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  1. Luca could be one of those players that do well at a particular club and be crap everywhere else. I was delighted when we signed him as looked a player when we played Morton, sadly that notion quickly wore off and bar one good performance v Hibs he soon turned into a carthorse. Duffy will probably need a month or two working with him just trying to get the weight off and give him a diet sheet that doesn't involve Nando's, McDonalds, etc.
  2. If he gave the likes of Shepherd a two year deal i'm surprised Harris never got three! Harris must have been one of the worst kept secrets signing wise. Everyone knew he was going to be signed as soon as he left Hibs, despite having been injured, done nothing of note for seasons inc an average loan spell at Dundee, Ginge saw fit to lump us with him for two year, when a six month to a year deal would surely have made more sense for all parties.
  3. He hasnt been fit since start of the season, in fact he was none too lively when he signed. If he laid off the big macs a tad he might fare a bit better. As it is he's overweight, slow and has a bigger backside than Loy and thats saying summat. Good luck with him!
  4. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Can't see St.Mirren being as wasteful in front of goal as ICT or rather Baird in particular, on another day we would have got hammered. That said we haven't conceded in 3. I'd probably take a draw right now.
  5. Wonder how long it will take for Baird to spit the dummy.
  6. Excellent appointment. Probably the best out the names mentioned. Happy with this.
  7. We already have a few of them. The only one with a bit of dig is Taiwo. He will inherit half a team of centrehalves and virtually no fullbacks.
  8. I think a lot may depend on how much of it Houston has blown already, bearing in mind our budget was reduced this season and he brought in McGhee for a fee and Balatoni when the boards hand was forced. It may be the case Hartley will have to move players out first if he gets the job.
  9. Only thing that maybe goes against him is the fact he's an ex par. It prob shouldnt matter if he's a good enough manager but Hartley is probably the better option imo. He managed to get a pretty average Dundee side promoted, hopefully he can wheel n deal and get us up the league at least into the playoffs.
  10. McCulloch left Killie, better get Hartley in sharpish.
  11. Hopefully this will give Loy in particular and Sibbald the boot up the arse they need.
  12. If Coyle gets it you can pretty much guarantee McKee will start every week, if fit ofcourse, since it was him that took McKee to Burnley then Bolton.
  13. Not me I'm working thankfully.
  14. He will probably get injured putting his kit on.