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  1. Money in the Bank 2018

    They've got a lot of work to do with Nakamura now, but now that the AJ Styles thing is probably done, they can get to work on actually making him interesting. Not that I'm counting on that actually happening.
  2. Belgium v Panama

    Wondering the same thing myself. Wasn't much in that at all.
  3. Sweden v South Korea (the big one)

    The worst you can say is that VAR does need some improvement, but it's definitely a good thing in my eyes.
  4. NXT

    I thought they did well with Nikki Cross in that match. Playing on the sheer lack of fear and determination right to the end with her means that she's still a legit threat to the women's title in NXT. The mindgames through the match were good too. Gargano being pushed to the extremes in the main event was good, and I LOVED that finish. Enjoyed it a lot more than the first match. I reckon they'll just go with another straight No DQ match like the first two. I can't see it being more than one fall.
  5. What’s your favourite band/artist

    It changes from time to time, but it seems to always go back to the Manic Street Preachers, so I'm saying them.
  6. The Music

    I missed The Music that night at T as I wanted to see REM who turned out to be pretty shite. Made the wrong decision on that one. They're also one of the few biggish musicians to play Greenock since I started going to gigs.
  7. ICW deserves a thread on its own (have I missed it)

    Can't imagine the highest standing area would be getting used either, given that no c**t would be able to see from about the third row back.
  8. Brazil v Switzerland

    The defender had his arms wrapped around him. That's a foul.
  9. Brazil v Switzerland

    Player threw himself down there, but given that the defender had a waistlock on him, why was there no penalty given?
  10. ICW deserves a thread on its own (have I missed it)

    It's at the Academy
  11. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    Big shock that it turns out phil is a bigot.
  12. When will indyref2 happen?

    If we're not getting it now then it's never happening.
  13. ICW deserves a thread on its own (have I missed it)

    Barras isn't that much bigger than the ABC so it's the best bet.
  14. NXT

    Fucking yes.
  15. Dundee Crawl Mk III: POLL

    Went for the late option. Plenty of time to get the days off.