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  1. James Cunny cunningham

    Do you get cash prize money depending on the round you make?
  2. James Cunny cunningham

    Congratulations to Shortlees. Do you still get in the proper Scottish Cup through winning the amateur cup? If so do you get some sort of prize money as by all accounts from reading above this could go a long way to helping the community.
  3. Moving Leagues Next Season

    GGPL have lost Third Lanark and Newton Vale to the Central.
  4. West of Scotland Cup Semi-finals

    Covlille very comfortable on the night. The three in centre mid for southside were so far off the pace and the back line were very shakey. Dissapointing night for southside and will be interesting to see how UB do against a strong colville team in the final.
  5. West of Scotland Cup Semi-finals

    Should be a tasty game tonight between Colville and Southside. I know there has been a few twitter spats between Southside and an ex player who went to Colville. I predict Colville will edge this one.
  6. Post split fixtures

    Couldn't agree more with this idea. It is getting boring now playing the same teams 3/4 times over a season and maybe more due to cup fixtures etc. Aberdeen will play Motherwell for the 5th time on Saturday and they didn't make the top six. They are also due to play Kilmarnock for a 6th time this season post split. We are at a stage where we have clubs in the league below who would benefit massively by a promotion to a larger premiership. Also even smaller part time clubs further down the line getting more potential for promotion and a crack at the big boys. It would share the wealth to all clubs in the country and hopefully boost the game as a whole. It is a selfish perspective that the current crop of so called top clubs would rather have the extra games against the old firm, Aberdeen, hearts & hibs to generate revenue but in hindsight this season has proven too many fixtures against the top clubs has hampered a team like Aberdeen from really challenging for the league. Your Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and even Rangers now should be looking at it as a better chance of toppling a financially dominate celtic from the top of the table. These teams are taking too many points off each other and really hampering there chances of challenging celtic. It all comes down to the issue of meaningless fixtures in mid table and low attendances for these games come the end of the season. I had an idea previously which could incorporate the majority of clubs having something to play for throughout the full season. It is a similar set up to the dutch league. Basically 1st place are champions and would qualify for the champions league as normal. 2nd place would also gain the Europa league spot as normal. 3rd,4th,5th & 6th would play a play off competition to determine the final spot in Europe. It would be similar to the lower leagues play off system just now to favour the highest ranked team. So 5th vs 6th two legs, winner plays 4th over two legs and then the winner plays 3rd over two legs. I understand the only issue being that come the final of that play off both teams may qualify due to the Scottish cup place but again the prize money would still be higher for the winner of that competition and the potential to enter the Europa league at a later round. Then to the other end of the table. You would have two automatic relegation places and then again you would have 3rd bottom entering a play off in the same format as it is just now but just from lower positions from the league below as two would be automatically promoted. Out of a sixteen team league you would have 9 places within the league that would mean something come the end of the season. The top 6 and three relegation places. You would like to think that most teams would be involved in either challenging the top six or fighting out of relegation at the bottom. We need to look at our whole game and we have some clubs right down to the lowland league who could comfortably make a step up to the lower leagues. We also need to avoid teams like cowdenbeath looking like they could go under if they are relegated to the lowland league.
  7. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    After a few posters saying St Pats had a barrel of chances but couldn't finish them, can anyone shed any light on why their big striker decided to play in the Scotland squad one off game instead of his club in a Scottish cup quarter final. Did St Pats have the option to postpone due to his call up and didn't take it or did they feel they could win the game without him. Sounds like he really could of been the difference in a tight game and may regret the choice he made. I know its a privilege to some lads to get a call up but really at amateur level it is surely the club that matters most.
  8. Motherwell vs Aberdeen 3/4/18

