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  1. A 5/10 to give me a faint hope of making the playoffs.
  2. 5/10, educated guesses on 4 and a complete guess on 1.
  3. Roger Moore captain, also only just realised I had Chuck Berry on my list so almost like a double win today.
  4. I was in George Square 10 years ago at Christmas, close call.
  5. Can't stand all this "Thoughts and prayers with Manchester" stuff. As if, if you don't tweet/FB saying that then everyone will assume you're not bothered about dozens of people being killed. On radio 2 this morning the news segment spent 5 mins reading out all these types of tweets from celebrities and football players etc.. who gives a f**k? How about reporting what actually happened and any information that can help people with family involved.
  6. Personally, I'd rather just have the freedom enjoy my time at leisure rather than living for the weekends and then trying to squeeze my life into 2-3 days off before going back to work on Monday and wasting 4.5 days waiting on the next weekend. I'm 26, got a pretty decent well paying job which is relativey stress free but pretty boring.. but I feel like every hour I spend in work is just an hour wasted and don't want to waste my life in an office staring at a screen and chatting with people I have little in common with. Unfortunately, barring a lottery win there is little alternative if I want to continue to live in a nice house and afford to go to the football, play golf, go holidays and nights out etc. I don't think people who don't work should be judged but they also shouldn't be living off other people's tax money unless they can't work for medical reasons or are between jobs etc.
  7. 6/10, knew 4.. 1 complete guess and 1 educated guess.
  8. I seen Gary Mack was all but confirmed but thought Cammy Smith was just rumours. Hopefully it's true though they 2 would have been my first 2 picks to get in along with Harry Davis depending on his injury.
  9. Stelios has been posting photos on his Instagram of him in Cyprus so I doubt it's him.
  10. 4/10 for Monday, Knew 3 out of the first 5 and guessed another correct, then all downhill from there.
  11. Ooft where to start with this. The switching between addressing "the haters", James and facebook in general. The repeated use of "ect" which I'm assuming is short for ecstasy. "I don't care what you look like / act like" - Basically saying he's an ugly arsehole. "You gotta get to know someone before u judge them like a cover of a book" - That well known catchy expression. Glorious.
  12. The fact that the word "Bigly" is apparently a word that is acceptable to use in a serious article now because that fud Trump kept using it and it turned out to be a real word. ETA - For some reason when you click on the article the headline is different, but this is the headline on bbc news front page. If young people voted bigly, would it change anything?
  13. All it's missing is a picture of the body rolling into the big fire, before heading down to the really big fire for all eternity.
  14. Thought I was doing ok, ended up with 3/10.
  15. Knew 1, got 1.. and it was about a fictional meerkat