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  1. Dunfermline seem to be going through a rough patch while their fans are getting on top of the players with a lot of booing at the QOS game which is strange as it won't take much to put them back into the playoff spot. Dumbarton broke our long home record in a game we were not up for thankfully wining at Brechin has got us into winning way's. Fully expecting a good performance against Dunfermline any of our fans who were at the last game would like to think we have a point to prove in this game not just to get the three points.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Beckett was indeed a good player with Saints remember him scoring a wonder goal at Parkhead. Rumour floating around that Loy is joining Saints in the January window maybe you are making room to bring in players yourself has any Falkirk fans heard anything ?
  3. The Buddies v Dunfermline

    Bloody hell guy's you can't be that bad surly you were brilliant in our last game that was the best team I have seen in our league.
  4. Dunfermline v Queens

    At the start of the season we would have bit your hand off for 5th. I get the expectation of fans given your start to the season I for one have never booed my team it's counter productive not in a good way and is hard to shake off once it starts all it takes is one mistake to make the boo boy's to knock the stuffing out the team. Anyway thankfully it's your problem and not ours. You can't take away it was a great win for QOS done in some style it's going to be a hard game for us after we play you.
  5. That would be a great transfer window.
  6. Dunfermline v Queens

    WOW ! Boooing by Dunfermline fans has come as a surprise team won't get confidence back if that's what's greeting them. Fantastic win for QOS they look to have a hunger about them.
  7. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    I would echo that.
  8. Been there mate , have came away from games and feel cheated all because of the shocking standard of refs in Scotland. SFA seem to have their ears and eye's covered there needs to be a training programme put in place for refs sooner rather than later.
  9. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    WOW ! Just read through the last two pages most want the manager sacked. Players on the park will be feeling this so it sounds like a confidence problem. Guy's you have no right to expect anything when you think where you have came from in a short space of time.. Sadly will miss next weeks game due to work as I think Saints are going to punish you for our last game so you better be up for it our players and manager were hurting after that last game.
  10. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    You tore us a sore one so I am puzzled as to what has went wrong ? That day you beat us I came away from the game and said to my wife , that's a good team they will be serious challengers so have you key players injured.
  11. Top of the League and You're No

    Keep the house warm lads we will be moving in soon.
  12. Fully expect a backlash from our players after a very poor performance against Dumbarton Jack Ross was not a happy chappy on Saturday.
  13. I have the fear again

    There are companies in Falkirk paying his £1,300 weekly wage bill Loy is under contract what makes you think he would jump at the chance of dropping most of that wage to join us ? Personally I would rather not have him given his injury problems this season however if Jack Ross really wants him and Falkirk want to move him on then fine.
  14. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Can only give you the lowdown from a St Mirren perspective Ross has us playing the best football I have seen since Fergie was our manager , however there are dips in form not many but dips. You have to remember we were bottom of the championship when Ross took over you can count in one hand how many games we have lost since January there is no doubt Ross will be a big success in management special ones come up not very often Ross is a special one.
  15. I have the fear again

