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  1. Haven't checked during the war (cup started in 1940) but from 1946-47 to 1975-76 there were mini league groups. From 1976-77 to 1980-81 they had a pure knockout competition - I assume to follow the leagues themselves having reorganised the previous year. For seasons 1981-82 to 1983-84 the sections returned. The League Cup reverted to knockout from 1984-85 season.
  2. Very little of this is done by the Beeb - they buy most of their content from PA Sport.
  3. We already have that with registrations / contracts, bar the ability to tear up amateur ones with no cause to protect the likes of QP from poaching. If a player doesn't play for 28 days though I think he can request release?
  4. And him no doubt too.
  5. What you outline Gaffer is in stark contrast to my local team who pay £400 pa to play. Guys who genuinely love to play on a saturday and pay well for the priviledge.
  6. Rhetorical question: why is this guff on TV?
  7. Various non-leagues have used a League Cup iin groups to start the season in the time that the national leagues rested the idea. In the North and West, the Juniors still have this. From my own experience it is a dud format as the games are non-events unless you are competitive - even worse in West Region, the groups are fixed so it's the same boriing fixtures every year. In some ways I prefer pre-season friendlies to it as at least there is some variety to the opposition. If the Betfred Cup remains, as time passes, I can see more managers using it as pre-season. It only really matters if you win your first game or two, if not then it is fitness work. Even some of the biggest sides are using Europe in this way - Aberdeen I think played one friendly before the Esch game.
  8. afaik AFC had both Yule and Coutts as schoolboys - hopefully the scouting has come on since then.
  9. I agree there are decent players that are seemingly being passed over, but the player himself can influence that by preferring to stay playing local. Someone's set this trial up surely - can't imagine Doncaster are scouting the Highland League?
  10. Fairly bizarre that a lad can play 6 yrs Highland league and go un-notiiced by the full-time teams up here...?
  11. Will be in the area on Sat 13th so will go to either Newton or Wigtown.
  12. Some parts of it are among the wealthiest in Scotland: Then choose East Renfrewshire. It has the one poorer area to contrast with Meanskirk (the 'upmarket footballer' and high flyer's locale).
  13. Why did you not support Sauchie? Excellent set-up there.
  14. If it fatally wounds PA Sport, then celebrate!
  15. What's with this crappy camera view on pitch?