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  1. Arthurlie Squad help

    Grant hay (gk) Muhammad Ahmed (gk) sure that his first name not 100 percent Mikey Wilson Kieran Brennan Graham girvan Steven tart Jordon Chisholm Mark Blakey Ryan scanlon Scott burns Darren burns Ryan Holms Colin Spence Kieran mcaleenan Hal bohme Jordan Craig Martin Paul Chris Lennon Marc mckenzie Michael Daly Jamie Watson Martin Mcbride (on loan from East Kilbride)
  2. Games Off- Sat 9th Feb

    Arthurlie vs Cumnock
  3. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    Quiet a few public parks are off in Glasgow
  4. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    was snow earlier this week but been dry from Wednesday on was and especially warm today i think we will most likely have a game especially with the light rain forecast expected for tomorrow
  5. Wishaw Juniors F.C. - Manager

    Chris mackie or maybe david brolly and Colin smith might be in for a shout
  6. Admission Concessions

    Unsure about that one best asking the sjfa that
  7. Admission Concessions

    It is normally concession are under 16 and over 65 where the pay half fair (either 3 pounds or 2 50 depending on the league) but clubs normally let kids in for free
  8. Today’s scores 03/02/18

    Arthurlie 2 Gartcairn 1
  9. Today’s scores 03/02/18

    Arthurlie 1 Gartcairn 1
  10. Today’s scores 03/02/18

    Arthurlie 1 Gartcairn 0 Michael Daly
  11. Results

    Gartcairn 2-2 Arthurlie full time
  12. Games On?

    Gartcairn vs arthurlie
  13. Scottish Junior Cup

    1st of march 3092
  14. Be a Referee - Fife

    Refereeing is a worthwhile experience even if you want just to sit the course and just say afterward you passed the course as it will change your perspective on football and how you watch the game but I would highly recommend getting into (ps i am a referee aswell)