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  1. I think bottom right has a ball hanging out
  2. Numbers 2 and 3 are killie tops surely?
  3. I've actually done it and can confirm I am understating it not a nice feeling to look down and see your knee pointing west when the rest of your leg is pointing north.
  4. Signed on loan in January and played until March when he injured his knee, been out since then but signed for us in the Summer.
  5. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    You're a brave soul thanks for sharing. RIP Gt Britain.
  6. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    Any slim playoffs chances well and truly snuffed out by playing Dak over Cam at the cost of 30 odd points. Ah well always next year.
  7. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Any suggestions of where is best to park?
  8. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Panthers and Titans
  9. Went on holiday and forgot to pick week 8 I would have picked the mighty Mirren but that would have no doubt jinxed us and I'd be out anyway
  10. Fantasy Fitba - Phase 2 Underway

    Been on holiday and missed the deadline to change my team for the next phase. Am I too late too submit a new team for phase 2 as well?
  11. The Big Bang Theory

    Watched 5 mins of the 1st episode of the new season and didn't even come close to laughing so turned it off. They should haved killed this years ago.
  12. Standing Bowl XIII

    Oops, 2 weeks in Mexico cost me my shot at the Standing Bowl, almost worth it . Well done Silvio.
  13. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Guessed every one, 1/10 Off on holiday for the next 2 weeks so count me out please.
  14. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    6/10 for Thursday, knew 4.. guessed 2
  15. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Can we move this discussion to the "Mildly Promising Strikers Who Average a Goal every 4 Matches" thread please?