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  1. From what I can gather, almost the entire planet is under a blanket of snow right now. Here in Colorado, the world-famous winter playground, my mate and I spent this afternoon sitting in the pub’s beer garden, perfectly comfortable in shirtsleeves. Plus, the Denver Broncos won today. The world’s upside down.
  2. Reasons to be Cheerful

    This morning I received a distress call from one of our Sales team asking if I could do a very short-notice presentation to a potential new client. That wouldn't normally be a problem but it was on a topic which I don't know as well as I should. Hey-ho, this wouldn't be the first time I've had wing a presentation, but I would really have preferred at least a couple of hours to prepare. Right before the call was due to start, the client contacted us with an apology but could we reschedule to Monday. Today is a good day.
  3. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Bunty James looks better than I remember her.
  4. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Aye but the children were seldom unhappy and were a lot more contented. And the wife too, was content with her lot. I wonder if he ever asked his wife and kids if that was the case, or if he just took it for granted because 'he' was happy.
  5. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Do I think you're a "bit too nostalgic"? No, I think you're a dishonest, senile auld git who should be euthanised. Seriously; who takes the time to invent this crap? And why?
  6. Big nasty people

    Is that where the cry "Tongs La Bas!" comes from?
  7. Big nasty people

    You obviously didn't read Swampy's Progressive Liberal's post explaining that the native population of the Americas were all dead before the Europeans arrived.
  8. How cool are you?

    I remember watching Happy Days when I was a mere strip of a lad and thinking "If that Fonz character's cool, then I don't want to be." A middle aged guy wearing stretch jeans, living in a rented bed-sit above someone's garage and hanging out with high-school kids because he apparently has no other friends? No thanks. While I acknowledge that "cool" can be hard to quantify, and we all have different criteria; I'm a bit mystified by your particular definition. You're basing it simply on how much money someone makes compared to their age? That's it? By this logic, Donald Trump is ultra-cool. As are George Soros, Kim Jong-un, Betty Windsor and every member of Sam Walton's family. I'll need you to explain to me how wealthy = cool. Because, I'm not seeing it.
  9. Best post on P&B (ever) 2017 edition.

    Another vote for the hunchback shagger story. I literally had to blow my nose part way through because I had such a dose of the joysnotters.
  10. Congratualtions Harry & Megahn

    I counted 11 separate articles on the BBC News' home page. Although some of them have multiple links so it's possible I missed one or two. Can you imagine how demoralising it must be to have gone into the profession of journalism, all bright eyed and idealistic about reporting the truth, campaigning for justice and serving the people, only to find yourself repeatedly tasked with composing sycophantic drivel to justify the existence of these worthless parasites? "Please boss, can't I just write about why the SNP are to blame for everything instead? That's why I became a journalist!"
  11. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    If you were recording the top 40 on tape, then you're probably about my age and this would be the 1970's. As I recall, pretty much everybody had a telephone inside their house by that time and there was a LOT more vandalism than simply names being scratched on desks. Also, I hope whomever drew up this inanity didn't use a computer at any point. Them being one of the reasons Britain is no longer great and all.
  12. Born in Larbert but almost immediately, was spirited away to England by the people who claim to be my parents. Lived in Cumbria until I was in my late 20's, then bopped around the world for a couple of years before ending up in Phoenix, Arizona. Ugh. Moved to Colorado in 2002 and can't imagine living anywhere else now.
  13. Out of the mouth of babes...

    I once spent a long and painful evening trying to explain to my USAian darling how it could be that David Beckham was allowed to play for Manchester United AND England. Surely he should have to pick between one or the other. She never really did get the concept. Fast forward several years and the fanfare around him signing for L.A. Galaxy. "Does he still play for England?" asked the light of my life. "No, he's done with that now." I replied. I had no idea of the trap I into which I had just walked.
  14. Not just in the UK, either. This article followed another one of Cheetohead's attempts to stir up his bigot base. Places with the fewest immigrants push back hardest against immigration "The paradox of this emotional debate is that generally the states and communities with the fewest immigrants are pushing to reduce immigration over the objections of the places with the most immigrants."