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  1. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Must admit when i saw the highlights i thought it looked like it came off Adams' hand, and i can understand why the ref thought so too. TV replays show it was clearly his head, but the ref has to make an instant call which he did. Unlike us he doesn't have the benefit of multiple replays.
  2. I've only managed to see one game this season and that was the glorious rain-soaked floodlit extravaganza against our dear friends from 12 miles up the road. I was impressed by Hart's shot-stopping and the fact he coped well with the derby pressure and managed to ignore the grotesque feeling of 2500 DKBs breathing down his neck behind the goal. That one game suggested to me that Hart has the potential to cut it at this level. I think the guy needs the support of the fans rather than becoming the latest hate figure among the Somerset crowd. At least Chris Aitken, Robbie Crawford, Brian Gilmour etc had the luxury of being able to hide on the park when the support turn against them - dishing out the same treatment to our goalie would only make things worse.
  3. International Ticket Pricing

    It all comes down to supply and demand in the end. As long as fans keep buying these tickets the SFA can say that they have got their pricing right. I don't think any football match is worth paying more than £20 to watch, but that's just my opinion. Clearly many thousands of fans differ and are willing to pay more, sometimes much more. Regarding the Malta match, even reducing the prices might not have put too many more on the gate. Malta are never going to be a big draw. Perhaps a better idea would be moving these types of games around the country to smaller capacity grounds. Allows non central-belt fans to see the team and makes for a better atmosphere in a smaller stadium.
  4. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    Think the Karma Police will have loved that result. A few Ayr fans on here acting like wannabe Old Firm fans with their complacent nonsense prior to the game.
  5. I initially hated the collar but have already come round to it. Must be a grower. Away top looks weird frankly. Or maybe it just looks weird on Craig Moore.
  6. Has there been any mention of how we are actually planning on funding the full time football? I would think that removing Harkins from the wage bill is crucial to the overall budget. Despite his reputation I'm sure there are still plenty of clubs who would happily take a punt on him.
  7. Ayr United, What now 2016/17

    When we look back on this season, it can't be a surprise to any of us that we will finish bottom. We got promoted by the skin of our teeth and retained the bulk of a side that struggled to earn that promotion. We have an absentee chairman who does not want to be in control of the club but is unwilling to relinquish until a better option comes along. I actually admire that stance, if that is indeed his motivation. He has a track record of standing by managers, probably for far too long in the case of Mark Roberts, so we can assume that McCall will not be sacked. The only way he will leave is if he chooses to go. As it stands at the moment, unless there is somehow significant change off the park I can't see how we are ever going to progress from being an upper league one/lower championship club.
  8. Morton v Ayr utd

    Based on previous away games this year, I reckon we are looking at taking probably 400 - 600 max. If there was any sort of confidence within the fans we'd probably take another 200 or so on top but I think everyone is going in hope more than expectation.
  9. Ayr United, What now 2016/17

    Of course the above would be absolutely true except Dumbarton are currently doing - and have been in previous years - a fine job of showing how staying in the division can be achieved with part time players.
  10. Love the passion in McCall's interview! Makes a refreshing change from the platitudes that most managers trot out. That said, at times I wonder if he's the full shilling
  11. Can't really blame Boyle for the miss, the defender was in the right place at the right time. The fact our goal difference is the worst in the league effectively means we need every point we can get. A draw tonight would've done wonders for confidence going into Saturday's game. Saturday is the day for everyone at the club to step up - supporters, players, management, everyone needs to give it their all against St Mirren. A win there will really put them in a dire position. Come on ye Ayr!
  12. Ayr v St Mirren (the big one)

    Another one with the fear here. Lose this and St Mirren could be two points behind if they win their game in hand. We have drawn or lost many games that could have been winnable, and scraped past two lower league sides in the cup. St Mirren have almost been a bit of a bogey side for us this season, when everyone else was beating them we failed to, and even lost to them in the cups. We have to play them twice before the end of the season, so each team could rightly say that their destiny is in their own hands. Heart says we can do it but to be honest I'll be amazed if we win. Come on ye Ayr!
  13. Dumbarton V Ayr United 18/2/17

    Football pundits, fans and managers love to endlessly watch replays to decide whether the ref made the right call. The ref, on the other hand, gets to see an incident happen once, in real time.
  14. Ayr United, What now 2016/17

    Well done McCall, took his time but has managed to get in a couple of positive additions, at least on paper. Hopefully this will settle down the panic merchants on the SRE forum.
  15. Hibernian v Ayr United

    I can't speak for the rest of the Ayr fans but all the ones I know wear a Gers shirt under their Ayr tops at every game. And we surreptitiously listen in to radio commentary to hear how our beloved sons of Orange are getting on in their match.