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  1. Good. Fucking humpty Yank douchebag.
  2. Yeah, a shree-year deal is worthwhile for someone like Berra, but not fucking dug meat like Malaury MartAn. Even if he was to only have two good years left in him, he'd still be decent to have as backup.
  3. For Your Eyes Only was his best IMO and is one of the most underrated in the series. It was more serious and gritty than all his others, despite still having some of the comedy elements and the daft Thatcher skit at the end. Carole Bouquet's Bond girl was before its time and Columbo is a great ally.
  4. Please, no.
  5. Sascha Zverev is already looking like the real deal. Beat Djokovic in straight sets without facing a break point to win the title. You wouldn't think clay would be a great surface for him either. Wonder what his odds will be like for Wimbledon?
  6. Onto the sixth page of the thread. Clearly, the forum is in awe of this groundbreaking Celtic achievement.
  7. You can when you consider the fact we'd be getting dicked by the sides in the bottom six as well. There really would be minimal difference in any case.
  8. Djokovic has just absolutely rekt Thiem. He's had a good week.
  9. Seeing as my scathing post of wee Cathro was deleted (), I'll be more diplomatic with this one. Since the weekend of 10th/11th December: 1. Celtic (69 points) 2. Aberdeen (46 points) 3. St Johnstone (36 points) 4. Rangers (35 points) 5. Ross County (30 points) 6. Partick Thistle (28 points) 7. Kilmarnock (24 points) 8. Motherwell (23 points) 9. Dundee (22 points) 10. Hamilton Academical (20 points) 11. Inverness CT (20 points) 12. Heart of Midlothian (19 points)
  10. Could you tell this to that fucking bitch Budge, please?
  11. Good. Last thing we need is one unfinished stadium being replaced by another.
  12. That's just Willo Flood.