    I think Robinson summed it up last night when he said when it comes down to it Aberdeen just have better footballers. Motherwell's asset is there physical presence all over the park and have a great energy but if they are matched in those areas then they will lose most matches against the top 6 sides in the league. The only difference previously was Louis Moult who could score a goal from nothing and earn them a point or 3 with a touch of class. Main seems ok but last night struggled as he was up against two international defenders with a good physical presence. Now I know he bullied Alves and Martin on Saturday but McKenna and Arnason are far more up to the task of handling a striker of that mould. Motherwell have a good foundation with a solid goalkeeper and decent defenders but the likes of the lad Frear and Bowman just aren't good enough and probably would struggle for a game at most premiership sides. Aberdeen will be missing 3 key players for this match but Motherwell are also missing McHugh(I think), Hartley and Tanner who are arguably just as important to Motherwell as McLean, Shinnie and Logan are to the dons. The Dons had a bench last night of GMS, Rooney, Ball, Wright, Woodman, Reynolds & Cosgrove and at least 5 of them would walk in to Motherwells team. That's not to mention the likes of Nwakali, McGinn & Devlin who are also out injured. To sum it up Motherwell have a decent manager, decent squad and can beat any team in this league on their day due to hard work and being organised. However if Aberdeen turn up and perform the way they can then regardless of those three missing then they should be winning this match as comfortably as last night.
  9. Motherwell vs Aberdeen 3/4/18

    Main got bullied last night. McKenna and Arnason showed him up for what he is, a league two striker.
  10. Amateur Applications

    I think Third Lanark as a club were always looking to make that step up again due to their history. I think Glasgow and Strathclyde Uni were also potentially looking at making the step up. There must be a few amateur clubs who could meet the criteria of the East or South leagues but whether they want to or not is another question.
  11. Scotland Centre Backs

    Looking much more promising with McKenna(21) and Hendry's(22) performance last night. Liam Lindsay(22), Angus McDonald(25), Ross McCrorie(20), John Souttar(21) and Liam Cooper(26). Surely this spells the end for Russell Martin, Christophe Berra, Charlie Mulgrew. Berra probably the best out of the 3 of these more experienced players.
  12. Scotland Centre Backs

    I'm assuming he is eligible for Scotland?
  13. Hungary vs Scotland Tues 27th March

    All in all it was a much more positive display. I think he stuck with McGregor because it's likely it will be between him and Gordon to start this campaign. Even if the two of them were injured I reckon he would go with Marshall before the other two. Hendry and McKenna were excellent and really showed up how Charlie Mulgrew is heading backwards now. Mulgrew is fine in a 3 with no pressure on him and he can spread passes but after the forwards got no joy from McKenna and Hendry they played on Mulgrew and started getting some joy after we went 1-0 up. Armstrong and McGinn were also very good and hopefully will only get better. Armstrong has been out injured for a while now and still strolled it. Fraser was a very good option on the right wing against a team we have more of the ball against. Paterson maybe suited in that role if were having to defend a bit more. Phillips done fine but clearly Griffiths will play up there in future. Anyway not getting carried away by any means and overall it was a nothing more than a decent performance. The real positives are we may have found a couple of centre halves. Hungary I believe were the highest rank team in our division of the nations league so if that is the standard then there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be winning our group.
  14. Hungary vs Scotland Tues 27th March

    I've saw a good handful of Fulham games this season. He actually done ok in these matches but some of the opposition hes up against down there in midfields are horrific. I saw him against Canada and he was also completely crap along with Friday night showing he can't handle the step up to international football. I have also saw Armstrong and McGregor hold their own internationally and in champions league matches. Kenny Mclean was also far better in the Holland game along with Christie and McGinn. I have saw McArthur play to a much higher standard than cairney as well. Ross McCormack got bought for massive fees down south and never got a sniff in an era we never had any real good strikers. When he did play he looked out his depth as well. The championship is so far from international football in terms of the way It is played and the style of the opposition. In the championship guys like cairney half the game passes them by over there head. I don't want to get back in to the argument of championship vs spfl etc etc but spfl players have certainly shown in recent times they can make the step up far more easily than guys from the championship.
  15. Hungary vs Scotland Tues 27th March

    Enough to see he is no way any better than McGregor or Armstrong. Even Kenny McLean is a better player. All about opinions but the lad is so overrated and it shows why Strachan never used him. Kevin McDonald is even more average.