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  1. On the plus side, I love Siver. One of the few guys who I'll watch every time.
  2. Oh, good shout on Devil btw. Really good concept and it was done pretty well.
  3. The Poughkeepsie Tapes took ages to get a release. It's a shame because it's excellent.
  4. The Visit is soooooooo much fun.
  5. Unbreakable is decent. Thought Signs was horrific. He's back on fine form these days.
  6. Aye. I thought it was a great movie before it. Genuinely interesting. The Usual Suspects just didn't have that for me.
  7. The Sixth Sense should be about the twist. Unfortunately loads of people spoiled it but I think it's one of the best plot twists there's been.
  8. Yet more lies. Actually think you just take your opinions from phone in shows.
  9. When not played as an attacker he's actually been a good play breaker. The problem is that people continually see him as some sort of attacking threat when he's not. As soon as Scotland have a manager who isn't a total brain donor, he'll be there more often.
  10. Naming good Scotland players doesn't come close to negating your utter shite.
  11. It is.
  12. [emoji38] Blatantly doesn't happen. Why do people make up this shit?
  13. Some decent work to get to the position but deary me, what a pish goal.
  14. That's utter bullshit.