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  1. Why don't Labour just call it a day?
  2. They're also picking up some of the no-voting punters who voted SNP last time to obliterate Labour.
  3. Imagine being there to see the rhats clinch the unbeaten rhebel threble.
  4. Wild horses couldn't drag me to this.
  5. It will be nauseating seeing the Scotland haters and Conservative British Nationalists stroking their wee maggots over picking up half a dozen seats and claiming it proves Scotland doesn't want another referendum... even though the SNP will still hoover up about 50.
  6. What an absolute weirdo. He must be having a breakdown.
  7. Aberdeen have already shown this season that they'll just bend over and take it in the final as well. Excellent stuff. Nice for them to get their first experience of a proper final for nearly 20 years, mind.
  8. A basement in a wealthy Edinburgh post code*
  9. Well, unlike you Magee, I don't look like the Scottish Josef Fritzl, so I'll let you have a wee think about that.
  10. McGe-ouch injured again.
  11. Think I have copyright over it, tbqh.