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  1. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    I think the 1 up is something that needs looked at as both teams could add great value to the LL
  2. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Don't get me wrong i want Kelty to win every game, but i do feel LT can beat Kelty and i hate saying it, whoever wins these 2 games will win the league.
  3. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Ok my mistake, let me say it differently the better 20s are constantly with the senior team, when the better ones step down to the 20s they are a different team. The quality is good and my statement does look stupid lol
  4. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    This happened not long ago LTHV had loads of games to play at the end of the season and you know what they won every one and pipped Leith, they have a very good squad and a strong 20s teams, IMO the 20s could beat half the league themselves. So never count LTHV out
  5. East Region Websites

    It is good, the squad profiles are good with home and away sponsors on view, a lot of squad profiles are just blank and to me the club's are missing a trick by not advertising through this channel
  6. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    There is only one reason clubs would join the EOS is to get into the SPFL, if your ground is not up to SPFL standards then there is no point in joining. Look at the work Kelty are putting in also the squad Bo'ness have currently would be nowhere near good enough, they need to start winning domestically again. In my opinion they are years away from joining the EOS.
  7. East Region Websites

    Their is a lot of websites out there that are shockingly out of date, i think a well run website is invaluable to any club, their is one that is 3 managers out of date and he is still listed as the manager, some websites when you click on them don't even take you to that club site. There is one on their main page from 4 games ago, get the latest games played on the main page and archive the older games or do all games by date, Clubs really need to keep everything updated in all aspects.
  8. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    We will see if it happens at LT, i was involved with HV yrs ago and they were planning a wee ground then and that was a go 10 yrs ago but still ground sharing now, tyni are not the only team using it, it gets hammered on a Sunday by so many teams both male and female. Your right about the 4G astro, the only way forward is to make it 4G on the main pitch and get their youth teams using it so they have a base instead of being all over Edinburgh.
  9. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Kelty going up is not a given, Lothian Thistle will have a massive say as they have done it before but only their ground stops them going higher to the LL or they would have been their already, LT have beaten Kelty the last two times they have played them, Kelty have a big lead in the EOS league over LT who have lots of games in hand but it will go down to these two games against each other and it would be a disaster for Kelty not to go straight up as I really hope they do. Kelty are making massive efforts to develop on and off the park where LT have not, LT have made lots of money over the past three seasons and could easily have developed their ground but choose not to. So for me Kelty are planning for the future wher LT are not, I hope I am wrong but I think LT will pip Kelty for the title.
  10. East Premierleague 2017/18

    What was their reason for resigning ?
  11. Camelon vantage points

    Yes he is still there watching every home game, I was baffled today by Penicuik they were losing 1-0 in the 2nd half and the back 3 were content on passing to to each other for long spells 30 yards from the own goal and didn't seem to have any urgency or desire in the last 30 mins. Camelon fought for every ball today unlike the last 2-3 weeks .
  12. Livingston v Glenafton

    A cracking stadium, one of the best going around
  13. So midweek freindlies would be ok ?
  14. Scottish Rnd 3

    Nothing worse than drawing a team from your league like Sauchie v Camelon, is there any others.
  15. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    What a cracking atmosphere in the Kilburnie Penicuik game who needs senior when you can have that.