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  1. The last part is the important bit. I know a couple of blue noses in Ayr that I've questioned multiple times about why they don't support their local team and they just laugh it off with a response like 'why would I support those losers'? Um, we wouldn't be losers if people like you supported us instead of backing sectarian teams in Glasgow. I think the same could be said in Kirkcaldy or any other town in Scotland.
  2. Exactly. They just don't get it. They have the power to totally change Scottish football by abandoning the OF and supporting their local teams but frustratingly they can't grasp this simple concept.
  3. This should probably go in the match topic, but i can't bring myself to look at that one. The Morelos reaction was understandable given the abuse he'd received moments earlier. That said, Murty likes to spew forth about how beyond reproach the magnificent institution that is the new Rangers, yet I somehow doubt he'll come out and criticise his player for mocking the fans of a side two divisions below them. I also thought that was a horrible game of football to watch, a complete mis-match. I don't really understand how people are saying that the scoreline didn't reflect the game - have a look at the stats and it's a trouncing in every way. But it doesn't mean we're worse than Fraserburgh for losing by a bigger margin, football just does that sometimes. Like another person mentioned I also switched to the rugby after 3-1, at least I could watch an even contest there. I'm sure we can all agree that the most important thing of the day was that the "Ayr True Blues" enjoyed their day out finally seeing their team in their own town. Seriously , as if following that obnoxious mob is anything to boast about to do so while standing amongst the Ayr support is borderline bonkers. What a club, what a support. Please let their next extinction event be once and for all.
  4. That's the spirit! We're running out of games but still firmly in contention for the title. It does make the game at Somerset against Raith extra important now, but we've gone on a big winning run already this season and are quite capable of doing it again. Raith's away form is very patchy and if our home form is not considered the form of title winners, then neither is their away record. Still all to play for, though I agree we are making it extremely difficult for ourselves. Come on ye Ayr!
  5. Ayr vs Alloa

    Our new goalie channeling his inner Jordan Hart has overshadowed Shankland's goal which is possibly his best of the season. Lovely strike.
  6. As far as I'm concerned they can have the whole ground. There's probably enough of their Ayr-based sympathisers to fill the place let alone have them pouring in from all other parts of the country. I haven't been at an Ayr - Rangers game since the days of Burley when we lost 2-0 at Somerset. The thought of being confined in the same ground as their bang-drumming, flute-playing, white protestant supermacist fans strangely enough holds no appeal to me. So give them the as much of the stadium as they want and make as much money as we can out of it. Knowing we are at least profiting financially might make some of the obnoxious bile you can expect on the day slightly more palatable.
  7. Pleased for Stranraer, given their recent troubles this is a fantastic result for them. And Ayr. #southwestcoalition
  8. That's the third time this season against Raith we've been the better team yet only have 4 points to show for it. If we don't win the league it will be because of our inability to grind out wins in the manner that Raith have done. Shankland managed to turn a stonewall penalty into a goalkick thanks to his pirhouette dive. The curse of the modern footballer. Adams is good at mixing it up but has a tendency to resort to rolling on the ground holding his face far too often. Embarrasing really, especially for a so called hardman. That said, the Raith bloke who bodychecked him at the indirect freekick should have had a straight red if the officials saw it.
  9. This 'McColl' nonsense. It's a six letter word, surely even Raith fans can get it right.
  10. I'm quite happy with a point from this game. Going into it with a weakened side on the back of some iffy results, to prevent Raith pulling further away was important. Their two games in hand will be interesting. Fair play if they go on to win both and build up a lead. But there's still a long way to go and we've got some big players to come back. Now we appear to have less of a bombscare goalkeeper I'm quietly confident we can push Raith all the way. Game on.
  11. While I agree that a different goalie would help, I think it's short-sighted of Ayr fans to simply blame Hart for our recent results. He is the last line of defence but far too many shots and headers are being allowed through by the outfield in front of him. The problem cannot lie with Hart alone.
  12. New kit revealed on Monday

    I quite like that logic. Force the team to play in the same strips until they qualify for a major tournament. And write the date of the last qualification on the back of the shirts to further shame them.
  13. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Brilliant! Love the Kris Boyds that have snuck in there
  14. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Thought Adams' tackle for the first Stranraer red was fair as he played the ball. However, he used excessive force which was daft and many a referee would have booked or sent him off for it. Stranraer player's reaction while understandable was stupid and gave the ref no option. Clear red. Couldn't tell much about the second red from the highlights but Jaime Adams' rolling around afterwards like he'd been tasered was a bit embarrassing. While I'm all for his blood and thunder antics, he can leave that sort of stuff in the changing room. Funny how no-one, either fans or within the club, speaks out when one of our own play acts. Yet we all get sanctimonious at the thought of an opposition player doing it.
  15. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Shankland and the Moff look well offside there