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  1. Looks like Dufy will be back next season with Partick.
  2. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    If Ross goes and it's looking like that word on the street is Neilson has been lined up to replace Ross.
  3. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    If you can keep a basic squad what you need is good championship players who know the league next season will be tough , tougher than this season Ross County , Dundee United , Dunfermline , Falkirk all wanting to win the league glad it's not us staying down.
  4. Yes im with you on that St Mirren comes first above all else.
  5. I hope he gets the gig he wants If not I will be disappointed but accept it ether way it needs sorting as quick as possible we need to prepare for the forthcoming season. No idea if players are holding off to see who the manager is . Can't see anything happening this week Ipswich still have Hurst to speak with he has a final play off game this weekend. Sunderland ? Well Jack is in the sun probably with a laptop so a video interview is possible. Who knows Patrick Thistle next
  6. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Well done lads brilliant job done I agree Hopkins should have got manager of the year to come up then win promotion is incredible.
  7. Their chairmen has said end of the month first week June according to their forums.
  8. Don't think any of us are against Jack stepping up the ladder or any future manager. This is a very important time of the season for planning JJ has already posted potential signings are holding off as they dont know who the manager is going to be. If I. T. don't take Jack in come Sunderland who may want to interview him that's another week or two potentially wasted. We are making a huge step forward that needs the man in charge to sell himself and our club.
  9. Jack now 3/1 for the Sunderland job
  10. Where is JJ when you need him.
  11. First interview was in London second interview was at the stadium to show Ross facilities also.
  12. All If s and buts Ross only had the second interview yesterday.
  13. That' s the way I see it also on a positive note contracts are not up till the end of june , on a negative note pre-installed contracts can be signed. Let' just say for one moment Hurst gets the job have we really got to go through all this again
  14. Ipswich will interview Paul Hurst this Monday so no news until next week. Then it will be Derby after that Sunderland the beat goes on as they say.
  15. Hard for Thistle now Livie are more than capable of scoring away from home. Their players can smell the premiership and have a hunger that is lacking in Thistle.
  16. Think Sunderland may have a new owner soon. I' sure Ross will take the Ipswich job. Div wrote it would be confirmed weekend / Monday. Jack is very particular so will be going over the contract in great detail.
  17. It was me that wrote it on BAWA it came from a Saints employee if you want to know the under 21 coach. That ok for you.
  18. Heard it on the radio mate he won' be the only one.
  19. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Correct only this page. Not too bothered we are caught up in Ross replacement.
  20. Gus McPherson getting an interview.
  21. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    United and Saints fighting it out for Clarks signature Dundee Courier .
  22. Want this to blow over quickly and hope Ross goes too much uncertainty is not good baggage. Ross said he would take us back where we belong true to his word great job done. We need stability moving forward.
  23. Nope to the first one it came from the Courier.
  24. Ross pondering over contract for Ipswich with rumours spreading another club wants him.