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  1. Not excited by this would much rather it was Hilson.
  2. I'm sure he'll play centre back as we are short there unless he plays Rose there of course.
  3. Yes but he lives near Dumfries, I believe so travelling could be an issue for some clubs
  4. Craig Reid, ex Dunfermline will sign on Thursday but Fleming will now leave. All in the Post this week.
  5. IMO only Raith & Ayr can win the league, everyone else is fighting for a playoff spot.
  6. 1. Ayr United 2. Raith Rovers 3. Airdrie 4. Alloa 5. Forfar 6. East Fife 7. Stranraer 8. Albion Rovers 9. Queen's Park 10. Arbroath
  7. Your right we haven't hugely improved our squad from last season but by maintaining the same quality and turning full time we should be too strong for all the teams in league one with the possible exception of Rovers.
  8. We will play 2 up front against most teams in this league.
  9. My understanding is that we will be totally full time as will Adams but he'll only train on a Thursday and Friday. The FT/ PT model would mean that some players would train during the day and the p/t players would train 2 nights a week. There will be no evening training with our model.
  10. Is it not crucial for the goalkeeper and back 4 to work as a unit at set pieces like corners and free kicks. If he can't commit to full time look for someone who can. He's a decent keep but he ain't no Buffon.
  11. Just a brief visit my friend. Think you'll do well to stay up this season.
  12. It's all gone quiet on the Gary Harkins front is he signing for you guys or not?
  13. Doesn't matter to me I'm on holiday. Why have big games in the middle of July?
  14. Huge jump from 20's to League one
  15. He's totally untried would be a huge risk and one we can't afford to take imo.