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  1. Stevie Wilson

    No big jobs came his way after getting Vics up twice. But if he can get AWR up, surely Tannadice will be his next stop?
  2. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    The soundtrack would replace Duelling Banjoes as a synonym for hillbillies.
  3. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Probably looking for a decent pie stand.
  4. Game off

    Were they the Darvel Pieman’s pies?
  5. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Of course, but my point stands. If the Pieman decides to change things then change you must.
  6. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    It was this time last year,too.
  7. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    If they keep the players and managers beyond the pieman’s short fuse.
  8. Ffs watch it again. Eddie has his back to the keeper who swings his leg at him. Eddie raises his arms. What for if he isn’t kicked. He can’t see any kick if it misses him. No-one is saying it was a leg breaker, just a petulant swipe but still a penalty and a red card.
  9. Wtf was wrong with the penalty? Your keeper kicked our player. The ref saw it, I saw it and everyone else saw it. No-ones leg got broken but it was still a kick and a penalty and a red card.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Age. Junior being discriminated against is an age thing. Maybe a wee read of the SFA’s articles of association might clarify gurnieman’s problems with understanding why they will require to make all teams currently in the junior grade equal in standing in the new set up.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Court of Arbitration in Sport for one, Gurnieman. And who are the teams who will be in the West Region, Loknoo?
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    There currently is no west feeder to the LL, therefore, any west league will be at tier 6. If the East juniors are to join the pyramid, then it must, legally, also be at tier 6. It will be the job of the SFA to facilitate any change, and they would be spending a lot of time in court defending why they discriminated against the East Region juniors should they be placed at tier 7.
  13. Tonight's Scores

    Hard fought win on pitch made of treacle.