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  1. So between Ayr, Raith and Dumbarton over 18 games there will be one win, don't think so. St Mirren fan deluded predictions.
  2. All this missed opportunity crap is really annoying and pointless. I could go on about being the better team against DU at home, outplayed them but lost 1 nil, missed opportunity etc. etc. Raith away outplayed them but only drew, missed opportunity. All teams have so called "missed opportunities" but the facts are we didn't win these games. Just as you couldn't beat us over 4 games, you think we are a crap team well from the games I've seen your lot your pretty awful too. Btw both challenges were red cards.
  3. Really? You should have seen us of? I've seen all 4 games against your lot and with the exception of the 2-2 game when we had 10 men and managed to grab a draw, we have been the better side by some margin. We really should've won 3 and lost one.
  4. You would need to lose every game to finish bottom I would guess and that isn't going to happen. You are 6 points ahead of St Mirren and they have a possible 21 points to go for they are not bridging that gap. Even the most optimistic Saints fan is targeting Ayr and Dumbarton not Rovers. Relax the very worst is that you'll finish 9th and even that is doubtful.
  5. I was only a few yards away from this incident and it looked deliberate to me. The Dumbarton player could easily have avoided falling on McDade but he decided in a cowardly way to fall on him subsequently injuring him.
  6. St Mirren are going to have to pick up a series of wins and Rovers have a disastrous run to finish bottom.
  7. I really believe that any team in the bottom 4 who can achieve 3 wins from now to the end of the season will be safe. St Mirren it's true may require 4 wins though.
  8. Absolute nonsense
  9. True but 9th would still be acceptable, it's avoiding bottom that I'm more concerned about.
  10. The sending off seemed to spur them on, as they played better with 10 men.
  11. Well out of the 4 games we've played against you guys that was your best performance, you didn't a result but you were always in the game, at no time did I feel comfortable.
  12. Most bookies still have us as favourites to finish bottom, despite our recent good form and having a game in hand. Also they seem to think it's a 3 horse race as Raith are 10/1 to finish bottom.
  13. I don't agree that Dumbarton were poor, you could easily have got something from the game. Were Ayr the best team? Yes but only just.
  14. I would take 9th right now
  15. I would agree 40 points should be enough. The only problem is the bottom teams are now the form teams and all are capable of winning any game. So expect lots of weird results from now to the end of the season.