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  1. Another manager sacked on the Duff's mantlepiece? I reckon we will let United come at us, they're desperate for points, leaving the likes of the 'Edge' and a cart horse like Mark Durnan vulnerable to Quitongo and Oliver
  2. Grab Outlast + DLC for free

    Thanks very much, downloaded!
  3. Grab Outlast + DLC for free

    Is this a timed trial type thing? Not sure if I'll play if so.
  4. Weekend Betting

    Also backed this. Usually wait until Saturday morning before placing my bets but this looks a good one.
  5. FIFA 18

    First pack I opened - 87 rated Kante. Only 7 or so on the market at the minute, with 50k being the cheapest but then it boosts up to 80k. Once the game releases he'll be going well over 100k.
  6. Midweek flutter

    Wolves and Spurs....
  7. Midweek flutter

    Got this on via a free £5 from SkyBet. Worried about Valencia and Hibs, otherwise pretty confident.
  8. Lego games

    Anyone played Jurassic World? Fan of the films (the new one is okayish) but was maybe looking to pick this up.
  9. Games You Want To Play

    The thing that puts me off is the length of The Witcher and Fallout, I don't tend to play games that take hours and hours to complete.
  10. As wording of United here set us up perfectly for Falkirk at home, I believe that's who we've got? Potential to go top with a set of good results. Harkins and McHugh to score, Quitongo to set up both after rinsing 'The Edge'.
  11. Games You Want To Play

    Just following on from the thread about erasing the memory of a game to have that play experience again. What games do you want to play or never got round to playing? For me I've always thought of picking up The Witcher 3 but something tells me I just wouldn't like it without even watching some gameplay. The same goes for the newest version of Doom and the Fallout games, part of me tells myself I wouldn't enjoy them. Was hoping this thread could maybe change a few people's minds etc.
  12. Win Counter

    Cashed out the £30 from last nights winnings and didn't see much value tonight so stuck on the remaining £1.09 and got an okay-ish return for a random bet. Been picking up a good few smaller returns. Worried about ruining the good luck by betting this Saturday.
  13. Win Counter

    Not big amounts but all over the handicap bets right now. Only just checked there after seeing Arsenal being 1 down and gave up on it!
  14. Midweek flutter

    Any tips for this evening gents?
  15. Midweek flutter

    Got Madrid on a -3 on one coupon and a -4 on the other. Both coupons with 4 bets each, with Madrid the only team letting down both so far...