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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    What a fucking embarrassment, and the doss c**ts don't even have the gumption to realise that the disparities at play between them and the big boys of Europe is the exact same disparity which sees them have an unreachable stranglehold over every other club in Scotland. Scum.
  2. Hearts v Ross County

    Another one that will be getting body swerved.
  3. Edinburgh Cup Derby 2018

    The seethe if these mutant c**ts beat us again, let alone the derby between Christmas and New Year, will pass Hiroshima and Nagasaki levels. Levein and Budge will genuinely get John Wilsoned.
  4. When we conceded she probably let out a wee 'oh well'. C**t.
  5. Hearts Stadium Development

    How dare you criticise Queen Ann, m8. We nearly died about three and a half years ago.
  6. Only the jammy wearers do.
  7. The Hibs booeys desperate to clutch at straws. Come the end of the season, we'll again have the higher average attendance, despite being fucking bobbins for a second straight year and Hibs being relatively good. Hibs also drew in 17,145 for the opening game of your new East Stand, which included nearly 4,000 Rangers fans compared to 500 Partick fans.
  8. Delighted for big Grigor!
  9. Another shrewd move to bump this one.
  10. Hearts Stadium Development

    Why would we want a 'double-tiered' stand, when single-tiered 'kops' are far superior? Don't know why the spend is being upped by £1m either. It's £14m, with about £1m of that being spent on the other three stands.
  11. Partick being trolled all the way to Maryhill and back.
  12. Hearts Stadium Development

    1. Allows for a bit bigger/better home dressing room internally. 2. Good. They'll be right in the middle section anyway and probably have a quick getaway. 3. It has always been there. Was the same with the old stand.
  13. Hearts Stadium Development

    Looks fantastic on the inside, as we all knew it would. It would be cracking if all the seats could be the same shade of maroon as the new ones, but it obviously isn't a priority right now. In time they should be. I still won't be there, though. They're going to have to do a lot more than this to woo me back.
  14. Don't worry guys, there's still the health and safety inspection at Tynecastle later that could make up for things.
  15. Oaft. That's some result. I hope Dimitrov wins it because he's a hunky dreamboat.