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  1. Nah. Definitely more funny than sad. f**k 'em.
  2. I've not watched that yet and have decided not to, given I'm actually going to see them, and don't want to be too disheartened by the idea.
  3. Can't remember watching this on TV convincing me to go and see someone live before, but Lorde looked absolutely fucking magnificent, and has swayed me.
  4. Hellbhoy thinks everyone is Tedi. [emoji38]
  5. I don't mind dogs on trains. Just keep the thing away from me and it's cool.
  6. Being on trains all of the time has made me immune to most of the shit tbh. Especially getting last trains home from Glasgow, which is probably the ultimate way to numb yourself to every annoying train rider imaginable. Yet folk playing music over the speakers, or having the earphones up so loud the music might as well be coming out of the speakers, gets me every single time.
  7. Is that signalling a tornado or an alien invasion?
  8. They've tried, and failed, to use bullying and scare mongering numerous times. There's no real drawbacks to saying no to this, and there's one major drawback to saying yes. The top dogs of football in this country have already shown themselves to be utter shitebags with their threats and scaremongering. Absolutely nobody is buying it. I genuinely don't see this coming even close to the number of teams they'd need to pass it through.
  9. The main positive recently is the poster for the next Glasgow show, which is pure filth.
  10. NXT

    Ranallo was decent during the CWC tbh. I'd imagine something similar here.
  11. I don't see many clubs being in the bad guy list here tbh. Not much gain, if any, and backlash from the supporters. I'm not worried about this getting voted through.
  12. People could be late for a number of reasons so I'm not really fussed about that, unless the screen is clearly providing enough light, which most of the time, it is. Talking is the main one for me. Just don't fucking do it. Also, having a phone on and full volume is bad enough, but there was one time when someone was clearly trying to phone someone in the cinema over and over again, and rather than take the phone outside, just hang up, or any options really, they just let the thing ring. For ages. "What's happening?" is something I'm glad I don't have to deal with.
  13. The Skids added to the Green Day bill. I have to say, that looks like it's going to be a tremendous night.
  14. That's a pretty nice strip that. Some crackers in the top flight this season.
  15. That's exactly what they're going for.