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  1. 3-0 arthurlie
  2. Near enough all of them
  3. Arthurlie 3-4 east stirling strong performance for lie despite playing very good lowland league side
  4. Score on the door tonight Ft Arthurlie 8-0 salcoats
  5. See silverware at arthurlie this year
  6. St Roch’s today, are delighted to announce the signing of Tam Hanlon
  7. is that the same zubaidi that played for boness last year
  8. think he not playing football because of work circumstances the now
  9. Neilston signed Paul "Tiny"Stewart from Bridgewater ametuers formerly of arthurlie and awr
  10. Would take Moore
  11. see Australia didn't last long just signed for annan
  12. thought there was no relegation in the top division next season
  13. isnt that a bit earlier
  14. brennan under the 4 which we retained from last season
  15. Arthurlie can today confirm the departures of defender Scott Gair, midfielder Jordan Leyden and striker Gary Smith - all by mutual agreement