changing the start of the year from April to January. One suggestion is that the people who celebrated the New Year on Jan 1st referred to those that persisted with celebrating the "Old New Year" as April Fools (this shouldn't be confused with those that still celebrate the Julian New Year on 12th January)
  9. Please may I mess with your mind?

    Originally New Year's Day was on 25th March. In order to ensure no loss of tax revenue, the Treasury decided that the taxation year which started on 25th March 1752 would be of the usual length (365 days) and would end on 4th April, the following tax year beginning on 5th April. The extra adjustment was because 1800 was a leap year in the Julian system but not in the Gregorian system.
  10. Arbroath vs Forfar

    Like this? I see Dougal has his Farfar tracksuit on too
  11. The DUP

    I see Walker's also do a saltire version though. Nothing like covering all these 'fleg' bases. Obviously, the Saltire version isn't quite as much of a waste of money. You get an extra 16g for the same cost.
  12. The DUP

    Dunno. I googled "Union Jack Keepsake tin" from Kinky's post and found the picture at the ebay link I provided above. The same pic is on Walker's own site though
  13. The DUP

    £5.75 (inc P&P) for 120g of averagey biscuits? That's nearly £48 per kilogram. What a bargain! (if you're a moron, a gullible tourist or a collector of crap) Which group do you fall into TCK?
  14. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Voting 'Leave' in EUref 2016 & 'No' in Indyref 2014. Subhuman scum. Oh, and the Old Firm thing too, as referenced above.
  15. League 1 Team of the Year

    Put Jordan Hart in for Jack Ruddy & you've got this year's comedy XI