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  1. just to up this, I see the stat was incorrect as Stevie Mallan was older when he scored for Talbot vs. Fort William. As I was at that game I can claim to have witnessed history!
  2. Water under the bridge ultimately, or water pooling in a goalmouth even!
  3. Joe Gold already has but is now early 30s, as far as I know he last played junior in 2009-10 at Cumnock and moved onto Hurlford Thistle. He was with Meadow at their p£ak and was with Killie til 19 where he won the Scottish Youth Cup. Michael Mullen got plucked from the amateurs (Newmilns) to sign for QOS in 1st Division and went on to play for Stranraer and Stirling Albion. All in all he made 145 apps in the SFL scoring 36 goals. He left Stirling to go to Hurlford Thistle and as far as I know has never played Junior. He's now 32. Keir Knapp hasn't played Junior either, has been playing amateur for years, with Galston United, Hurlford Thistle and now Shortlees. Not sure how old he is exactly but is around 27/28. He was a Scottish amateur internationalist in 2010-11 and apparently was with Hibs a youngster.
  4. Ok cool, had seen such things as this: And this:
  5. You're a few months out of date on that - Maryhill's pitch wasn't up to two teams on it so they're now groundsharing at Alloa.
  6. I go and watch Saints on occasion and onfield they're there, but they'd need to think about the ground. Presently they use three or four pitches (afaik). The usual one is Glengruitten 2, a naturally enclosed playing field which could be done up to be a cracking wee stadium but presently has no changing facilities at it. They also sometimes use Mossfield Stadium, round the corner from Glencruitten 2. It's the shinty park that is used for the pre-season tournament. It has a small seated stand but as it's a shinty pitch, the surface is massive (Fort William have a similar issue using a surface that can be used for shinty). Very occasionally the Oban Lorne RFC pitches are used, e.g. for the pre-season tournament. As a last resort in winter, they've been known to use the 4G at the High School too. Saints would be a perfect for the LL but withour a permanent ground solution I can see why they've not gone for it and seem happy in the Amateurs.
  7. Yes. The SFA have decided that any club that play north of the River Tay will be in the Highland League, and any below it in the Lowland League. What happens if say Forfar were to drop out would be interesting - they might prefer to play LL as a number of their players are from south of the river. Is this boundary flexible?
  8. I'd strongly disagree that Wigtown could compete at LL level, at least sustainably - it's a great set-up down there in many ways but they're at the right level. Support is limited and there's not much scope for growth. I'd say there was a finite number of teams from the SW that could play at that level without heavy subsidy. The increased travel costs for nothing other than league points is a decision clubs have to face: is it worth it? Prize money is non-existent outside of League 2 so all revenue has to be self-raised, bar the annual Scottish Cup fillip. Queens, Annan and Stranraer generally don't use local players (though Annan have a couple in the first team pool - Black and Watson and QOS a couple as well) so the best in that area are spread around the likes of Dalbeattie, Saints etc... Gretna this year seem to have opted for Cumbria as a source of players.
  9. You're right but the West sides have not had a non-league competitor before.
  10. I think it's already beginning to happen - EK full of players who if they didn't exist would be playing Junior, and some at top level (Kieran Gibbons for example).
  11. Gretna were admitted to the SFL before Mileson and his silly money came along. They were a decent non-league club playing in England with a decent ground. They could easily have sustained SFL football in the lower tiers - look at Annan. It wasn't until their 3rd season that they started signing players from the 1st Division to play in the 3rd.
  13. Not sure a combined Campbeltown / Carradale / Tarbert team would make a difference - it's more important out here to get the limited players available to play. Professionalism is also important too when comparing levels - I'll not name the team but I saw a side last night on the way back from a game getting stuck into a large carry out of fags and booze on their bus (it was pulled over) - certainly wouldn't get the Lok side doing that. The only time I ever saw that was when we played St Cuthbert's in the Scottish Cup - half the team tabbing pre-game as they walked across the high school pitch to get to game.
  14. If it's a friendly, which of the two managers is less likely to take it seriously? A mid-season non-competitive game is perfect chance to play fringe players and maybe give the odd trialist a spin. I don't disagree on your second para, but half of these players have been there, done that and have opted to move on - perhaps for the reasons you outlined.
  15. Vast majority of district league sides will be expenses only. I believe that well over half the SJFA membership operate on effectively amateur terms - almost all of the North plus the lower leagues of East and West. The now redundant retention lists of the past illustrate this point well - you could only retain 20(?) people who were either Contract (paid to play) or Non Contract Professionals (ex paid to play players but now on expenses only). Anyone not listed is either on a 2 yr pro deal or was a bona fide amateur who had never been paid to play in past... or someone the club didn't wish to retain which would mean no fee - unlikely. So while the lists doesn't tell you if they are CP or NCP, it gives a clear indication of the teams loaded with amateurs, either by their absence from the list altogether or the lack of names under their heading. The fewer players a club lists the more likely they are to be Non Contract and the club effectively amateur. Only 113 clubs retained players in 2011-12, and assuming the membership was c160, around 50 clubs retained no one and where likely fully amateur, and that's before some of those listed are counted with one or two NC professionals retained (eg Thornton, Rosyth, Luncarty etc). Junior clubs can of course change approach which SAFA clubs cannot.