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  1. Central Sectional Cup final

    It certainly was a social club. Lok's Bar and Kitchen at Newlandsfield is now a private entity completely separate from the football club. I understood Sweepers to be a similar thing.
  2. Central Sectional Cup final

    Is it not just a pub?
  3. Central Sectional Cup final

    Do Lang have anything to do with the boozer next door? If not they won't see a penny of bar takings.
  4. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    I've never not gone to a game because someone does or does not film it. Highlights will always be second best.
  5. Stirling vs LTHV

    Lottery numbers please.
  6. Fort William tomorrow

    Claggan is notorious for postponements right through the autumn and winter. Not exacty been dry this week!
  7. Choose Juniors

    Not sure the QP get 3000! Much more valid comparisons to be found at the clubs who get crowds not too dissimilar to ours but have the ability to go upwards therefore don't have poor facilities. For all I love Newlandsfield as a venue, there's so much about it that needs changing.
  8. Players coming through

    Also bear in mind Aberdeen gave Performance School pupil Dean Campbell a turn off the bench last season and in doung so became the youngest ever player to pull on the red. Ok not a start and not appeared this season but early promise none the less.
  9. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Arabs vs Crusaders. Even more of a time warp than the Old Firm!
  10. Project Brave rumbles on..

    With Airdrie a year before that - and came through amateur boys club system in Lanarkshire.
  11. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    Just further on the Performance School thing, I have just seen an article posted on Aberdeen's 15 year old midfilder Connor Barron who hopes to go full-time when he finishes S4 in the summer: http://afc.co.uk/news/10213#.Wdt6BDBryUk
  12. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    Just something else that came to mind from wee Gordy when he was going on about us being a small nation. Yes it's true overall but we do have players that are tall. However the majority of them end up in positions where height is advantageous - in goals, at centre back and up front. That surely is down to a coach's bias: "big lad - he must be (position X/Y/Z)". There are big lads that play outside those positions in Scotland, but very few of them are Scottish. I wonder if they'd have ended up playing where they have if they came through our system, or would they have been channelled towards the places the 'big guy' plays?
  13. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    The current coach there is Greg Miller (I assume the ex Hibs / lower league journeyman who became a youth coach with them after retiring), the full list below: Braidhurst High School (Motherwell) - Andrew Goldie Broughton High School (Edinburgh) - Greg Miller Graeme High School (Falkirk) - Ian Ross Grange Academy (Kilmarnock) - James Grady Hazlehead Academy (Aberdeen) - Stuart Glennie Holyrood Secondary School (Glasgow) - Joe McBride St John’s High School (Dundee) - Iain Jenkins Of the current U17 pool, Chris Hamilton is one that was a pupil of Broughton HS - he is now an U20 at Hearts.
  14. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    As is noted elsewhere in the thread, this already exists: Every time there is a Youth squad announced by the SFA, they note the PS pupils. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=1957&newsCategoryID=6&newsID=17116 http://www.performance.scottishfa.co.uk/
  15. Choose Juniors

    Football's football. The more that watch, the more regulated everything is. If Lok were getting 3000 each week, Newlandsfield would not look as it does.