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  1. Happy birthday Shandon. Lot's of people will be telling you about how "Life begins at 40" and other inane platitudes. They're full of it. Your best years are behind you and all you have to look forward to now is a slow slide to decrepitude and then death. Enjoy your night all the same.
  2. Freemasons “discriminated against”

    I honestly didn't realise you could have one without the other and I'm not really sure how that works. I assume you know I was being facetious. Even as a joke, I'm not really interested in joining a group that goes out of it's way to include absolutely everyone except people like me. Which is too bad because over the last couple of day; I've been spending more time than I probably should have, reading up on the organisation. The charity work does sound admirable and even the history and mythology around Masonry is quite intriguing. I know there's a lot of misinformation out there and I suppose the only way to find out the facts from the conspiracy theories would be to go through the membership process to see if I would be accepted. But, I keep coming back to the 'believing in unicorns' bit and that's a stumbling block.
  3. Out of the mouth of babes...

    As you may have heard; the winter Olympics are on. The Light of my Life is currently watching the downhill skiing. I'm not. They just flashed up a graphic saying the skier was doing 67.1 mph. LomL: 67 miles per hour. Is that miles or kilometres? Me: You just said it was miles. LomL: Right, but isn't it kilometres? Me: I didn't see it but if it said miles, then it's miles. LomL: But don't they use kilometres in Korea? I'm going to get myself a drink. Anybody want anything?
  4. Valentines Day

    Bullying, humiliation from those in authority, social exclusion...made me what I am today.
  5. Valentines Day

    I imagine so but really, how is this preparing the mutants for adult life?
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Reminds me of the time a lassie at work received a huge, and I mean huge bunch of flowers. I'd thought she was single so remarked to one of the others, "Does she have a boyfriend now?" "No", came the reply "Those are from her stalker." Apparently some creepy fucker had spent an evening trying to talk to her when she was out with her friends. She'd made it clear she wasn't interested but he had tracked down where she worked and sent her these as a mark of his undying infatuation. For about 2 months after that, the guys in the office took turns walking her out to her car each night.
  7. Valentines Day

    Literally moments after I wrote that, some half-wit re-posted the message he sent his wife on Valentine's Day last year. Much romantic.
  8. Valentines Day

    My Facebook has been pleasantly mush free this morning, which is a plus. At around 1am though, a wifey put up a moany post about how she's exhausted after spending the evening writing out and decorating Valentine's cards for her kids to take to school today. Apparently, every kid has to give a card to every other kid in the class, including the boys to boys and girls to girls. All signed so they'll know who it's from. And the parents are the ones who do this. Did the world take a sharp turn one day and I just missed it?
  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Fortunately, the Mamas and the Papas continued to work on the lyrics and a classic hit was born.
  10. Freemasons “discriminated against”

    See, there's another outfit where the spoken aims don't gel with the practice. "I've lost my job, my family, my self-respect...I'm at rock bottom. Help me, please help me!" "Sure thing, that's what we're here for. First though...do you believe in mythical beings?" "What? No, I'm an alcoholic, not a child." "Well f**k yez then. Out into the gutter you go."
  11. Freemasons “discriminated against”

    Yes, that’s how I’m interpreting it. It just seems odd (to me) that on every web site I’ve seen, they’ve taken pains to state that they are ‘not’ a religious organisation, that members are forbidden from talking about religion during meetings and yet, you ‘have’ to be religious in order to join and religion is front and center during the ceremonies. I’ll admit, part of me is tempted to fill out the form, tell them Zuul lives in my fridge and see how far I get.
  12. Freemasons “discriminated against”

    A little more digging and I came across this on a website called masonicinfo.com. "There is a volume of the sacred law open during every Masonic lodge meeting. This is often the Holy Bible but in some countries might include several Holy Books. When a person takes their obligations, they do so on the Holy Book. They conclude their obligation with the words "So help me God".... Lodge meetings are opened and closed with a prayer. Grace is always said before any (and every) meal taken by the lodge. Each lodge has a Chaplain and each Grand Lodge has one or more Grand Chaplains. Words of prayer are said at the wake or funeral of a deceased Brother Mason. When a lodge is consecrated, prayers are said. Even meetings of Masons which are not specifically lodge meetings (a scholarship committee, for example) will often begin with a few words of prayer, so ingrained is the obligation that we know a creation owes to his Creator." That's not exactly how I would interpret the phrase "No religious dogma that it forces its members to accept" but that's just me.
  13. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Ugh. My niece's husband is in the army (no, no, he's quite sound) and a few years back, received notice that he was being posted to Iraq. He made a point of asking all his relatives and friends not to mention it on Facebook until he'd broken the news to his Mum. He knew she'd be upset so wanted to tell her in person. One of his cousins promptly made a post saying "I know he doesn't want us to tell anyone but I want to say how proud I am of Anthony as he leaves to serve our country in Iraq. A true patriot! God bless him and keep him safe." So that's how his Mum found out.
  14. Scottish Football related dissertation

    In your 3+ years at University, did anybody talk to you about how to compose survey questions to obtain meaningful results?
  15. Freemasons “discriminated against”

    I decided to take a shufti at the website for the Grand Lodge of Colorado. The entrance qualifiers are listed as: A male Older than 18 years Belief in a Supreme Being Good moral character So I'm disqualified on 1, arguably 2 of those counts. Anyway, moving on I also came across this... "Freemasonry is not a religion, and it has no religious dogma that it forces its members to accept. Masons must simply believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, whatever they conceive that deity to be." So while they don't force you to accept accept religious dogma, you must accept religious dogma. It seems the qualifier is that it isn't any specific religious dogma, which seems somewhat semantic to me but hey ho. Other than that; you have to undergo a background check, which you pay for and assuming you're clear there, you can then submit an application for membership. And as far as I can see; that's it. I took a look at the .pdf links they had to a couple of pamphlets and it would appear the only groups they exclude are women and atheists. Given that they take pains to downplay the religious aspects, and emphasise that 'all' religions are welcome; I'm not clear why they have such a bug up their arses about not allowing atheists to join in any of their reindeer games. It can't be the swearing-on-the-bible idea which was mentioned earlier, unless each lodge owns a copy of a sacred text for every known religion. Which brings me back to the question - if the Masons are a non-religious organisation, why specifically exclude non-religious people? Unless they're attempting to claim that religious people are morally superior to non-religious people, which is patently false, I'm not sure why they would care. It's all about the charity, right? Perhaps one of the (ahem) non-Masons who seem to know a lot about the Masons can enlighten me?