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  1. We Are The People. We will take action against Empire of the Sun for breach of copyright. We will sue the following for misuse of the word 'People': M People - it was not us in Manchester. REM - we are not Shiny Happy People. Village People - Ibrox is a Big House, not a village. Pan's People - we play flutes not pan pipes. Sly & The Family Stone - we are only People for 90 minutes - we are not Everyday People WATP.
  2. If the term 'football coach' was a metaphor.
  3. cheers BR - afaik Potts is an U20 who came in from Motherwell 17s at start of season. He'll likely be forever credited with a senior appearance after this, even if his future ends up being Newmains Utd and Carluke Rovers!
  4. Can any Rovers fans enlighten me as to who your last sub was? Reported as Daniel Potts for Wallace - but is Potts not a keeper?
  5. If he bamboozles you onfield, one this is seen it is never unseen...
  6. Followed up by "Hayes could have been hurt there". Walker is so good he argues with himself!
  7. I lost about 10000 posts in that purge I would be surprised if 41 was the oldest goalscorer in a cup as old as that - though there is perhaps no record noted and even then it may be 'oldest known scorer' because of the lack of known/recorded DOBs for earlier players. He wasn't a renowned goalscorer at all but I recently read about Donald Colman who stepped up from the Juniors at a relatively old age (late 20s) and stayed in Senior football for a few decades thereafter, even going on to pick up full caps. There will be others like him and it just takes one obscurity to net in an early round...
  8. Willie Irvine
  9. To be fair there was a containable problem until the Rangers fans came on wanting to play Robocop.
  10. I might enjoy listening to him if he'd only blow his fricking nose.
  11. Yeah odds are well stacked against Aberdeen in Europe the way UEFA have tinkered and tweaked it to suit the bigger nations. And yes going out the domestic cup is always a disappointment but the amount of times we come off best against either of the rancid boils is so rare that I don't see us kicking off the season expecting to get to a final or to win either. Times have changed. I first went to a Dons game in the twilight of the Fergie era and in the time since I can remember the 4 trophies won - that's 4 in 30 years as that first game was pretty much 30 years to the day at Castle Greyskull (Still Open) and I've never set foot in the place since!
  12. Does that apply to the UEFA Cup when it's almost impossible to get beyond the preliminaries?
  13. If Shippy were ERSJFA they'd be competing amongst the Fife clubs with added carrot of Scottish Cup entry
  14. yaaaaaaaaaasss!
  15. reminds me of your trip to Gibraltar. Pitch a bit better yhough.