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  1. Hearts v Dundee

    Good win against an extremely poor Dundee. Levein is slowly but surely turning things around. McDonald looks like some prospect, what an excellent pass for the goal.
  2. For any Partick frightened rabbit fans, you will be treated to a wee live version of the Hearts song from Scott Hutchison.
  3. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    Well done the perth fermers. The Hibs winter collapse has started
  4. Hearts Stadium Development

    Can get the good times back
  5. Hearts Stadium Development

    That's it confirmed. Game on.
  6. Hearts Stadium Development

    See trying to get into Easter Road with they automated turnstyles Absolute joke. Very nearly a crush last night because of it. Hopefully ours are better run than that shite.
  7. Hibs vs Hearts

    That ref is fucking diabolical by the way.
  8. Hibs vs Hearts

    Absolutely tragic approach to the game from Levein. Embarrassing. Hibs now have the upper hand. It is a new experience for me and I do not enjoy it.
  9. Hibs vs Hearts

    Where do you see that? My group bought an extra 3 on Saturday night.