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  1. There's this wee "maybe" thing in the back of my head, but I realise that it's just serious wishful thinking. A McGregor win would be hilarious and is definitely the desired result.
  2. I wasn't expecting him back when he came back tbh, so I'm not really calling that much of a success. I thought it'd be the end of the year before Jones fought again. Never suspected this result. EDIT: That said, I'll take it.
  3. We left during the main event as it was kinda shit.
  4. Nothing less than three points wanted here.
  5. bennett, seeing as you apparently didn't see the question elsewhere, what do you think of Club 1872's recent statements?
  6. Did that guy land a Leg Drop?
  7. Arsenal gonna Arsenal.
  8. "I'm not a racist. One of my friends is black." Doesn't change the fact that you consistently thought "gay" was an insult until you were called out on it. Not sure why you'd think that if you thought it was acceptable but there you are.
  9. Plus, their board are incompetent, so would bring in another joker.
  10. tree house tam might hate jama more than he hates homosexuals.
  11. Kick him out.
  12. Just goes to show that despite all of the crowd wankery, the Edinburgh teams will still remain below the actual 2nd force.
  13. I remember the days of Martin Canning being an unsackable utterly shite manager.