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  1. It's a good move for him considering the Dumbartons, Raiths, Ayrs of this world are more his level.
  2. Confirmed January Transfers

    good luck with him, tbf you probably won't notice he's on the park.
  3. Confirmed January Transfers

    Wouldnt be surprised if he ends up back at Raith.
  4. Confirmed January Transfers

    James Craigen leaves Falkirk after having his contract terminated by mutual consent.
  5. Confirmed January Transfers

    Be a few more yet. Tbh it needed to be done.
  6. Can't see either joining us as Kidd has reinvented himself as a midfielder, we also have Taiwo, Welsh in there too. However with Miller away, Kerr probably next and Harris and Craigen not in the squad last week we could yet bring more players in. Need a new keeper as a priority first.
  7. Confirmed January Transfers

    Lee Miller leaves Falkirk after having his contract cancelled by mutual consent.
  8. Harris had done sod all of note for seasons but yet Houston still saw fit to sign him after he " impressed me on loan at QoS". Another Houston signing that shouldnt be anywhere near our club, sadly we are stuck with the waste of a jersey.
  9. Morton v Falkirk

    If we can address the goalkeeping situation and get 2 centre halves that actually know what their doing then we should be ok, if we persist with Grant and Muirhead as 2 of our back 3 CH's and Thomson/Mutch between the sticks we will lose goals every week.
  10. Confirmed January Transfers

    Alex Jakubiak signs for Falkirk on loan from Watford.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    You can have 2 for the price of 1 in Craigen and Alex Harris. Just take them please.
  12. Him or Craigen . I'd say the latter as he doesn't have as long on his contract
  13. Confirmed January Transfers

    Ryan Blair re-joins Falkirk on a six month loan from Swansea.
  14. No but we have signed Ryan Blair on loan from Swansea