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  1. He should be punted if possible
  2. I don't understand some fans and every club had them that want managers sacked after one bad result or even a couple of poor shows. Aitken was always a decent manager as was Duffy for Morton when their roasters were calling for his head. Puzzling.....
  3. We'll pass you guys on the way up, so probably won't play you again for a while. Enjoy the relegation battle with the mighty Brechin,
  4. Don't think he knew tbh. But I understand your angst, I wouldn't like that either
  5. Also does that mean that Robbie Crawford is moving on?
  6. Some guys posted somewhere that they had spoken with Adams and he was unlikely to resign. Personally I don't think we need him.
  7. Tbf he ain't good enough for you.
  8. Have you guys got any half decent players left?
  9. Very true.....
  10. Easy 12 points for us next season
  11. We're talking about league games here. Oh and by the way Ayr have a population of 50K not the 11K that Methil have!
  12. They have an average home support of about 500 yet bring a travelling support of 1200???? Impressive!
  13. East Fife have an average ho e support of about 500 yet apparently they bring 1200 to away games at Raith, really???
  14. Looking forward to it[emoji3]