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  1. Football League 2017/18 season

    That woman on the tannoy is trolling me into oblivion.
  2. Hearts Stadium Development

    They still haven't won a Euro tie since '89.
  3. Celtic have essentially just done enough to get the job done - yet there is still a chasm between them. Hilarious.
  4. Hearts Stadium Development

    The outside will look more than good enough when it's all said and done. The state some folk are getting in for one reason or another is incredible. Inside will be more than that, though. It will be fucking immense.
  5. Just how raging are you about the fact that Tynecastle will soon be even more superior than Easter Road? Let it all out.
  6. Quite a few clubs cashing in on the maroon pound of late. Aye, but the Hertz weren't in town that day.
  7. Hibs actually drawing Celtic. I think they need to redo it.
  8. What's that? A player a shadow of his former self after years warming the Old Firm bench? Surely not, m8s.
  9. The mask is slipping big time from the Sheep. If Lewis had the 'mare he's having here against us the other week it would have been another doing. An uncertain future ahead too.
  10. Cowie is only the best of a very bad bunch out of those three IMO. Would honestly rather see a makeshift player in there.