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  1. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Bad day at the office ? No. We got humped by a team with more hunger and tactically better than us. Very very poor St Mirren. Congratulations to Livie you did not just shit on us you rubbed it in then stamped on it. Bottom line , toilet rolls sold out in Dundee. St Mirren strolling along oblivious to what's really going on thinking the league is an easy street.
  2. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Livingstone was a village before it became a concrete jungle so was East Kilbride.
  3. Totally agree gone are the days of paying a Scottish record transfer fee remember that. Gordon Scott has mentioned a figure required to make us a top six club so at least there is a plan to increase income such as buddie vision, fans bar and so on.
  4. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Im shit at spelling lads but normally I do write Livingstone
  5. Will give you an apology for words used towards you that was stupid in my part. On the subject of Ross I will just let you think what you want.
  6. Finding it hard for you to understand Jack Ross turned Barnsley down. So let' s look at this in more detail. The owners from abroad took over in 2017 billionaires do your home work. First they approached a club to speak to the manager club said NO. Next approached St Mirren we said yes. Barnsley then booked a flight to Manchester Jack picked up by car put up in a hotel in Barnsley Next day Jack was shown around beore going to the stadium for an interview in the afternoon which finished at 19.15. Next day Ross got a flight back to Glasgow with a firm offer. Ross took 24 hours to ponder move. During that time the Saints board met to draw up a counter offer that could not match Barnsley but would make Ross the highest paid manager in St Mirren's history. After 24 hours Ross acceted Saints offer. So Barnsley had a first choice but club said NO number one. Next Jack Ross who gave it 24 hours. Jack said no. Next the Portuguese guy said yes. Fans of Barnsley were told our first choice after two knock backs is Mr Portuguese . Is a club going to say to its fans we got knocked back twice surly even someone as thick as you can work that out ? Here is the bottom line Ross is staying at St Mirren regardless of any spin. We are going to be champions deal with it idiot.
  7. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Like a passionate supporter of a provincial club. Livingstone have a great set up like us you should have more locals going along. I married a Livingstone girl from the old village Deans. My father-in-law was the manager of Livingstone juniors used to keep telling me about a certain centre forward scoring goals for fun. My father-in-law was ragging Livingstone sold him to the blue Brazilians for next to hee haw. This player went on to be a St Mirren legend. His name Mark Yardley.
  8. Dundee offered Ross terms. We countered that with a new contract with a bigger salary that is the facts.
  9. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Was worried about this game with all the speculation over Ross as our players love him. Now i can' see anything but a win for Saints our players will have a spring in their foot.
  10. You have a good manager is Jack Ross better ? Only time will tell from our perspective he has turned down Burton Albion, Dundee , Barnsley. Its' not often the loyalty card is played over the cheque book as you know also. Sure Ross will move on not until the job is done to put our club back in the premiership . I have never heard players speak so highly of a manager quote McGinn - You always have one or two players moan about a manager not here all the players love him.
  11. Jack travelled to Barnsley took his time to sum up what he wanted , and ? If he did not weigh up the offers would it have taken so long ? Bottom line happy days for us.
  12. You have not got a clue so out of touch you must live south of glenburn with one of those Scottish English accents. However your a bud so there must be something in there even if its hanging on a judgemental thread.
  13. Agreed bottom line is always money. I'm of the view Jack would like to try his luck south of the border. It's not just his decision I would think is the family happy to up root. He has a lot to weigh up.
  14. Jack being offered the highest ever salary in Saints history. Obviously that' a counter offer.
  15. That's the way I see it almost, I'm sure James would bite your hand off to be a premiership manager. If Jack goes it will be a sad day / don't care about the fans its the initial shock it will have in the dressing room for Saturday that would concern me the most. Let' hope he stays.
  16. Jack travelled down there last night was put up in a hotel for an early afternoon interview which ended around 19.15 That' a lot of hours talking make of it what you will I reckon we are looking for a new manager that' my gut feeling.
  17. Alert Alert Alert - please use toilet roll on finger tips after typing.
  18. Should you not get back to making cardboard cut outs for your stands
  19. Play it safe seriously? Not looked at your profile take it your not a Saints fan ? One thing I'm confident of Ross will recommed the right man for the job he has feelings for Saints , however he has feelings for the players that signed for him ( a lot ) Ross has integrity in abundance its not a foregone conclusion.
  20. Took a few readings but got there eventually. Barnsley owners are not rich they are mega rich their last two managers were up and coming moved on too better things. However if you are a pompous judgemental educationally bore then you probably should go back to your wee world of judgmental snobbery.
  21. Well you better get your nappy out there is truth in the story Jack is who they want question is does Jack want them. Next 48 hours we will know.
  22. What if they get relegated? My point is Jack would stand a good chance of being sacked. My gut feeling is Jack will stay he will get a better gig than this. However Barnsley were bought over quite recently so if Jack is promised money for a rebuild in the summer he will be off.
  23. But other teams have better players unless im reading the English Championship upside down.