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  1. Livvy win after Houston sets us up not to concede, which results in us losing a goal in the 5th minute and spending the rest of the match not even remotely looking like getting an equaliser,
  2. If he laid off the pies a bit and actually came back pre season fit n not carrying a few spare tyres he may be better for it. As it stands he's overweight and slower than a week in the jail, hence why he's lost his place in the team.
  3. Summer Transfer Window '17

    Yes but the majority of them aren't very good and that's being kind.
  4. I think we will shitfest our way to a narrow win.
  5. Summer Transfer Window '17

    Falkirk also sign Conrad Balatoni on a deal to end of the year.
  6. Summer Transfer Window '17

    1 yr deal with club having the option of a second year.
  7. Luca looks like he's fond of a big mac or two, mind you he wouldn't be the first falkirk player to come back at the start of a season overweight, Scobbie was always rather rotund!
  8. The bit that gets me about that statement is he's had a go at them on more than one occasion and each time the next performance is as flat if not worse. Tell yourself a home truth and resign.
  9. Falkirk v Queens

    In Baird's case probably felt he got a raw deal at Queens for whatever reason, Loy I wasn't aware got wound up by your lot
  10. Falkirk v Queens

    We don't have a good defence so even if they don't click you will still get goals, Dobbie could very easily help himself to a hat-trick.
  11. Houston can't really grumble too much about Muirhead having a stinker, it was him that put him at rb and trying to convince everyone including himself that he is a full back.
  12. Falkirk v Queens

    Comfortable away win.
  13. Up front we have pace with Austin and O'Hara, pretty pedestrian everywhere else.
  14. As long as it's not Shepherd starting!
  15. Muirhead will be back from suspension at right back, could be any centre half pairing from Grant, Watson, or Gasparotto, Hippolyte apparently struggling which should see the return of Sibbald, Loy doesn't look fit but he was carrying an injury. I'd expect Austin to start with either Loy, O'Hara or Shepherd.