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  1. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    5/10 for Wednesday. My Inevitable relegation is imminent. @tynieness I still haven't got your answer even though you claim you know it. If your hunting through this thread for it (as cardi claims he's already asked it) I'll remind you there is a deadline [emoji6]
  2. C**** on a Train

    Wee guy on the train sitting I'm same carriage as me, watching some video on YouTube about a guy playing call of duty. Full blast, no headphones in. Some older neddy looking guy walks up to him "turn that fu****g s***e off or put some fu****g headphones in". Aforementioned young lad looks at him, ignores him and continues watching his video full blast, letting the whole carriage hear an entire game of cod. Proper c***ish behaviour.
  3. SWF. Do they care?

    There is a lot, the swf website will point you in the right direction
  4. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    So the 2nd round of the inaugural P&B Cedric Kipre's Xmas cup has been completed. Dyl (4+2) v Alang1993 (6+3) In the 1st match of the round dyl struggled to field a team, only getting it together with seconds to spare and his disjointed side could only manage 4 in the 1st half. The 2nd half was a low scoring affair from both sides with Alang 'shangalang' 1993 doing enough to progress to the 1/4 finals. BWV (6+3) v SlipperyP (5+ A tight 1st half in this one saw BWV take a slender lead into half time. His boys thought they had done enough but SlipperyP got his tactics spot on and demolished BWV in the 2nd half, smashing home a staggering 8 goals to see his side into the quarters. The captain (4+7) v Cardinal Richelieu (5+5) Both teams were disappointed with their 1st half performances in this one. Cardi showing his experience and getting his nose in front at half time. The captain came out firing In the 2nd half and both went hard at it trying to secure the win. Cardi ran out of steam as the captain fired home a late winner to progress. Kincardine (8+7) v Eednud (7+3) Both sides knew this was going to be a tough match and the 1st half didn't disappoint. Kincardine firing home on the stroke of half-time to take a narrow lead into the break. Eednud knew he had to give it a go in the 2nd half and left spaces for kincardine to exploit and fire home a solid 7 in the 2nd half to go through with a bit to spare. Tynieness (9+7) v AFJ (8+ The most highly anticipated match of the round didn't disappoint. Both sides traded blows right up to the final whistle. A classic cup tie. Tynieness won the 1st half but AFJ rallied to win the 2nd to force extra time. Peasy23 (6+5) v Cowden0 (7+7) Peasy23 knew this was going to be hard against the highest scorer from round 1. Cowden0 didn't disappoint his fans and even playing into a strong wind 2nd half won both halves to go through. LiviLion (7+4) v Welshbairn (6+3) Two sides giving it all to try make the quarters but there could only be one winner. LiviLion took the 1st half 7 to 6 and with welshbairn coming out to try get back into the match, LiviLion got his tactics spot on to advance. Helpma (6+ v Jacksgranda (5+2) The weekends late kick off featured Jacksgranda who, after not knowing he was in the 2nd round, had sent some of his big hitters away on a training camp in the sun meaning he had to field his reserves. The youngsters fought valiantly in the 1st half but ran out of gas 2nd half as the experience of Helpma shone through. So the extra time question for AFJ and tynieness. How many words are there in the king James bible? Answers by Thursday at 5pm please.
  5. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    I honestly don't mind going down. It's just prolonging the agony for another week anyway.
  6. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    5/10 for Tuesday. Cup results will be up later, had a mad day at work and just about to go out to play 5s
  7. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    I agree, the top league should get renamed the WRK memorial championship
  8. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    5/10 to start the week. Still waiting on cup scores from tynieness, Alang1993 and dyl
  9. Scottish cup 5th round draw

    Said at start of season, st pats and Dumbarton accies both very strong this year
  10. Sons' sorrow

    No way he would turn it down if offered but I wouldn't be touching thistle if I was him. A more attractive proposition such as st mirren/Morton will likely come up sooner rather than later which would be surely more attractive. Battling the drop in the premiership, or potentially taking a championship team up. I know what I'd prefer.
  11. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    You have me down for a 4 on Friday? I do believe my 6 would've seen me safe? I am happy to go down though, my performances have been shite.
  12. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    He did but you won by 1 point. You 5+4, deej 3+5
  13. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Right guys, 2nd round of the P&B Cedric Kipre's Xmas quiz is Here. PM me your scores by Monday 8am. Good luck. Reminder of the draw: Dyl v Alang1993 BWV v SlipperyP The captain v Cardinal Richelieu Kincardine v Eednud Tynieness v AFJ Peasy23 v Cowden0 LiviLion v Welshbairn Helpma v Jacksgranda 1st half: http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1712081300261452&lnk& 2nd half: http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1712081319498981&lnk&
  14. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    6/10 to end the week. Will probably see me relegated
  15. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Cardi - is there not a rule in your book that states: "Those cool guys that organise cups need not get relegated from their league" I'm sure it's in rule 8, section 4, subsection 19 appendix 3.