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  1. My only worry is confidence going into the playoffs. Otherwise these games mean nowt.
  2. Running around like an animal. [emoji38]
  3. Got the Radiohead night at TRNSMT as well actually. Slam Dunk looks great.
  4. That was never that bad in the first place.
  5. Not sure how you can be that certain. Nor am I sure how the official could be. That said, the VAR has come in useful.
  6. Video has got that pretty badly wrong. The defender was blocked by the offside player so he was clearly interfering with play. Video refs don't account for incompetence I'm afraid.
  7. f**k sake. Great strike but against the run of play. Glory playing well.
  8. Starting to get the shit together for Festival No 6 now. Got a train to Manchester bought. Next week going to get the bus to the festival site and then the next, I'll be getting my ticket for the festival itself. Been saying I'd go back for a couple of years now so about time I got on with it. Portmeirion really is a lovely place.
  9. Sounds like something an indy fed would come up with for a joke.
  10. Seems the thread is gone. Reason I'm bringing it up again is that it would appear a TV movie is getting shot in the summer.
  11. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. Why do you watch this shit?
  13. Speed is brilliant entertainment. The second one... fucking hell.
  14. Sinclair will probably win it, and I'd say he should be winning it as well.
  15. Tha six man was a damn fine match.