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  1. Joe Miller recalls his World Cup experience...
  2. The bizarre thing about the Joe Miller story is that he and Derek Whyte were only on AFC's books together for part of 1997-98 with Miller moving onto the Arabs in the summer of 1998. They hardly played many 1st team matches together let alone a friendly so wondering when this game was supposed to have taken place?
  3. I'm on Chrome. had the issue for maybe 2 days now?
  4. cheers - not quite sure how I missed him out...!
  5. Having to sign in every time I log on
  6. Everyone who played that season, including loans: Allison, John Baird, Stuart Baxter, Mark Boyd, Stuart Buchanan, Liam Carlin, Andy Downs, Robert Fusco, Gary Grant, Martin Gribben, Darren Guy, Graham Hay, David Hill, Dougie Hughes, Chris Jackson, Andy Krobot, Lukas Mauchlen, Iain McBride, Kevin McBride, Paul McCallum, Ryan McGregor, Darren McKenna, David Millar, Marc One, Armand Paatelainen, Markus Paatelainen, Mikko Ritchie, Innes Scullion, Pat Thomson, Darran Ward, John Wilson, Davie
  7. Decent youth set up based in Kilmarnock, churn out a lot of lads from 21s that go into the Juniors at a good level, some going even higher - O'Ware a recent example at Morton. have their own pitch and clubhouse in the town with plans to redevelop.
  8. He was with them til 15 but not sure that counts as being a trainee! Good old press.
  9. They don't seem to want it. Perhaps a more conservative league in outlook than the Juniors combined!
  10. well who knows bar those individuals themselves? I would suggest that if they don't go up in year 1 they will in year 2 as the league does not have much strength in depth and if they find for example LTHV a bit of a block, then they can invest a bit more in 2nd season to dislodge them.
  11. As it is, I think only Threave, St Cuthbert W and Wigtown meet the criteria before a ball is kicked and there's no guarantee any of them will win it. And TR have not enjoyed their 2 separate spells playing above the South. An unfortunate situation all in all.
  12. Not sure there will be much opposition from SoS - none of them seem to fancy promotion.
  13. Is it not some Burns reference?
  14. Was it not the case that the winners of this year's tourney were to qualify? I know LTHV won the EoS anyway but it was reported at the time of the final that the winner got a Scottish Cup place.
  15. Considering the pressure he'll be under to get them back up and the Championship's reputation as being the league with the shortest shelf life for managers in the UK, he will be taking a massive risk going down. Ok financially it's a no brainer but for his career going forward? Unless he fancies the Sevco gig once yon Portuguese fella makes a meal of it. Easier move to go from A to C via B.