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  1. Tempted to watch this just to see how they attempt to make this a moral dilemna.. someone gives you a box with a button.. press it and you get £1M but a random person you don't know dies. Think I would have needed about 30 secs of consideration before pressing it.
  2. A pound coin says One Pound on it but I call that a quid. I don't let the man tell me what to do.
  3. Once we go cashless we won't need pences anyway.
  4. Mark O'Meara is struggling.. 11 over through 11.
  5. Went for £4 on Fowler and Spieth at 16/1 and 14/1 respectively. Long shot £1 EW on Russel Knox at 200/1 flying the flag for Scotland.
  6. Any spaces in this for newcomers? Credentials include leading my fantasy league all the way last year and bottling it for 2nd.. getting to the playoff final and bottling it again.
  7. Knew 4.. Wimans tennis, Simpsons, Kevin and silly island name. Guessed 0.... 4/10
  8. Incorrect.. "one pence" or "a penny" is the correct answer.
  9. 3/10 for Wednesday. Narrowed it down to 50/50 for quite a few and guessed wrong.. knew Senegal, Confed Cup and and guessed old timey tv show
  10. I thought the same, spent ages re-reading the question as I thought they were all leap years
  11. I thought he was attempting to spell Tesco.
  12. Texco. Also, if you drop £70 out of your pocket you don't deserve it back.
  13. Always considered becoming a teacher later in my career purely for the summer holidays. I'm an engineer so figure I could just do the years teacher training and teach physics. Then again.. is it worth putting up with arsehole kids for less money just to get 7 weeks off in the summer? Maybe not.
  14. Because cutting your grass in the rain isn't much fun. You're a male who books an appointment to get your haircut? OFTW thread for this.
  15. 4/10 for Tuesday, knew the flag, ploughmans and cricket.. guessed another.