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  1. Wasn't aware that was even the same guy.
  2. Those other pics don't actually prove anything anyway. Unless you can show me they're from the same place on the same day. Then I'm willing to concede. Not before then.
  3. It is a horrible attitude. What other things go on in football is completely irrelevant to that.
  4. Cheers m8
  5. Hero's carrying a lot more flab and does kip ups with ease. Braun has already shown he's a fairly mobile guy.
  6. Well, on my app it's 29. Kinda feels like I'm being short changed.
  7. It is odd. As is the fact that the other photo looks as if it's photoshopped from the other one.
  8. That'd be the worst decision they can make. It would negate the whole "she can't lose on PPV" thing which is a main thing in the women's title at the moment, and when she is beaten at Mania, it doesn't mean even nearly as much. They'd be as well just having her lose for the good it would do.
  9. While it's not their usual colours, it doesn't really explain the point he's making. One of those photos definitely looks like it's been worked, and it's not the one you think.
  10. I'm giving up trying to guess who this lot are going to pull out as headliners. Pleasantly surprised by the music lineup here, even if the Arts and Culture lineup could do with some padding out at this point. Usually it's the other way about.
  11. Ew? What the f**k is that?
  12. Hope it gets worse for them now.
  13. He used the term "faggot" The guy is clearly a massive fanny. There's no excuses.
  14. On who? On this evidence it's a toss up?