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  1. Seriously are they 2 million in debt how did that mount up ?
  2. Top of the League and You're No

    Will be very surprised if your not in here 5pm Sunday. Be sure to keep it warm and clean for our return.
  3. Just needs game time now completed a late preseason.
  4. Top of the League and You're No

    Getting the best defender in the league back is absolutely brilliant things are starting to come together just at the right time the man can also score goals
  5. Harry Davis back is like Saits going out and signing a top quality player he will make a HUGE difference to us brilliant news.
  6. working in a busy kitchen typing too fast mate made a right mess of it i see.
  7. but him trousers with deep pockets he cant reach ether that or a wall poster of goal machine Gavin Riley.
  8. Morton v Queens

    Duffy has got you a win and a draw in your biggest games of the season Duffy was a hero last week come on lads stop being fickle.
  9. Morton v Queens

  10. Morton v Queens

    Morton will be tierd after raising their game last week so should be an easy away win for QOS .
  11. St Mirren v Morton

    Ýes we did and yes we do.
  12. St Mirren v Morton

    Have you ever listened to South American commentators Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal !
  13. St Mirren v Morton

    He is the lecturer for media at the Uni big Saints fan i like his ott enthusiasm and why not i dont just stand and clap my hands when we score do you ?
  14. Agree with you , you dont spend the whole weekend chatting then walk away if nothing is wrong. Romour has it Jack Ross was not our first choice think it was Davis that knocked us back so it can still work out for you.