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  1. NFL General Discussion

    Cowboys on Turkey Day...
  2. General Politics Thread

    They're in Douma now supposedly.
  3. NFL General Discussion

    Eagles CB, Daryl Worley arrested. He was found in a vehicle passed out that was blocking a highway. NFL Players
  4. General Politics Thread

    Why is the actual name and full make up classified? ...UK 45 minutes away from being hit with WMD...
  5. Motherwell v Aberdeen Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Well our manager knew Dunne and Campbell would only be fit the night before. Dunne strolled it, Campbell bossed it. So in otherwords that's a shite excuse
  6. General Politics Thread

    You know you could replace the name Lavrov with Johnson and Kremlin with Westminster and your statement would be just as true.
  7. Motherwell v Aberdeen Scottish Cup Semi Final

    I fucking love Allan Campbell
  8. I want to hear again how Motherwell lost a lot of money by not copywriting the chants and songs again.
  9. Absolute shocker

    The conclusion given by OPCW is: Some sort of Nerve Agent. Not what kind, where it came from or who administered it. UK's position is it was Novichok, it came from Russia and the Russians did it. So the OPCW have not backed the UK claims per the report by the UK
  10. Absolute shocker

    So we're no further forward than before.
  11. Motherwell v Aberdeen Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Like the team but swap Bigi for Frear. Move Tait to the right, Frear to the Left and Cadden inside.
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    Did the same. Roma have been brilliant.
  13. Champions League 2017/18

    Roma score! As it stands Roma going through on away goals. Well deserved so far
  14. Champions League 2017/18

    Roma leading 2-0. Down 4-3 on aggregate
  15. Champions League 2017/18

    Spanish ref sends off Catalonian Manager...