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  1. SNP PPB

    Hahaha what a load of cringing pish, who made it, Keith Lemon!!?[emoji23]
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    A land colonised by people of another nation, it’s not really is it Pep? ‘Controlled entirely by another’ also suggests under duress, again it’s not really is it, especially given that 55% of the electorate voted in favour of retaining our current membership of the Union? You’re in an angry minority Pep, who yearn to live and breathe the oppression of Imperial aggression. You’re about 150 years too late Pal.
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

    The late successful, award winning, groundbreaking Director, Producer & Writer? I’ll take it. I’ve been called a lot worse on here![emoji6]
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    The election where the SNP lost their overall majority, is that the one you mean Pep? You’d hardly call it a ringing endorsement going forward eh?
  5. Capital Punishment

    You would think so eh!? Incarceration as a punishment doesn’t seem to serve as a deterrent or as incentive to ‘going straight’ though, If over a third of offenders end up back inside within 12 months. Perhaps an extended use of properly supervised Community Service Orders could be part of the answer for less than serious offences. The offender is committed to paying something back to the community in unpaid work, restricted freedom of movement forms part of the punishment whilst the opportunity for rehabilitation can be identified simultaneously.
  6. Clipped from a twitter feed and forwarded on to me, I’ve no interest in following any of the anti Rangers ramblings across your club’s forums or posting on the threads of other clubs on P&B. Unless it’s match day and they’re playing us, the detailed ‘happenings’ with other teams are of no concern.
  7. I’m not sure you are, but you certainly seem interested in it enough to continue trawling through the thread? I guess it’s par for the course![emoji849]
  8. A ‘rabbit out of the hat’ an old Fergus McCann trick in the dark days of 94 eh! When the ‘vision and objectives’ of Celt*c FC didn’t extend much beyond 24 hours. There but for the grace of....
  9. Capital Punishment

    The reformative theory of punishment suggests that both can work to the mutual benefit of both the offender and society. I did say initially that the consideration was of grave offences in line with the title of the thread.
  10. Capital Punishment

    It’s a nice idea, our crumbling prisons, packed to the rafters, could do with a bit of a revamp. How much (£) do you think will cover it?
  11. Capital Punishment

    Fair do’s. The point that the reoffend rate of 30% within 12 months across the UK still stands. Our prison population (including reoffenders) is higher than any of our comparable European partners. Either the ‘punishment’ isn’t seen as a deterrent or attempts at rehabilitation are falling way short.
  12. Capital Punishment

    Fair enough Gents, perhaps the original title should have read ‘Capital Punishment in Scotland’ just to avoid any comment outside your assumed parameters. My apologies.
  13. Capital Punishment

    Yep I guess so, if you believe the world ends at the bottom of the M74.
  14. Capital Punishment

    My apologies, I didn’t realise that the original post and subsequent discussion on this thread was confined to Scotland.
  15. Capital Punishment

    Read the Bromley Briefings for 2017 (Prison Reform Trust) and the section Rehabilitation & Resettlement (Reoffending)? It was brought to my attention at a seminar down in London last year. It paints a different picture. (It’s a discussion board btw my friend, there’s no need to hurl insults should you disagree. I know it’s the norm on P&B, but it doesn’t add much to open debate.)