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  1. Central league division 2

    Watched cairn vs vale of Clyde, voc are murder and wouldn’t beat most amateur sides. Disgrace from the fat baldy keeper kicking players off the ball. Cairn look a good bet to go up.
  2. Colville v Southside

    James Millar I'm sure
  3. You're wrong mate. The SAFA and SJFA registration is completely different. Those rules apply to junior clubs only with players signed on pro or amateur contracts. They have no bearing on players signed on amateur contracts under the SAFA. Its a completely different type of amateur registration. You can approach any amateur clubs players at any times and there is not a thing you can do about it.
  4. These rules do not apply to amateur signed players with amateur clubs. They apply to players who are signed on amateur forms with other juniors teams. There is no obligation or rule stating a junior club must contact an amateur club regarding there player.
  5. You sound like a complete roaster tbh and I certainly would be avoiding making a phone call to you as well.
  6. End of the day there amateur players so no club has an obligation to inform the club. The same goes for amateur clubs approaching other amateur players. Do you at Wishaw HSFP contact all clubs you've ever taken a player from, probably not. End of the day you're amateurs so you need to deal with this scenario.
  7. Attention Central Defenders

    Right spill the beans who did you lose the players to?
  8. East Kilbride YMCA (SAFL)

    You're right a good few of the EK clubs are SFA Quality Marked and have a pathway for all ages. Claremont, EKYM, EKRR all have a good pathway for players from young ages.
  9. East Kilbride YMCA (SAFL)

    EKFC(safl),EKYM(Caley, GGPL & SAFL), EK AFC(Central), Dynamo EK(GGPL), EKRR(SAFL), Claremont(SAFL), Duncanrig(SAFL) 9 Saturday afternoon teams.Think there is EK Accies, EK Thistle Amateurs in the Saturday morning leagues and potentially a couple of church teams Westwood BB & EK Free Churches. On a sunday I only know of Whitemoss and EK Athletic, don't know if EK Milan are still running. Also with the Lowland League team and the Juniors it is quite a lot. Most of these clubs have a great history so hopefully they can continue as its getting harder and harder in EK to keep teams going.
  10. Lithuania away

    Tough one to call tonight especially at the centre of defence. I can see wee Strachan going for the below. Gordon Tierney Hanley Mulgrew Robertson McArthur Brown Forrest Armstrong Snodgrass Griffiths
  11. Player available

    BSC will be in for him.
  12. Can anyone tell me if McPhee has left as well? If not it would be good to see him given a crack in the interim. Done a few coaching sessions with him in the past and had a good few chats and the guy knows his football and certainly is well respected within the Northern Ireland camp. However he is part of the circus that has been tynecastle for the last few months so they may want to get rid. Surely Levein has to go as well. He made no attempt to keep Neilson and if anything forced him out the door because he had Cathro lined up. That for me is just as much of a failure as Cathro and he must be held equally responsible. Also if you think Cathro had full control of the signings then you'd be wrong. Some of the duds coming in January were 100% levein signings.
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Every club except Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen & Hibs were interested in Erwin but Killie offered more than any other club. Hearts were reluctant to push the boat out as they have lafferty and isma and wouldn't commit to any deal until Johnsen was out the door. Partick Thistle offered him a good deal as well and were probably the only other serious offer. Motherwell again were very interested but seem confident of keeping Moult past this window and couldn't commit financially until he does leave.
  14. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Far too easy.
  15. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    The diddy amateurs with another win over the juniors.