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  1. But why should participation in a national cup have any bearing on ambitions in the league? I don't think it's unusual to enter two - in England for example a large amount of non-league clubs enter the FA Cup and also the FA Trophy or the FA Vase, depending on their level. Almost the entirety of the Highland League has no interest in being part of the SPFL. They're only there as a feeder by accident of history and geography. It wasn't something they asked for as such, though they did get what they want - a closed shop with no way out the bottom despite interest from Banks O' Dee. As far as I know, there are no current members of the South of Scotland League interested in promotion to the Lowland League. In the East of Scotland League there is a lack of clubs interested /able - Kelty will change this. Any Junior club committing to the pyramid has to join the EOS or the SOS - like kelty have. For the clubs in the West this is a massive backwards step - would you like to see your club play in the Fife Juniors? That's the kind of step down that it is. The SJFA are also a vindictive organisation and if a Junior club decided to leave the LL, they would have to rejoin the Junior world at the bottom - in the west that would mean a 4 division relegation and 3 promotions to get back to the top level - that could mean oblivion. Until the pathways are more fairly marked, and until a decent alternative exists in the West, Junior clubs would be wise to consider the ramifications of moving onwards. Why we even have Junior / Amateur / Welfare FAs says so much about the poor governance of the game outwith the national leagues. All for one and each association for itself. As I understand it, the Junior FAs came about because of a lack of help for smaller clubs from the Senior one, the Amateur FA as a result of the SJFA accepting professionalism and the Welfare FA is a historical anachronysm whose ongoing existence baffles me.
  2. Agree all you want, but there is no reason (other than narrow-mindedness) that they shouldn't - the Scottish Cup is for SFA members - all clubs playing in Scotland are registered members of the SFA. In the past it has been restructed to clubs in Full Membership, but now is open to all. Therefore all clubs in Scotland (bar those in the Welfare FA and those playing summer football) have the right now to enter the Scottish Cup via qualifying methods - by winning the 3 regional Junior top divisions, the Junior Cup, the Scottish Amateur Cup, the East of Scotland and South of Scotland leagues and the South/East Cup Winners Shield.
  3. Didn't miss it but we're 15 years into the united set-ups and how many seasons have Kello completed outwith the District League...?
  4. Newton are approximately at the level of an Ayrshire district side so I dont expect it to be massively different in result from what you'd expect v Lugar, Kello, Muirkirk etc in the Ardagh cup. Anything from 2 or 3-0 up I'd have thought.
  5. seconded!
  6. A transfer I'd missed was Michael kelly (ex Aberdeen and Leicester, and latterly with Hurlford United) getting a 1 year deal at Bristol Rovers.
  7. Dundee look like they could be great to watch this season, a lot of flair in that team. Arabs look every inch the Championship side they are.
  8. A lot of clubs in Scotland outwith the 4 national leagues just pay players expenses so player costs would be minimal. At a club like Pollok, playing budget for the year would be more along the lines of what you're talking. Then again you'll be double that in the lower leagues of SPFL.
  9. Nice goal tonight from Steven Lennon on the volley for FH vs Valur.
  10. Turra Burntisland:
  11. Great work fella but out of interest why is Luke Leahy on the list?
  12. aye but they don't count (quite literally!)
  13. Without being too flippant, would the attendance at this blazer outing come close to any of the likely gates in the top division that day?
  14. They walked off with it then?
  15. It's one club with a very young and inexperienced manager and a pretty dubious recruitment policy over the summer (compared to the clubs that will be at the3 top end of the table).