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  1. Alloa vs Ayr

    I just hope the players aren't as nervous as I am... Suddenly finding ourselves back in second place shows how tight things still are. As others have said, if we blow a 5 point lead with 3 games left then we only have ourselves to blame. Raith will win at home next week so we simply have to avoid defeat tomorrow. With a big travelling support I think we can do it. I'll be watching from overseas but will still feel the nerves big time! Come on Ayr, let's do this and set up a title party at home next week
  2. The Super v Stranraer FC

    Mate, have you seen our home top for next year? No-one will look good in it
  3. What on earth is that home top all about?? A plain white tshirt and no doubt retailing at 50 quid. If we can't have even a tad of imagination with our home top then what's the point. I'd rather they just kept this season's current strip. I didn't like it on launch either but it's infinitely better than the new one.
  4. The Super v Stranraer FC

    Exactly. When we get our big game crowds it's largely made up of casual supporters who only come out of the woodwork at these times and the local old firm sympathisers (of which there must be 1000s) who come along to see what the fuss is about with the wee diddy local team.
  5. Airdrie vs Ayr Utd

    To be fair he was relatively untested that night. Killie were so shit I don’t remember them having many shots on target and Jordan Jones final ball was so bad we were rarely threatened by cross balls. That's true but my point was more about the way he coped with the atmosphere and didn't appear to fall to pieces. It just suggested to me that he could handle the big occasions. Unfortunatley he's let in a few confidence-sapping daft goals, and the feeling of unrest at his performances among the fans must have affected him too. But if he does come back I'll be pleased for the lad if he does well.
  6. Airdrie vs Ayr Utd

    Think folk need to calm down about the prospect of Hart potentially playing. It's unlikely to be the end of the world. Think back to the first game of the season against Killie when he more than held his own in a hostile atmosphere. While he's had his fair share of howlers, that game suggested to me that he has got potential.
  7. Absolutely agree it's a shame we can't get another 1000 on our gate. The atmosphere would be so much better. I think that 40 years outside the top division (god is it really that long?) is the primary reason our core support has dwindled. It's almost as if we need a near extinction/administration event to rouse the locals into backing us. Seems to have worked at the likes of Falkirk and Dunfermline, both smaller towns by population which have far bigger home supports than us.
  8. If the main complaint/issue our manager has is a perceived lack of atmosphere at Somerset then I'm ok with that. There are far worse things we could have to complain about. 1600 attendance is nothing spectacular, but we are playing in league one after all. A few seasons back it was not unusual to have sub-1000 crowds at home games, so we have put a good 500 or so regulars on to the gate which is no bad thing. I remember McCall in an early interview saying that he wanted Somerset Rd end "rocking" with 2000 fans there. Still a bit to go but if he can get us this title win and, more importantly, consolidate us in the Championship, I think we'll get those numbers.
  9. After the rollercoaster season so far for both Ayr and Raith I'm not assuming anything until we have mathematically got the league won. We just need one slip up and a Raith victory and it's back to being anyone's league again. Squeaky bum time. We do seem to be hitting form though, but as Ayr fans we have plenty of previous that can bring back the fear. I still recall the Brian Reid season in the Championship when we seemed totally safe from relegation then lost something like 9 out of 10 to go down without a whimper. Or last year when we were miles ahead of St Mirren at xmas yet still blew it. A title win would be absolutely fantastic and so much more preferable than to go up via the playoffs. Long overdue a title. Come on ye Ayr.
  10. Ayr vs Raith

    As ever with most football fans your opinion of the Shankland incident depends on which team you support. Hard to get an unbiased view on this. Only Shankland knows if he meant to stand on the player. If he did, he's a dick and could quite possibly have harmed his teams chances by being sent off. If not, he needs to look more carefully where is walking. He must step on dog poo all the time. I'm leaning more towards the he-did-do-it-intentionally camp. The Raith no 12 rolling around in agony though is equally embarrassing. Call it a score draw in incidents both sides would rather forget.
  11. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    Always a bummer to have a match postponed but fair play to all the Arbroath staff and volunteers, looks like they made a monumental effort to try and keep the pitch playable. Respect!
  12. No offence mate but if winning the third tier division in Scotland is what counts as legendary we need to set our sights higher.
  13. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    I've often wondered how I'd feel in the highly, highly unlikely event that Ayr started winning things and became a 'big' club. I think it would become boring - imagine trotting along to Celtic Park every fortnight to watch your mega bucks, odds-stacked-massively-in-their-favour club trounce whatever lowly opposition was put in their way. And yet the big club fan somehow derives some enjoyment from this. I think if Ayr ever got to that stage i'd stop watching football altogether, or find some other underdog to go and watch.
  14. Must say I agree, it's a pointless offer and a bit of a distraction when we just need to focus on the win. The 100th goal could be scored by anyone, but it's a team game and they win and lose together. Would prefer if they gave the whole squad a bonus and a night away somewhere for winning the league rather than to one player who just happened to score the 100th goal.
  15. The last part is the important bit. I know a couple of blue noses in Ayr that I've questioned multiple times about why they don't support their local team and they just laugh it off with a response like 'why would I support those losers'? Um, we wouldn't be losers if people like you supported us instead of backing sectarian teams in Glasgow. I think the same could be said in Kirkcaldy or any other town in Scotland.