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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Fair enough. Let's change that to "players who Hartley can easily dispense with in the next few weeks, if we wants to".
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That's a very interesting point. Just had a wee look at the numbers. If he wants to reduce the squad to 20 and bring in 8 then only 12 of the existing squad will be left at the end of January, assuming that's the timescale he was referring to instead of the end of the season. We currently have 40 signed players. 16 of those are the Under 20 squad (Dunne, Finlayson, Gallacher, Girdwood, Jarvis, Langton, Laverty, McBride, J Mitchell, K Mitchell, Munro, Mutch, O Hara, Peggie, Stowe & Sweeney) so that leaves 24 available for culling. 3 are on loan to other clubs (Henderson, Gasparotto, Shepherd) and if those loans get extended, as you have to assume they will, that leaves 21. If you assume we return the three loanees to their parent clubs (Balatoni, Longridge, Tumilty) then the number goes down to 18. If he plans to keep 12 then roughly 6 of the existing senior pros will be leaving in January. That's only a third of them. You would have hoped that the other 2/3 would be extremely motivated.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    From the statements made by Hartley at the AGM, I imagine it will be an striker from England whom we've never heard of. Several strikers perhaps. It appears the days of us signing known Scottish players, often connected with the Edinburgh clubs, are over. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-fc/hartley-eyes-quartet-for-new-year-1-4625759 We'll have to wait and see if this is successful but at least bringing in unknown players makes it exciting. As opposed to signings players who're often written off by our support before they've even kicked a ball, such as Kidd and Harris.
  4. Interestingly enough, I heard a rumour that your manager is one of them. It may be a load of tosh of course, as many rumours are, but if one of our less-than-stellar signings turns up at the Tulloch Stadium in January that post may just get thrown back in your face. You have a track record for it, after all. You took John Baird off our hands at a time when a large number of Falkirk fans wanted shot of him.
  5. Unless they've had the undersoil heating on. Unlike Saturday, the game hasn't been called off a day in advance and there's a video on the FFC site with Hartley previewing the match. The club have made travel arrangements for tomorrow so all that suggests Inverness expect the game to go ahead.
  6. Who says it's going to cost money? I believe the intention is to do this cash neutral. I don't know the specifics of how that will be achieved and if I did I wouldn't post it here, but it's not hard to make an educated guess. We have a number of players who at the start of the season most Falkirk fans thought were very good. They haven't performed but I'm sure there will be other managers who would happily take a chance on them. Particularly if the other club were only paying a portion of their salary from now until the end of the season. The persistent "Loy To St Mirren" rumour which has appeared a few times on P&B is an example of this. There's also the fact that we have a much larger playing squad than many other clubs in the division so there are a lot who can go out on loan to free up wages. Get rid of two squad players and bring in one quality guy who's on less than the two combined. Of course, it'll all depend on whether we can find clubs willing to take our players. (probably on loan) The fact that we've already put three out on loan, outwith a transfer window, shows it can be done though. Especially when you consider that none of the three were rated all that highly by the Falkirk support and so may not have been first the ones who would spring to mind if you were cherry picking from our squad. All speculation on my part, but I think it's going to be a busy and interesting January. We may be about to see the sort of wheelings and dealings that haven't been witnessed at Falkirk since the days of Jim Jefferies. I just hope PH is good at spotting players because our season - and our survival - will probably depend on it.
  7. I think the SPFL are frightened of a fixture backlog, hence why they're trying to get games rearranged as quickly as possible. I agree with you. Let's put it on in March, when the new players have bedded in, we're firing on all cylinders and the charge up the table is well underway.
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Both true, but that's slightly different from the point made earlier. Reach X games = get a new contract is something we've done with both of them, amongst others. Sign for us, and have the right to get a new contract when your existing one expires regardless of games played is something different altogether. Balatoni doesn't have that, at least based on the announcement on the official website. I don't think anyone else does either. Hence why it's up to the manager whether he stays or goes in January.
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    The option is with the club, which is pretty much always the case. I can't recall us ever signing a player and giving him the option to stay if we didn't want him after his initial contract expired. Story here:- http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/balatoni-is-a-bairn/
  10. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    The players are not away to Dublin on a night out tonight. The idea that we'd want a game postponed because of this is just a little silly, tbh. Jimmy was at the ground this morning to witness the first pitch inspection. He wasn't "in the refs ear" at the second one. The FFC team bus arrived just before 1330 and everybody walked out to have a look at the goalmouth to the right of the main stand. The ref and his assistants were already there and I saw a few folk from both sides talking to him, probably asking for his opinion. He then went back in to get changed and he and his two assistants ran about the goalmouth & touchline for a few minutes with a ball. Nobody else was anywhere near him and nobody had any input into his decision. I doubt we were desperate for the game to be called off, given that it'll probably be played before Christmas as the SFA will want to avoid a fixture pile up. We won't have any new players in then so what difference will a fortnight or so make? I walked on the pitch before the ref called it off. The area around the goalmouth was far harder than the grass in the centre circle, so possibly the ref was correct in his decision.
  11. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    It won't be.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    No it’s not.
  13. Fair enough Jordan. Unauthorised commercial reproduction of material is a personal bugbear of mine, for reasons that I'm not going to elaborate on in an open forum, hence why I was commenting on your original post. I accept what you say and am happy to let it rest. Good luck to you in your career ahead.
  14. You're probably correct in that you haven't done anything wrong, unless of course there is some sort of copyright on the interview. I don't know and don't really care. The person who did the interview is an unpaid volunteer, using equipment bought by a group of volunteers, and is also a friend of mine. I assume that as a freelance sports reporter you get paid and perhaps earn a living from what you do. If you turn up at press conferences, record them and then write a story based on quotes which you later sell - fair play to you, and good luck with it. However, if you write stories created by entirely plagiarising the work of others and profit from their unpaid endeavours then I find that morally questionable. If you want to use P&B to publicise your career then I'd politely suggest you stick to stories which you've researched and written yourself. After all, you could just have put a link to the YT video rather than your own website if you really wanted to bring it to our attention.
  15. Evidently so. This from the match preview on the website:- "Behind The Goals (South Stand) is once again open on Saturday. Tickets are available on the door free of charge from 12:30pm for all supporters over the age of 18. We are delighted to confirm that the first 50 supporters who come into the bar on Saturday will receive a FREE pie thanks to our friends at Patricks of Camelon. "