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  1. Difference is thistle have struggled to score goals all season and utterly punchless up front bar doolan who is often benched thus hindering themselves further. Defence isnt great either. Versus a livi side who would run through brick walls regardless of opponent and have giants at the back. Only one winner. Unless there is a miracle its trips to firhill next season for us.
  2. Have to agree. Longridge as a back up maybe. Welsh did nothing. Harris and Loy next hopefully.
  3. Been offered terms but both stalling. I hope to f**k the door hits both their arses on the way out especially Welsh he's contributed nowt.
  4. Well done livi all the best. Deserve it. Good luck in the final.
  5. Did think there would be one or two getting offered deals that some would be a bit "meh" about. I'd happily keep Kidd as a back up if it means Harris getting told to gtf.
  6. His deal is up. Only signed a six month contract when he joined. Not sure if there is an option to extend it.
  7. Sadly I have to agree
  8. I have that feeling aswell.
  9. I'll gladly drive him to Dumfries. He's on about a grand+ a week which looking at him he spends on pies.
  10. I'd rather we were looking at QoS striker Dobbie
  11. Baird and McHugh as a partnership didn't work. Didn't work for us either despite Houston persevering with it for long enough to the point it was fucking laughable.
  12. Thank feck, total car crash of a season. Busy summer ahead for Hartley, At least the world cup is on for a footy fix.
  13. Tiredness will play a factor, that's why it's vitally important to finish second as opposed 3rd or 4th. Even at that, the year we got to the final after finishing 2nd we were knackered at Killie, and I would also say very tired in the home leg which we somehow managed to win.
  14. No great loss. Hasn't really kicked on. Expected more from him when he came back from East Fife. Move could be best all round. Not sure he's good enough for upper championship level never mind prem.
  15. 18 league goals for Clark i think so far. Hartley wants a 40 goal strike partnership next season. I think most of us would take a strike pairing hitting 15-20 each. More pressing issue is keeping the back door shut. I would put that down as a bigger priority. And goalkeeper.