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  1. Pollok had a great team the year we took Montrose to a replay. That was arguably Montrose's best squad in decades. They've slipped since, but so have Pollok. The following season (2008/9) was the start of a rot that only really was vanquished last year. At this level a bit of extra cash can make all the difference and maybe that's why teams come and go a bit more. It makes predicting who'll do what a lottery as with no promotion for the big teams, successful sides can dismantle quite quickly.
  2. Any attempt to STATE the Lowland League is stronger than the Junior Superleagues (E/W) is borne straight out of ignorance. The top teams in all three leagues are much of a muchness but there is a lack of depth to the LL. It contains at least half a dozen sides that should not be at that level. What I'd say is that the LL is having an impact on the standard at the top of the Juniors. The EK squad would all be in the Juniors and probably at the upper end. Cumbernauld Colts have a large amount of ex Juniors, BSC a bit of a mix.
  3. Really hope to see Maryhill back up, always enjoyed those games
  4. They travel very well, always a few hundred at away games. Home gates on average will be below Lok. Perhaps Lok benefit from bigger travelling supports but league games especially seem to fall in the 500-700 bracket. There have been 3 1000+ gates this season, twice v talbot and once v Arthurlie. Lok always record terrible gates (compared to later in season) in the opening Sectional cup. This year's swing is from 200 v St Anthony's to 1256 v Talbot. The league swing is 450 v Hurlford to 1020 v Arthurlie. Average in league 685 and league/cup 647.
  5. Can I ask my annual rhetorical question which is why are they still playing in a 4th rate amateur league if they have such lofty ambitions?
  6. Donald Trump in Home Alone 2
  7. Not that I recall but I'll narrow the question down to clubs playing at national division level as it's easier to verify. Johnson definitely signed for Dundee Utd from FC United btw so you can edit that in.
  8. Berwick signed a few non-league Europeans this window but last Scottish non-league signing I think was Stevie Thomson from Musselburgh Ath. Clyde signed the keeper Dylan Caddis from Winton Rovers more recently than Oliver, was on bench a few times earlier in the season and definitely started season with Winton. Separate trivia question but how many other multiple Scottish (i.e. not the Jacobs!) brothers have been on books of Senior clubs? Liam: St Johnstone etc Dylan: Clyde Ryan: Ayr, Stranraer etc Paul: Celtic, Birmingham etc Any advances on 4 (Caddis/Jacobs) in modern era?
  9. Did Dundee United not sign Justin Johnson from FC United of Manchester?
  10. Craigen was a registered player with Edinburgh University FC and was with them 3 seasons after leaving PNE, playing in the East of Scotland League.
  11. I guess humble pie is going to be served up to someone, no matter whether the decision stands or not.
  12. Saw it for the first time quite recently and loved it. Another great from a similarish era is Where Eagles Dare, again I only saw it for the first time recently. Brilliant stuff.
  13. Not sure Scottish football needs something it has never had!
  14. Thought his pop moves were superstaresque, Beyoncé perhaps!