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  1. He was utter pish.
  2. The South sides onfield range from Super First-ish to the spread of abilities found at District level. A huge chunk of Wigtown's side (14/15 maybe) have come through the ranks at Stranraer and when I saw them in August v Talbot they were reasonable and good going forward but not at Bot's level. None of the South sides would hang about for long at the top end.
  3. BSc PGDE
  4. P22 F 19 A 168 (W1D1L20)
  5. For anyone interested in where they've moved from and to...
  6. There's another pic on their facebook that also shows the stand,
  7. It does and doesn't! Two Ross McKinnons (though one was MacKinnon) have played footie lately, both were on Clyde's books. The one at EK as recently as December seems more likely if he's a recent appearance. Was also with BSC, EKFC, Elgin, Alloa, Dumbarton and Motherwell. He's also left-sided.
  8. cheers - is that Ross McKinnon who was with EK Thistle until a few weeks ago?
  9. Seeing some unfamiliar names in the squad vs. 'Lie? Osbourne in goal, McKinnon at #7 and Harkins on bench?
  10. threesome?
  11. Mate was a comedy groupie of sorts and through that connection, at Edinburgh Fridge '97 lent Al Murray my Daily Record and had pint with Alistair McGowan. Also spent a fair bit of time in company of Stewart Lee and Richard Herring as mate was their gopher. My mate was sharing a flat with an up and coming comedian - having a 4 year old sister at time, I was well versed in the Tellytubbies and introduced this show to said flatmate - Frankie Boyle. Also met Noel Fielding and Robin Ince through the comedy whore. Went to the King's panto in 2007 with work and our lot were sat very close to Robert Carlyle with family. Saw Blyth Duff from Taggart in an EK supermarket in early 00s. The episode that Jardine was killed in Taggart was shown not long before I saw the girl he was winching in that episode, on the 38 bus into Glasgow. Saw Jim 'Red Blue and' White on West Nile St around the same time. Saw Dougie Donnelly in December 2015 at a function. Mate's uncle Jerry Kelly was in the 80s pop band Lotus Eaters, had a top 20 hit in UK, met him a few times. Went to college with the bassist from Gomez and knew ITV newsreader Ranvir Singh when she was younger. Saw tv showbiz reporter Ross King having his lunch in Cameron House a good while ago. Went to an Ian St John summer training camp on the Wirral as a kid and a got a daily lift there and back from Liverpool from the man himself. Used to see Dominic Matteo out nightclubbing in Southport in his early days at Liverpool. Opened the door at Pollok FC to Tony Roper who'd dropped by for a game (can't recall what it was). Saw Alan Rough a few times after the game when down with Pollok at Glenafton. Crossed paths with uber Don Richard Gordon a few times. Was at a football dinner years ago and had Lee Wilkie sitting/towering across from me. When living in Manchester I saw Mrs Battersby (the wee fat dumpy one) and Sally Webster in the city centre. Think I also saw Les Battersby too though I can't place where.
  12. Taggart was at its best when thy did the 3 parters, though by the end having stories only 45 mins long was a poor decision IMO. And sacking wee Stuart.
  13. 43/48
  14. Which counts for nothing as (1) these U20s weren't assembled for the competition and (2) of the games won, one of those was against the L2 side's own U20s - i.e. Clyde v Partick while Stirling put out a weakened team v Hearts. Aberdeen, Rangers and Accies beat 5th tier sides and Motherwell beat newly promoted Edinburgh City who failed to win a single game in any competition until November. In R1, the only one which was actually a bona fide win for an U20 vs an established and 'up to standard' L2 side was Celtic, U20 champs, v Annan.
  15. Thing is, these players playing in L2 will not make them international-class. They'd be playing against better opposition than in U20 matches, but that's it. Also, at clubs that aren't Rangers and Celtic, young players that are good enough get in the 1st team, though some get sold on quickly (A Robertson / the Falkirk lads that went south, R Fraser etc). Those that aren't good enough for the 1st team get loaned out and released. Ultimately if a youngster goes to Celtic or Rangers he should know he's kissing goodbye to a likely prospect of 1st team football before 21, unless he is an exceptional talent (i.e. Tierney). Playing Clyde or Edinburgh City won't bring the others on to the required level.