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  1. I'm already throbbing for his inevitable derby winner and celebration.
  2. Because we won two world wars? A bit like how Pat Stanton's urine wouldn't show up on a Hibs tap? Because you never stuck in at school?
  3. Corniest. Shame 'Welcome to Paradise' and 'More than a Club' are already taken.
  4. Another near 6'3" listed Liff.
  5. I was going to say you would probably have to go back to the derby we pumped them 3-0 at Easter Road in 1990 after the merger () attempt for such a poisonous occassion. I wasn't even born but going by the video footage, reports and chat about it over the years it obviously stands out. What was the home game you're referring to? Best atmosphere for me has to be when Hartley's pen sealed Champions League qualification against Aberdeen. Other notable games are Bednar's header against Rangers for eight in a row under Burley and then his double against Celtic early the next season when Lennon slipped on his hole. Two times when there was a tangible sense that we could actually win the league. The 3-2 game we lost to Celtic on New Year's Day 2006, as sickening as it was, was electric, as was the derby we won 3-2 on Boxing Day in 2006 the following season. Both games had everything. The match we beat Celtic 2-0 in midweek when Black and Templeton scored just a few days after our 2-0 win at Easter Road with Templeton's mazy. Those results started our immense run under Jefferies which included so many good bounces: Kyle in the New Year Derby then Stevenson against Rangers in the biggest robbery ever seen at Tynie a few weeks later. That season really was excellent with some terrific games. Shame it fizzled out in the end. Thought we were going to win the cup that year during that run only for us to fall at the first hurdle. Won it twelve months later, at least.
  6. Is it surprising/concerning that we haven't had an update on the hip yet? No news regarding Djokovic still as well.
  7. One of the best atmospheres at Tynecastle was when John Wilson (not guilty) went for Neil Lennon. The pure poison that night was unlike anything before or since in my lifetime. Shame we never won as it would have handed Rangers the title before the final day. Given how bad it was anyway, I can only imagine what it would have been like had that transpired. Still, we were already on our holidays having secured third and qualified for Europe.
  8. My point was thankfully already picked up on above, but it will only be more money if we can't sell half the stand ourselves. If we're having a good season, we will. A Hibs fan calling the Hertz bitter.
  9. If we're doing well, we'll continue to sell half the Roseburn to Hearts fans. Not sure why this clown is playing the 'more money' nonsense or thinks anyone cares about having a more bigoted atmosphere.
  10. You forgot 'more of our victimised, life loser fans will be able to chant about nonsense they can barely comprehend'.
  11. Complete and utter scum.