    Well done Dumbarton have wrote it before you are having a fantastic time of it with some great results. Very painful for me we seem to take a dip in form every so often maybe we put too much into the Livie game I don't know it's an interesting season.
  16. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Why the bitterness he was a good player for you ?
  17. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Plenty romours floating around McInnes is a done deal with the **** sadly a press journalist has tweeted Aberdeen are sounding out Jack Ross. Will be absolutely gutted if he leaves he has us playing the best football I have seen for decades from a Saints side for sure Ross will move to bigger clubs just hope it's not now. His players constantly praise him so his management skills must be top notch.
  18. Cant find the highlights could someone post a link. Cheers.
  19. As we approach the busy festive season I thought it worthwhile to give you all an update on happenings in and around the club. Womens Football One of the points that was raised at nearly all of the Supporters meeting prior to our takeover was the desire to see the creation of a St Mirren Women's football team. I am delighted that we have taken the first steps towards achieving that goal and I believe we have the people with the qualifications and drive in place to ensure it is a success. Tony Fitzpatrick has been in communication with the girls for a long time with the view to forming a Women's team and SMiSA’s recent involvement allowed us to gain the momentum required to get it off the ground. Trials for players interested in joining the new team are being held at Renfrew High School 4G pitch on Thursday 30th November. Players should aim to be there for 19.15, 19.30 start. Buddievision One of the reasons for creating a full time head of media post last year was to provide regular website updates on things that were happening in and around the club. James has helped achieve that with an enthusiasm and commitment that sees him working many unsociable hours to get content up and online for fans all over the world to enjoy. The website has continued to evolve and it’s been great to see the e-store taking off with tremendous sales of replica kit, books and corporate hospitality being recorded since it’s launch. We are now ready to make further improvements and James has been tasked with launching the next stage of that digital revolution with the imminent launch of our new "Buddievision" platform which is currently free to air prior to an official launch on 8th December. With the help of of Invest in Renfrewshire’s Graduate Internship Initiative we are in the process of recruiting an individual to assist James in making this a success and giving Saints fans new insights into everyday events at the club and “behind the scenes” access. We have tried to keep subscriptions at an affordable level (£4.99 per month and £49.99 per year) and you can trust that the subs will be used directly for funding additional resources and technologies to provide the best possible service to our supporters. Supporters Liaison Officers We are still at a very early stage in the development of the Supporters Liaison Officers at St.Mirren but I am certain we have two very committed and forward thinking supporters in place who will help to nurture a positive relationship between the club and our fans. It is difficult at times to balance the wishes of the supporters with the needs of the football club and, as I have said on previous occasions, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made for the good of the club even if they are not popular. There are usually plenty of factors to consider which are not always obvious for those not involved in the day to day operations of the football club. Banner versus Morton The situation with the banner at the Morton game was a good example of trying to get the balance right. The banner was reported in the independent SPFL delegates match report under the heading “Discriminatory behaviour-sectarian, racial, abusive behaviour”. It is unlikely that we will receive any punishment from the SPFL for this given we have no history of similar indiscretions in previous reports, but we have to take action to mitigate the chances of a recurrence and the likelihood of us incurring fines which would have an obvious adverse affect on club. We have also worked hard with Police Scotland to allow us to have all our home games police free with the exception of the derby match. This healthy relationship with the Police comes as a result of historic good behaviour in the stands and represents a substantial cost saving to us over the course of a season. The banner in question led to some awkward questions in our discussions about maintaining this police free environment going forward. We discussed how best to handle this at our monthly SLO meeting and agreed it was best for the SLOs to engage directly with the singing section involved and to keep the issue as low key as possible. There was a bit of confusion and outrage on social media as this dialogue took place which was a little unfortunate but I hope the 2 month withdrawal of the banners was a reasonable outcome in the end and all parties now appreciate why action was taken. As a result of our positive actions in tackling the issue we have been allowed to retain our Police free status at the 2021 stadium. Everyone at the club can see the benefit and added atmosphere created by the singing section both home and away and we all appreciate the time, money and energy that has gone into evolving this. We want to see this continue to grow as it genuinely makes a big difference to the team. Street Stuff I recently attended the ROCCO awards where our Street Stuff program won yet another award as “Community champions”. To date Street Stuff has won just short of 20 awards both locally and nationally! The tangible results achieved in the community by this program continues to astound me and we should all be proud of our football club being part of it in partnership with Renfrewshire Council. It is of no surprise to me that it forms one of the cornerstones of the towns bid to be 2021 City of Culture. SMiSA We continue to develop our relationship with SMiSA in working towards creating a sustainable and successful supporter owned club. Every bump along the way makes us stronger as it helps both sides have a better understanding of how decisions affect the other organisation. In the last £2 SMiSA quarterly spend one of the items proposed was the purchase of new balls for the first team training. This created some negative feedback.

At first glance I can understand the view that this is something the club should fund but again there is slightly more to it than meets the eye and in future we will explain things better before the vote is put to the supporters. The first team have plenty of balls to train with and this is of course part of our budget, however, the match ball manufacturer changed this year and we are given only a limited number of the new balls from the supplier. 

Jack, being the perfectionist he is, wanted to ensure that training was all conducted with the new balls to ensure total consistency with those used on match day.

These balls retail at nearly £100 each so it was actually a significant amount of money required to fulfil the managers request and something we had not budgeted for.

 Your support in favour of the proposal was greatly appreciated and whilst it’s hard to quantify the benefits you can be sure that it is Jack’s belief that these small things all matter as he works to bring the on field success we all crave. Thank You The festive period is always a busy (and expensive) time for everyone. The support at Inverness on Saturday was truly sensational and I know the management and players really appreciate it. As Chairman of your football club I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support of the team, both financially and emotionally! #COYS #KTF Gordon
  20. Top of the League and You're No

    Thanks to Dundee United for keeping the thread clean and warm. St Mirren have been here more weeks than any other club hint , hint , hint.
  21. You won't but we will soon see who ends up with the bragging rights after the game clearly both teams will at least be in the play off's.