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  1. Dundee Utd v Champions 2017/18

    Frustrating night, confident we'll win on Saturday and clinch it at home but it would have been great to score a goal in the 2nd half in front of that big away crowd and send us all mental. Fair play to Utd they had a gameplan to shut us down and it worked, how Flood got away with so many fouls without getting booked is beyond me but he was everywhere in the middle of the park and didn't let us get a second on the ball to start an attack. Moshni won everything in the air, he was MOTM for me. I don't understand our tactics towards the end when we just decided to start launching balls into the box, Ross clearly told them to do this since he put on Sutton and Hippolyte for long throws. It was obvious Moshni was dealing with high balls easily, the only success we got in the 2nd half was down the right flank since they had 2 men over on Morgan most of the time but we gave up on that with 20 minutes to go. Ah well, wanted to win at home anyway obviously .
  2. As it stands we would wrap it up by winning at Tannadice if us and Livi both win our 3 games each before then, which would be glorious.
  3. Younger and less injury prone yes.. but also nowhere near as good.
  4. Don't think he is good enough for the Premiership so this makes sense.
  5. QOS V League Leaders

    Thought it would be the 05/06 season, cheers for doing to research that I was too lazy to do . We could still do it to Brechin and Inverness if we win our remaining games against them.
  6. QOS V League Leaders

    When was the last time we beat a team all 4 times in a season? Do we get to keep QotS and put them on our Mantelpiece?
  7. League Leaders v Dunfermline

    No but I think Hippolyte deserves a chance from the start.
  8. League Leaders v Dunfermline

    I’d keep Mackenzie in with Davis and start Hippolyte wide with Maggenis and McGinn in the middle and Reilly upfront with Smith playing off him, drop McShane/Flynn.
  9. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Dare to dream captain pessimism you might even enjoy yourself.
  10. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Yes he's been important, everyone has. Doesn't mean he's untouchable.
  11. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    People are really touchy about this McShane thing. You can't win the league with 11 players, you need to use your full squad there is nothing wrong with rotation or resting of players when you have someone available to come in and add a different dimension to the team.
  12. What if I discuss it "aloud" rather than on the internet?
  13. Sorry lads forgot we aren't aloud to discuss the possibility of strengthening the starting 11 just because we are top of the league
  14. Sounds similar to McShane so seems like he has been brought in as back up and to challenge for his spot. Weak point is maybe a bit strong but it's the position where we need some backup and there is potential to win a place in the starting 11. McGinn and Morgan are first name on the team sheet, Flynn I'm assuming is backup/challenge for Maggennis.
  15. Not sure what sort of midfielder Mark Hill is but hopefully he is of similar ilk to Mcshane as I think McShane is the only real weak point in our starting 11 and competition for the position can only be good. Mcshane has been really good in some games but also had a few stinkers.