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  1. Rothes Decimel I think played Junior years ago
  2. So what about say Newton Stewart? They charge less than Pollok, have lower overheads as they don't pay wages and play at a 3G cage. DOA sums up your post matey.
  3. £12k? has it gone up? It was: 3k to each semi finalist and £8k to each finalist. That is the entirety of the prize money in Junior football afaik. There used to be about £3k to the winners of the West Super but not sure if that is in place anymore.
  4. City home gates in order: 525 (BETFRED v Livi) 459 (BETFRED v Accies) 547 v Forfar 408 v Berwick 309 v Montrose 590 v Arbroath 352 v Elgin 438 v Clyde 328 v Forfar (SCO) 256 v Annan 311 v Cowden Maybe a wee novelty factor with teams / fans that have not been to Meadowbank? See the Forfar tumble eg. Average 411 in all comps, 401 in league.
  5. You can't get in without paying though
  6. Bearing in mind the doc on the SJFA website is merely aspirational (to the best of my knowledge), this is all the SJFA handbook says about a ground:
  7. Pollok's in Greaves Sports.
  8. The current SJFA ground standards (as opposed to the wish list) are a bit more basic. Is it not mentioned in the cup tie rules?
  9. This came up elsewhere on P&B but best fits here: the edited history of junior football in Dunoon: There have been various junior teams in the Dunoon area over the years. Some were fairly short lived, but the most established were Dunoon Athletic (a name revived last year for Dunoon AFC's 2nd string but again no more). Dunoon Athletic had continuous Junior existence from 1932 until 1975, playing in the western section of the (very central Scotland-orientated) Scottish Junior League from the 30s until after WW2, the Western League (in the North Ayrshire section) until '68 and the Central League until their demise. Dunoon AFC formed in 1975 so I assume there's some crossover there. I do not know when Dunoon Stadium, present home of the amateur side, was built - all references I can see to a Junior stadium say Recreation Park. Just to confuse matters, there was a single year of coexistence of Dunoon AFC and a Junior side - the juniors rebranded as Cowal Juniors for 75/76 and then ceased to be (see below). Teams in the Western section of the Scottish Junior League for Dunoon Athletic's first season (1932-33) were: Baillieston Bute Athletic Cadder Thistle Coats Juniors Dumbarton Harp Dunoon Athletic Maryhill Hibs Milngavie Juniors Overton Athletic Port Glasgow Athletic Rothesay Royal Victoria St. Francis Whifflet Emerald All gone (PGA no real connection to the current side)! As a bookend, teams in the Central League Division C for 1975-76: Blantyre Celtic Coltness United (now Newmains United) Cowal Juniors Forth Wanderers Greenock Juniors Kilsyth Rangers Neilston Port Glasgow Royal Albert St. Anthony's Shotts Bon Accord Vale of Clyde Vale of Leven Wishaw Not knowing much about Cowal Juniors, I had a dig in the Evening Times archives:
  10. Perhaps wishful thinking but it would be magic if Mark McLaughlin or Wee McLean got the winner when the game is played.
  11. Selfishly - good! I can't go this weekend! I'll bring my 3 year old daughter, hope she gets in free... ;D
  12. Why U12s? And because it's 'hardly shoulder to shoulder', clubs can and will charge. It's really not rocket science. You devalue the product - and it is a product as the clubs are businesses with paid employees, and people pay to watch - by giving it away.
  13. In terms of letting kids in free, I'd have thought a common sense one would work - are they there to watch or to accompany dad/mum/ siblings etc... U5s are typically free for most things that they will likely be only passively involved in.
  14. As I collect this info for the programme and for general interest, I'm considering doing a blog of squadlists roughly along the lines of the format below: I would hope that it would be useful, especially for clubs who don't have their own site. Player YOB POS Previous Club Joined Michael DALY 1985 CF Petershill 2016-17 Grant EVANS 1990 RB Irvine Meadow XI 2016-17 Paul GALLACHER 1991 CB Queen's Park 2014-15 Tam HANLON 1981 RB Shotts Bon Accord 2014-15 Del HEPBURN 1993 FOR Vale of Clyde 2015-16 Ben LAWTON 1994 GK Pollok Juveniles 21s 2016-17 Jordan LONGUIR 1987 GK Colville Park AFC 2014-15 Allan MacKENZIE 1991 FOR Auchinleck Talbot 2014-15 Kieran McALEENAN 1987 LR/M Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2013-14 Ross McCABE 1988 CB Petershill 2015-16 Gary McCANN 1990 RM Irvine Meadow XI 2016-17 Liam ROWAN 1995 CM Stranraer 2015-16 (MS) Mark SIDESERF 1988 LB Irvine Meadow XI 2015-16 Chris WALKER 1989 CB Shotts Bon Accord 2015-16 Colin WILLIAMSON 1986 CM Cumnock Juniors 2015-16 David WINTERS 1982 CF Sauchie 2013-14 (MS)
  15. Don't usually tune into the midweek show but I assume the nasal weegie 'Joe' is Joe Miller? Anyway, Joe believes Brendan Rodgers can stay with ra Cellic for a decade...