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  1. What about all the many other Commonwealth Countries?
  2. Three Hopes for This Season

    1. We got better... 2. Yea! Beat Giants Thanksgiven 3. Ha ha ha. Nope. More like 1-5.
  3. Championship Sunday

    That would be fucking horrible. I'd need to drink treble what I plan to get through the choice between the Eagles actually winning a Superbowl or Patriots winning again. Just seen a tweet from SB Nation that both the teams QBs in the NFC Championship game have been coached by Jeff Fisher. Their roster numbers are 7 and 9...
  4. Coaching Carousel

    GM, Brian Gaine new 5 year deal and Bill O'Brien 4 year deal at Texans.
  5. General Politics Thread

    Labour are setting the agenda while voting down the same agenda everywhere they can.
  6. NFL General Discussion

    So with his arrest, has Reuben Foster become the first NFL player arrested during their off-season for 2018?
  7. General Politics Thread

    With help from the party led by Corbyn.
  8. NFL London

    Chargers gonna treble their normal home crowd in 1 game
  9. And only 21. There can not be many teams that have a 21 year old as both longest serving and player with most Apps.
  10. Coaching Carousel

    Jon Gruden. 10 years, 100m contract at the Raiders.
  11. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Yes. And Elway the Baltimore Colts. Manning and his father both said that he would not play for the Chargers so the Chargers picked him anyway, after making a deal with the Giants that a Trade for Manning for Rivers plus 2 draft picks. Elway told the Colts if he wasn't traded he would sign for I think the Yankees and play pro-Baseball instead.
  12. Playoff Picture/Race for number 1 pick

    Rosen has officially declared
  13. NFL General Discussion

    If Jo Jacoby continues to be snubbed it will be a travisty. The Tackle that had to battle Taylor and White twice every season. Won 3 superbowls and founding member of one of the best, if not the best OL in history of the sport.
  14. Coaching Carousel

    I know it's an old cliché but he must have something on someone very important in that organisation.
  15. Coaching Carousel

    Ted Thompson moving "upstairs" which mean Green Bay looking for a new GM.