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  1. I wrote something similar before it happened fact is it turned out into a huge party in Paisley on Saturday night the atmosphere was electric into the small hours of Sunday morning.
  2. These are amazing days for fans it makes the burden of supporting a provincial club so special.
  3. Was there it was quite scary these were seriously big fireworks that explode with a huge BANG into lots of smaller fire works great to see in the sky but they did not reach the sky went off around the bus players were ducking must have thought they were under attack.
  4. Serious question do you know history ? What makes you think you are our rival's ? Morton have always been a million miles away from our success. Morton don't do succes unless it's wining lower leagues. Remember your place your the wee team neighbours run down ground with a small support. Morton don't do class.
  5. Been there but ended up sticking with it your club needs the hard core as hard as it is. Have you not got a fan council ? A voice to meet the board and manager to fight within ? We have it helps to bridge the gap for real answers.
  6. Spot on mate I think it will happen to be honest.
  7. Ars-nal are not big enough for Jack's next job
  8. Read my post slow especially the last part
  9. Up-date Morton to date have sold 138 tickets hope more come along. As I'm staying for the party who does the best fish supper in the centre of town any buddies know.
  10. There is a photo of the open top bus with its Saints banner along the side over in BAWA.
  11. Rating the champions

    Real Madrid are better also What's the point its done and dusted if we have won the league because everyone else is poor and we are a better poor who cares honestly as we don't. Saints fans 20 years from now will look at our history and say we walked the league nothing will be wrote in history to say everyone else is crap. Im buzzing for Saturday to see that trophy being lifted by the team. From experience you know how good the party will be in Paisley on Saturday night think what it would be like on the streets if Scotland won the world cup well it's not too far off that mark partying in lots of pubs, clubs and in the streets, monuments draped in Saints flags , cars peeping horns its magic.
  12. Rating the champions

    Jokes aside they are not world beaters but good enough to get out the division. Is the current team good enough for the premiership? Probably not it would be a fight to stay there. On the plus side for us we have brought in 1 million in transfer fees the same could come in again if Hibs sell John McGinn we have a 35% sell on clause. It's in the press to- day Ross, Scott, Fitzpatrick have been working for the past six month identifying players. Ross said 7 to 9 players will be brought in with quite a few being let go mostly fringe and players like Sutton. So hopfull for next season only time will tell.