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  1. One of the worst defensive performances I've seen in the top flight.
  2. McCart with the dodgy backpass and then failing to mark Boyce there.
  3. Really enjoyable game so far.
  4. "No place for sectarianism" was all that you needed to say, but didn't.
  5. The point I'm making is that most Junior pitches are small - not really sure of the reason for this. Add that to the heavily programme of games that finalists tend to be asked to play, and the high temperatures that seem to coincide with the SJC final, it's a poor mix.
  6. no problem!
  7. R1: bye R2: KRR 9 Banks o' Dee 1 R3: KRR 5 Royal Albert 2 R4: Bo'ness Utd 2 KRR 4 R5: KRR 4 Larkhall 1 QF: KRR 3 Saltcoats Vics 2 SF: KRR 2 Shettleston 0 (at Partick) source: Paul Crankshaw's SJC 1968-1989 booklet
  8. If someone can track it down at the Mitchell, there was a penpic preview in the Evening Times on 19th May '77 - the digital scan online has not reproduced well for KRR. The match report can be found here, pgs 10 and 18:
  9. Attendance very much depends on the teams involved - while Pollok can get people in week in, week out, there isn't much potential for a floating support to balloon on the big occasion because the support comes from across a large catchment area that is not centred on Newlandsfield - it would be interesting to see how many fans could (if they chose to) comfortably walk to the ground. The tie-in with Pollok United YFC is something but they're not from the exact same part of the city. So for a decent cup final attendance, count Lok out. It needs to be two small towns / large villages / or surroundings that can fully get behind the team for the day.
  10. Which is what most Junior pitches are, for whatever reason. At the end of a very long season, having been playing since July, these guys are done physically and the reward? to play on the biggest pitch they'll see all season! It's like playing the 'big' Scottish Cup final on a shinty pitch! Pollok's pitch FYI is 102 x 64 yards. (or 93 x 58m for the metrically minded)
  11. It's a high quality artificial surface and we have them on the circuit in the Juniors at top level or thereabouts. Players also train on them fairly regularly I'd have thought. As noted though, grass pitches get closed for reseeding. Killie talk to the SJFA.
  12. Nothing wrong with the surface at Rugby Park apart from size - it destroyed the final last year in a sweltering heat. Lee Clark made it smaller for this season.
  14. I would guess there's a separation between what Edusport Academy does with the French lads day to day and what team gets put out on a Saturday etc. The team is very much dominated by French players but their squad used this year is listed here (over 3 pages). Morgan Reid and Regan McLaren came from Stirling Albion U20s on loan afaik. Ryan McCann is the Ryan McCann and is a coach as well. Would be guessing on Craig Johnson and Andrew McDonald, while Colin Cameron is the CC and coaches their 20s. Gerard Lunday was on a few SPFL clubs' books when a little younger.