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  1. Ayr United - 17-18 rumblings and mumblings

    Barratt the home builder pulled out of buying Somerset due to the banking crisis, end of new stadium.
  2. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    By all accounts Raith are now in meltdown so I fully expect a comfortable win.
  3. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Cuthbert at Raith when fit is class
  4. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    We need to win, a draw would suit Raith. If we have any thoughts about winning this league then a win on Tuesday week is essential
  5. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Despite what a lot of my fellow Ayr fans have stated I felt Bell's red card was harsh.
  6. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Stair park for the best facilities in league one [emoji23]
  7. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Don't disagree with much of this but I did feel Adams made a bit of a meal over the second red.
  8. Ayr United v Stranraer

    The words sour and grapes come to mind mate
  9. Ayr United v Stranraer

    McCall earned his corn today. Changed things at half time which ultimately gave us the win. Putting Adams on for the "losing the plot" Gaggan was a smart move and changed the game.
  10. Ayr United - 17-18 rumblings and mumblings

    Yes but has he played for Celtic a prerequisite for Mr Strachan?
  11. Ayr United v Airdrieonians

    If memory serves me right that result in 1980 finished off our promotion dream and I remember a massive brawl outside the ground, some pretty sickening scenes actually that fortunately I haven't witnessed since.
  12. Ayrshire Aces -V- Methill Minks

    Yip still total tosh
  13. Ayrshire Aces -V- Methill Minks

    Total tosh
  14. Ayrshire Aces -V- Methill Minks

    Appeal would fail, by the current rules it is a definite red. I appreciate he didn't mean it but if you raise your studs and make contact with an opponent then it's a straight red.
  15. Ayr United - 17-18 rumblings and mumblings

    Don't think we've got the cash to splash on fringe players. If we get the bulk of our injured players back we'll be fine. Although whether we have enough quality to keep winning week in week out is debatable.