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  1. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    It will be a disaster if LTHV win the league as they have no chance of getting promoted and really makes a mockery of the whole pyramid system, at least Kelty have put a structure in place off the park but now it looks like LTHV could have a spring in their step after tonight's result
  2. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Ryan Stevenson should still be at Hearts when you look at Irving and Cochrane he is in their class, unfortunately all coaches have a different opinion and Ryan slipped through their fingers and will find his level, if john murray had still been the HOY their he would still be wearing the maroon but they now have a balloon in charge.
  3. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    No because Dalkeith don't play in the lowest division and I don't know why you even mentioned it the play a league above.
  4. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Good stats Burnie
  5. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Not sure of South division but armadale west Calder pumphy Oakley do ok
  6. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    LTHV are paying more than most premier teams and are miles in front of Dalkeith on the playing front so are kelty and if both these teams were in the premier they would be at the top. 3 teams can go up from the premier but only 1 to EOS so personally I think there is less chance. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Unless Dalkeith have a lot of new players coming in next season they won't go up, they are not better than Kelty, LTHV, Leith , with only 1 team going up they remain in the EOS, the spectator level may not be great in the juniors but its a hell of a lot better than the EOS where most teams are followed by 1 man and his dog.
  8. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Sorry but Dalkeith are no junior giant Isabel
  9. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Your comment about them getting into the lowland league is way off, Dalkeith are no Kelty they are in the bottom half of the Premier, unless you can take a team to the EOS that has a great chance to go up first time i.e. Kelty then you will really suffer financially, if just say Bo'ness Linlithgow jump then Dalkeith would have made a massive mistake, as being stuck in the EOS would be a nightmare and better where they are. IMO
  10. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Burnie is not having a go at any particular club he is stating that in no other football league would you have teams playing more games at home than any other, it becomes a pub league and could affect the outcome when relegation and promotion come into effect and i agree with him. Just say Dunbar go up by 1 point or goal difference,then the 2 home games against the same team do in fact come into play.
  11. Friday 12th January D Day

    How many clubs got players selected into the national team, not many
  12. Lthv 17/18

    i can't believe Devlin left to go to Tranent, what a massive backwards step, almost in the relegation spot in the East Premier, what was the reason for him leaving, money i guess.
  13. East Premierleague 2017/18

    A big uplift in fans for local derby's, is regional the way to go as the numbers say so.
  14. Shock Signings?

    Devlin will get you goals and a very good signing but going by the goals conceded he needs to get a some defenders in but it's difficult when new players leave not long after signing , I personally think Devlin is a better signing than Black imo. Tranent don't play football like LTHV who are a very good passing team and keep lots of possession, so it will be interesting to see how he gets on.
  15. Shock Signings?

    I couldn't agree more, they just baffle me