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  1. That was just us ruining you for second and third, mate. Fourth is nae bad, though.
  2. Does Lennon know his team blew a 3-0 lead and will finish behind Rangers? He needs help.
  4. Hibsing: The Second Coming.
  5. Hertz have rebroken Hibz with that natural order derby win it would seem.
  6. Eurovision

    This German gadgey finally getting back to Gerry and the Pacemakers with a response.
  7. Hearts vs Hibs

    Hertz have won two of the last three derbies and didn't hoof the baw any more than Hibz the other night. Our first goal was, in fact, liquid ball play.
  8. Hearts vs Hibs

    Taking things extremely well. You've won there about seven times in 40 years ya doss c**t and not finished second once in that time. 'Expectation'.
  9. Hearts vs Hibs

    'Mr Reliable' is fucking pump, m8. The fact we've not had people trying to roast him in recent derbies has trolled me into oblivion. How he has eked out a career as a footballer is one of life's true mysteries. No lap of honour post-derby win for the Hertz tonight either as tucking away your rabble is to be expected of Edinburgh's establishment club. Still just the three top three finishes for Hibs since the mid-70s. A good player up here, no doubt, but would struggle to have much of a career in the Championship down south. Replacing Scott Brown at the feeder club and following in his footsteps of shitebagging it from playing elsewhere is probably his best bet. That's now him and Broony that wee Cochrane has managed to school this season, and the kid has only just turned 17.
  10. Hearts vs Hibs

    Hi lads, just me passing through. Hope everyone's doing good. Decent game out there this evening.
  11. It's hilarious how much of a nothing game this fixture is now. A total joke.
  12. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    Aye, Noel was great the other night. Also 22 years today since the second night of the Maine Road gigs. Definitely a bit better than the first night. Unquestionably the best live version of Don't Look Back in Anger he'll ever play. On electric as it was intended, quicker tempo, singing every chorus, and absolutely nailing the final solo with the pick scrape. So fucking good.
  13. Rangers vs Hearts

    Hertz chucking the ball game to keep the Teddy Bearz in 2nd spot.
  14. Rangers vs Hearts

    That's no what yer Ma said.