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  1. Hearts visit Ibrox

    Levein will come desperately looking for a point and we'll lose 2-0. The End.
  2. Think my balls will explode when we win Scottish Cup number nine to chore Hibs' European slot.
  3. Cup Final Date

    Aberdeen definitely won't be there, so I wouldn't worry about it, bud.
  4. Mind the last two seasons when there were literally leagues between us and Hibs and their booeys were giving it the 'all about the cups' chat.
  5. Hibernian vs Aberdeen

    Aberdeen. Absolute fucking shitebags. Praying we play your joke outfit at Hampden this season.
  6. Staggies v Jambos

    Well, Aberdeen were certainly delighted with the one at Murrayfield.
  7. Staggies v Jambos

    That was appalling. Injuries starting to f**k us if today is anything to go by. Also goes to show how badly we need to clear out the likes of Cowie and Callachan in the summer.
  8. Staggies v Jambos

    Nowhere near as miserable as your posts.
  9. Good stuff from both clubs. Motherwell showing up the St Johnstone snakes.
  10. The game will still go to a replay if it's a draw. Think there was a wee bit of confusion over something that was said before the draw. There were no replays from the previous round as every tie had already been decided.
  11. Don't see too much of an issue, relatively speaking. It's better than the Saturday lunchtime or Sunday evening slot. I thought this was always more likely to be picked by the BBC over the Sheep and Killie.
  12. Racism from the stands has been heard from time to time ever since I can remember going to games. Unfortunately, it's no surprise at all. Hearts should do everything possible to root out as much of it as we can, obviously, but it's a wider societal issue, regardless of football club.
  13. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Hearts had about double your support in the 1986 Final (hahaha, '86 m8s). Yeah, it's not the Capital's fault that civilisation failed to reach Aberdeen in time to cobble your current club together. Just think what we would have done to you in 2012 if you never shat it off Hibs.
  14. I think we'll sell whatever we're given. Hopefully Motherwell get those seats fixed.
  15. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    How many times have you won Scotland's premier knockout competition? Kilmarnock fans actually going ahead with that patter.