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  1. The Terrible Journalism Thread

    Sky Sports News' team news ticker yesterday had Aberdeen's Stevie May set for his debut against Hibs.
  2. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Don't they have to do some construction work at Saughton?
  3. Fluid Fans?

    Most quoted averages are league games only. It's still preferable to clubs who don't declare them at all. The biggest flaw with any club's attendance figures is whether or not they include STHs - such as Celtic (who definitely do) and a few other top level clubs.
  4. Fluid Fans?

    Jack's basically already said this but in addition, the Pollok scheme wasn't built until the late 1930s, a good few years after Lok had moved to Newlandsfield (in Newlands). Sir John Stirling Maxwell sold Glasgow Corporation land in 1935 on which the housing area now known as Pollok was built, this land was on the western side of his estate. Pollok's first home was on the eastern side. The follow clarifies the origins of the club (which was the footballing section of Pollokshaws Working Lads Club): "It was no easy task to form a Junior club from scratch, and tribute must be made to all those too numerous to mention who worked so hard to found the club. The first problem was the essential one of getting a suitable park and through the generosity of the late Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Pollok were allowed the use of an area in Pollok Estate which was known as Haggs Park. Haggs Park had a fine grass surface, and set in the woodlands of Pollok Estate was the envy of many. The club paid tribute to Sir John Stirling Maxwell by adopting as the club colours, black and white, these being taken from the heraldic shield of Pollok House." http://pollokfc.com/history/ The below, from around 1930 (shows newly built Mosspark at the north), shows the approx location of original ground in John Maxwell's Pollok Estate, the present location SE of it and the site of the original Pollok Housing Estate (next to M77, the word Byres is where Damshot Crescent is).
  5. Subtitles

    Modern day TVs can have pretty ropey sound too and programmes are not (it seems to me) made to be a good listen on all TVs. My wife is deaf so we've gone for the subtitle option rather than having the TV full blast, though my preferred option is to also add in a pair of nice headphones if watching something lengthy alone. I record a fair bit off TCM which usually doesn't have subtitles and it's a bit annoying.
  6. Wishaw Juniors F.C. - Manager

    Always hoping for something else?
  7. Freebies for the committee

    It's the club membership fee.
  8. Freebies for the committee

    You have to pay over £100 a year to be on Lok committee (might be £120).
  9. Freebies for the committee

    I was on the Lok committee for about 7 years. On a matchday, committee would have the following jobs: Pitch: Groundstaff down first thing. Not all committee AFAIK but at least 4 are. (4) Gates: club secretary on members gate, 3 additional 'back-benchers' on a rota to do the concessions and 2 adult gates. (4) Tannoy: Someone had to do it (occasionally me!) (1) Team lines 1: Someone would have the job of tracking down both line-ups pre game and writing them up for the notice board (1) Team lines 2: Match secretary to do the official team sheet for referee etc (1) Teas: At least one committee member doing the teas / coffees etc pre-during and psot game (2) Pie Hut: It was a committee role, not sure this is still the case (1) Club shop: Has been and hasn't been a committee role - presently is (1) Programme sellers: Two selling (2) Half-time draw: One seller (1) Hospitality: Two manning the upstairs bar (2) with club officials also circulating. Player protection: 2 would need to close the internal gates to secure access to / from pitch ((2)) Accounting: Treasurer on hand to collect the money and deal with away teams if required (1) Tidying up: a lot of shite gets left behind - various volunteers would help, including a handful of committee (5+) Kit: Kitman was on committee but not sure this is still the case Very few people on Lok committee would have an afternoon off for a home game, always something to be done for most. In terms of away games, the ones looking for free entry would usually be the ones on the team bus (which in my day was around a dozen). I don't know how you pick who does and does not get the free tickets when the committee is big and there are few (if any) passengers. Certainly at Newlandsfield, away committee come in the front door and aren't refused entry without a ticket. Only once were the Lok committee segregrated into 1st/2nd class citizens and that was at Montrose when the Top Table and a selected few got invited into the boardroom. The rest were shoved into a broom cupboard.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    A former Junior centre forward I'll have you know though, as someone rather unkindly put it within earshot of me, 6-04 but jumped 5-08. I have a selection of his clubs being Motherwell, Cumbernauld Utd, Stranraer, Dumbarton, Clydebank, Pollok (4 goals from 22 apps), Queen's Park and Neilston.
  11. Fluid Fans?

    I've been watching Lok since the late 90s and the lowest competitive fixture gate I can recall in those 20 years or so was 199 midweek v Neilston in the Sectional. I don't have this season's figures to hand but co-incidentally had already requested them earleir this week for the website. Whatever the average currently is, the hardcore is not less than that of some Ayrshire clubs as alluded to up the thread. With rare exceptions, you will always have 250+ at Newlandsfield supporting Lok, with the regulars but not diehards taking that well over 500 on most occasions. A significant proportion of the regulars and hardcore will go home and away.
  12. Demographics & Scottish Football

    Figure 1 - Travel to Work Areas (Scottish Household Data 1999-2001) http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2002/08/15224/9743
  13. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    He's been doing games all season. Just a selection: games at Lanark, Thorniewood, Rossvale, Glencairn and St Roch's.
  14. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    Some Lok fans were calling Gormley (but not Longmuir) 'unfit' as euphemism for 'fat' however. Homonyms and euphemisms, eh?
  15. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    Different type of unfit I'd have thought, Longmuir's no fatty